Now a days Christian Eschatology (the study of the End Times) is really easy to understand. You have choices. You get to pick between futurist, preterist, the historical and idealist views to choose from. Once you decide the one for your own view, then you will be able to interpret the Bible according to that specific teaching.

Once you get that in order then you can make sure one of these views fits like a puzzle. You can choose between liberal, existential, demodernized and dispensational. Or you can live a little crazy and mix them up to fit your own views on the Bible.

Then you get to have the honor of deciding if you want follow millennialism, premillennialism, postmillennialism or amillennialism. Or just do what your heart and mind tells you and take a little here and take a little there.

Once you have traveled that long windy broad road, you have hit the lotto! Depending how you have decided to let someone else read the Bible for you and interpret with blind eyes, you now get to pick the most important choice. Are you gonna go pre, mid, post-trib, pre-wrath or do what a small majority does and believe in a resurrection/2nd Coming for when Jesus comes back?

Do you see how ridiculous this is?!  I like to think of myself as a Realist. What’s that you might ask? That’s someone who actually REALLY reads their own Bible. We need more of these people today in these last days.


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  1. Man of Perdition=Apollyon? > both from apollumi word origin, doesn’t have to mean destroyer, can also mean to lose, to perish, remove, cancel out, to be lost, utterly perish
    Luther Bible > Man of Perdition translated as das verlorene Kind = the lost child
    Thomas Didymus = name means twin twin
    Renne le Chateau shows two babies, not one
    Did Jesus have a twin?
    Antichrist = acting in place of
    I’m wondering if in Revelations the references to man of perdition (to me has always meant “lost man” as a Spanish speaker (perder)), Apollyon, and Antichrist as actually all referencing Jesus’ lost twin brother? I’m not saying I don’t believe in Satan, demons, fallen, Nephalim, etc. but that Revelations seems to be hinting at more — I mean why have so many really specific, different names for one or two bad guys?
    God bless you!
    PS – I also think the beast is the Catholic Church. Ash Wednesday it occurred to me people had taken the mark on their foreheads. Very literal


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