White horse, Sagittarius and Jupiter

Revelation 6:2  And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow (toxon); and a crown (stephanos) was given unto him: and he went forth conquering (nikaō), and to conquer (nikaō).

This is the first seal on the scroll that Jesus is holding. There is speculation as to who or what this first rider represents. The common theories are either Jesus or the Antichrist figure. I’m not going to get into that, but the one thing I do want to look at is that this rider is holding a bow. There are some suggestions that this is either a bow (as in bow and arrows), a rainbow or as Strongs suggests a material (maybe like a bow on a present or in my opinion, a bow or sash that a King would wear around his shoulder and chest). This word according to Strong’s is from to ‘tiktō’ which means “to bring forth, bear, produce (fruit from the seed) or of a woman giving birth”. Tiktō is actually used in reference for Jesus being born and the sign of Rev. 12. Now remember this later because the bow/arrows, bow/sash and a woman giving birth I believe are all connected. 

The word bow in Greek is ‘toxon’ which means “means “bow” or “arrow.” From this came the Greek toxikon, meaning “a poison in which arrows are dipped.” Toxikon was borrowed into Latin as toxicum, which gave rise to the Latin verb intoxicare, “to poison.” The English word intoxicate comes from this Latin verb. Intoxicate originally meant “to poison” in English, but now it is almost never used with this meaning. It is related to the words toxic, meaning “poisonous,” and toxin, meaning “a poison.” Both of these words can also be traced to the Greek toxon and as far as Webster goes, this bow is connected directly to arrows that were dipped with poisonous arrows. These toxic arrows were made to poison people and spiritually speaking, this poisoning could be related to idolatry that was caused by a strong delusion. 

Now I first want to bring up that I personally don’t think that this bow is associated with a rainbow. We see in Rev 4:3 & 10:1 where this word rainbow is used. This word in Greek is Iris. I think that if John was going to say that this was specifically a rainbow in Rev 6:2 then he would have used this same word in Rev 4:3 & 10:1. But he didn’t…he used toxon instead. These are two completely different words so I think based off of this, the bow in Rev 6:2 is NOT a rainbow. And the view that this is Jesus is on this white horse has its issues here also. The rainbow of Rev 4:3 is associated with the throne room of God and there is no rainbow mentioned in Rev 6:2. We also see that Jesus is opening the scroll and that means He is waiting to be revealed as He is the one opening it. That makes no sense. Jesus is also associated with a sword, not a bow and arrows. Those are three of the issues I have with this being Jesus. 

So I think its safe to say that this bow is in fact related to arrows that the first rider has. But lets be sure. Here is a long quote from “Constellations of Words”. “An arrow is a pointed projectile that is shot with a bow and penetrates a distant target. Sagitta is the constellation of the arrow, and Sagittarius is the constellation of the bow or Archer…The English word arrow(constellation Sagitta) is confounded with the archer (Sagittarius) and cognate with Latin arcus, ‘bow, arch’. The English word Sagitta, arrow, is also confounded with the word Sagittarius, the archer, or ‘arrow shooter’. The word Archer comes from the Indo-European root *arku- ‘Bow and arrow (uncertain which, perhaps both as a unit)’…“The arrow (sagitta) is named for its ‘keen striking’ (sagax ictus), that is, its swift striking.” [The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 7th century AD, p.363.] The word sagax of ‘sagax ictus’ should belong to the constellation of Sagittarius (rather than Sagitta), the Archer, from Latin sagire, to seek, ‘seek to know’. (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Sagittarius.html)

Now we can see that arrows and archers are related to the constellation Sagittarius. And it should be obvious that this first rider is a archer with a bow and arrows and not a sword. Now this word ‘sagix’  comes from the Latin word ‘sagire’ which means seek to know and the word sag means to seek out. The interesting thing about this word sagire is that it’s used as a dog command. The goddesses Artemis/Diane are the protectors of Sagittarius and are also associated with bows and arrows. And Artemis, if you remember from my past papers, is connected to Wormwood. Not only are these archers using bows/arrows, they also had packs of dogs that they “sicc” on Actaeon”. 

“The Greeks called this constellation Toxeutes, the Archer, from Toxon, bow. Modern archers are known as toxophilites or ‘bow lovers’, toxophily is the sport of archery. The word Taxus, the yew genus and the Latin word for yew, is of the same origin as Greek toxon, bow. In Europe bows were mostly made from yew, and English bows in particular were invariably cut from yew trees. Greek toxicon, neuter of the adjective toxicos, means ‘arrow poison’ and poisons smeared on arrows were fired from bows (toxa or toxon) derived from the yew-tree. Our verb intoxicateoriginally meant ‘to poison’. The 17th century herbalist Nicolas Culpepper said of Yew toxins: “it is the most active vegetable poison known in the whole world, for in a small dose it instantly induces death” (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Sagittarius.html)

Now I do want to mention Ephesians 6:16 in reference to these poisonous arrows. “Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” According to scripture, we need this shield of faith to quench these darts/arrows. This means that these arrows attack our Faith and our belief and what better way to do it is with temptation. I just thought that this was an interesting connection in my opinion.

Now I want to mention that there are 18 stars associated within Sagittarius. The one I want to discuss is Nunki. I want you first to notice the word ‘nun’ in this word which can mean ‘son of’. Jupiter is represented as Tammuz/Horus, the son of Nimrod/Osiris. “The star Nunki, the sigma star of Sagittarius, is identified with Enki – “of Enki, Sumerian god of waters and of most ancient city of Eridu”: Jaculum was one title for Sagitta, ‘jaculum’ and ‘ejaculate’ are both derived from Latin iaculum, meaning a dart; there might be a correlation between the releasing arrows from a bow and releasing semen…Nunki, is a star on the vane of the arrow in the archer’s hand.” (http://www.wordcentral.com/cgi-bin/student?intoxicate) Now if you remember that ‘toxon’ is associated with ‘tiktō which means to produce or a woman giving birth. And this star called Nunki is on the “vane” (or shaft) of the arrow and these arrows are associated with the ejaculation of semen. Hence how a woman gives birth. 

“The astrological influences of the constellation given by Manilius: “As for the Archer, when the foremost portion of his cloak rises, he will give birth to hearts renowned in war and will conduct the conqueror, celebrating great triumphs in the sight of all, to his country’s citadels. Such a one will build high walls (moenia from Latin murus) one moment and pull them down the next. But if Fortune favours them too generously with success, the mark of her envy is to be seen on their faces, for she works cruel havoc upon their features. So was it that a dread warrior* paid for his victories at the Trebia, Cannae, and the Lake, even before the hour of his retreat, with such disfigurement.” [Translator’s note: *Hanibal who lost an eye (Livy 22.2.11: Sagittarius is one-eyed; see p.103] [Manilius, Astronomica, 1st century AD, book 4, p.267]

Now Enki, mentioned above, is also associated with Jupiter. And notice that Sagittarius has one eye like Hanibal and Horus, the all seeing eye. So what planet is associated with Sagittarius? Actually it’s funny you ask because Jupiter is the planet that rules over it and has dominion over it. So are your wheels in your brain spinning yet? “In astrology the zodiacal sign, Sagittarius, or its ruling planet Jupiter, governs the liver. It is said that Sagittarians tend to have an active, sensitive liver that instantly suffers from overuse of alcohol (intoxication), and susceptible to hepatitis”. Here you can also see the connection to these  poisonous darts of temptation that leads people to drink alcohol and begins alcoholics. This is a good example of these arrows of temptations. This is were this shield of faith is needed.

“Astrologically the constellation was the House of Jupiter, that planet having appeared here at the Creation, a manuscript of 1386 calling it the Schoter “ye principal howce of Jupit “; although this honor was shared by Aquarius and Leo. Nor did Jupiter monopolize its possession, for it also was the domicile of Diana, one of whose temples was at Stymphalus, the home of the Stymphalian birds.” (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Sagittarius.html) These birds were man eating pets of Artemis and lived in a swamp. They look a lot like a Phoenix. 

“and a crown (stephanos) was given unto him” (Rev 6:2)

I also want to bring up this crown that the white horse rider wears. It’s called a stephanos crown but its more along the lines of a wreath. This is what athletes would wear when they won at an event -‘as a badge of royalty, a prize in the public games or a symbol of honor. When I mentioned these 18 stars within and around Sagittarius, there is what is called the Corona Australis which is made up of ten stars. This is a crown like the white horse rider wears. “These “few stars arranged in a circle” is the wreath representing the adjacent constellation Corona Australis”. (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Sagittarius.html) “The Southern Crown (Corona Australis) in the southern hemisphere is a similar circle of stars to the Northern Crown, Corona Borealis, and has been sometimes called Ixion’s Wheel by earlier authors. (Ixion was chained eternally to a revolving, fiery wheel in Tartarus.) The stars of this constellation, Corona Australis, also represent the wreath “thrown off as by one at play” at the feet of Crotos who is identified with the constellation Sagittarius: “The constellation, Sagittarius is identified with Crotus, he had his home on Mount Helicon and took his pleasure in the company of the Musae (Muses), sometimes even following the pursuit of hunting… Before his feet are a few stars arranged in a circle, which some said were a wreath, thrown off as by one at play.” – Hyginus, Astronomica 2.27 (http://www.theoi.com/Georgikos/SatyrosKrotos.html). The Arabs had the title Al Kubbah, the Tortoise, for Corona Australis. The Chinese knew it asPee, the Tortoise. Tortoise from Latin tartaruca, is related to the word Tartarus.” (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/CoronaAustralis.htm) I hope you are catching all of this in relation to the false Rev 12 sign. 

“and he went forth conquering (nikaō), and to conquer (nikaō).” (Rev 6:2)

Now when looking at this word nikaō in the Greek it means “to conquer or subdue, of Christians that hold fast their faith even unto death against the power of their foes, and temptations and persecutions, and when one is arraigned or goes to law, to win the case, maintain one’s cause”. Now this word is a legal technical term when winning a lawsuit and in context of Revelation, it reminds me of martyrdom through conflict or nikaō, being conquered. I’m also reminded of the Noahide laws and what role they will play in the future when thinking about this legal court room term. He has set out conquering to conquer. This word nikaō comes from a word we all know..nike. This is a Greek winged-goddess. Most people associate this word nike that means victory with Saturn because of the ring. They also see this ring as the nike swoosh. But I suggest that it (nike swoosh) may even be a crescent. Let me also say that the Roman version of this goddess is associated to Jupiter and Nike is said to be the one that crowns Zeus (Jupiter). 

So the question is this. If this Rev 6:2 seal is pointing to Sagittarius, is this also pointing to Jupiter and this Rev 12 false sign. Is this associated with Jupiter leaving the womb of Virgo and paralleling Rev 6:2’s white horse rider coming into the scene. And lets not forget, Sagittarius is represented as a half man half horse or horseman, literally. And essentially what is a bow? A crescent shape. So you have a crescent shape associated with Jupiter. Do you know what “god” is associated with both a crescent and Jupiter? HuBaL, that’s who. Do you know what god is associated with seven arrows? HuBaL, that’s who. Is the white rider have a connection to both Sagittarius and Jupiter.

Here is one last bit of info. “The symbol of the sign shows the arrow with part of the bow. The sun passes through the constellation from the 16th of December to the 18th of January, reaching the winter solstice near the stars mu (Polis) on the 21st of December, but then of course in the sign Capricorn. A noticeable feature in the heavens lies within the boundaries of Sagit­tarius, an almost circular black void near the stars mu and delta, showing but one faint telescopic star; and to the east of this empty spot is another of narrow crescent form.” (http://www.constellationsofwords.com/Constellations/Sagittarius.html)


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  1. I found your articles on the rider of the white horse to be very insightful and relevant to things going on right now. I will have to read more of your articles. Do you have an e-mail where we might chat briefly?


  2. Thank you for your research. Macron (who says he will rule like Jupiter) is hosting the Olympics in 2024. The original logo for the games was a 24/eifle tower that looked like the symbol for the planet Jupiter. He was born on the winter solstice, December 21. Schwab recently called him ‘leader of the world’ in an interview. I can just see it now. Emmanuel Macron rides out on a white horse at the beginning of the summer games in 2024 offering peace to the world after a few years of global turmoil requiring ‘poison darts’ for entry to the event…

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