Marina, Vivienne and Pamela

Originally published on Feb. 4, 2017

Ok. I will try to make this one short and sweet. I didn’t plan on doing this one but oh well. Pamela Anderson had a big write up from a January 29th event in Paris ( Here she was a few nights before this event ( Her looks have drastically changed over the last few years. Here she is in 2015. Notice the same marks on the left shoulder ( And these marks come from leeches according to her in 2008 ( Now leeches are blood suckers and were associated to witches in France. “The word sangsue (“bloodsucker” or “leech”) frequently appeared as an epithet in the political discourse of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century France. Those who used it drew not only on its connotative meaning, but also on beliefs about another figure associated with the drinking or sucking of blood: the witch. The medicine of the Middle Ages and Renaissance considered blood to be the seat of the life force and prescribed it as a remedy for the ills of old age. Witches were thought to steal blood to renew their own vitality at the expense of the victims. To call opponents sangsues was to portray them as demonic parasites who would drain the life of the nation if they were not destroyed.” (

Some think the newest pictures are not really her and it’s someone entirely different. They think she is dead because of the whole Assange thing that happened. And some think she has had a ton of cosmetic surgery and it is her. I will say, at first I wasn’t sure if it was her or not. But this was one if the headlines. “Radiant: Pammy displayed her eternally youthful complexion as she prepared for dinner”. I think that in part, her radiance is from cosmetic surgery and something a little more sinister.

Now I want by to point out that a few years ago (2011) she went to an event ( that was held by Marina “Spirit Cooker” Abramovic. This demonic witch of a woman is 70 years old with the skin of a baby. No joke. It’s like she hasn’t aged. Now you know what they say about these Luciferian’s and aging right? I’ll let you google that. Anyways, I have come to the conclusion that Pammy has had some work done cosmetically but she may be involved with something a bit more sinister. These new pics we are seeing are definitely her. You can see the marks on her left shoulder in older pictures of her. But why does she look so young now at almost 50? I speculate that she may be hanging with that infamous spirit cooker. And I’m not the only one making a few of these connections (

The book Anderson was carrying to go see Assange.

And why does the media make a big deal about her youthful looks now. Especially after the whole “Pamela murdered Assange” gig? ( Do you want to see what selling your soul and giving yourself over to Lucifer looks like? Look no further. I think we are seeing it first hand. It’s like the ugly witch selling her soul that makes her beautiful to only have the devil come back and want what was rightfully his. Then he gets her soul, she loses her beauty and turns into the disturbing old hag she originally was. Fairy tale ending. This will happen to Marina and in my opinion, this is what may have happened to Pamela. Let’s just be honest, Pamela was starting to look a little gnarly in her “old” age.

And out of all the events that they made a big deal about, it has to be the one where she wore a demonic looking dress that has demonic faces on it. And look at the crazy woman’s face right where her womb is. What’s up with that? No joke….take a look. Is Pammy spirit cooking now?

Update: Megin Waggoner pointed out that this dress she was wearing was most likely from designer Vivienne Westwood. I want to thank Megin for mentioning this because then I understood why Pammy was holding the book “Get a life the book” that this British designer wrote when she was going to see Juliam Assangr. This is where I made this connection. Here is her comment before I go on about Vivienne Westwood.

“Legion is just the first thing I thought when I looked at it. She also looks very different and not just like a new face outside, but something inside right up into the eyes. No doubt she sold out before but was left to age and become irrelevant and had to take the next step of her Evilution because she is no doubt not thrilled with her minor celebrity status after being such a big deal. Dress is by Vivienne Westwood, whom Pamela is now modeling for. Pretty sweet gig for a fifty year old. Check out who she is escorting at the gala.” (

Now this explains the demonic face on the womb of the dress. It’s actually Vivienne’s face. She has a short version out of this image which I posted in the comments section. Westwood had gotten famous from the band the Sex Pistols. “Westwood came to public notice when she made clothes for Malcolm McLaren’s boutique in the King’s Road, which became famous as “SEX”. It was their ability to synthesise clothing and music that shaped the 1970s UK punk scene, dominated by McLaren’s band, the Sex Pistols. In 2012, Westwood was among the British cultural icons selected by artist Sir Peter Blake to appear in a new version of his most famous artwork – the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover – to celebrate the British cultural figures of his life that he most admires.[63][64] Also in 2012, Westwood was chosen as one of The New Elizabethans to mark the diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.” (

Her logo, which you can see in the comments is what she calls an “orb”. “The ‘orb’ of Vivienne Westwood reflects the orb of the British Crown Jewels but with the addition of the ‘planetary’ circle around it she gave it a bit of a punk twist. She has always used a lot of tweeds and tartans, which inspired her logo: “The infamous Harris Tweed is certified as a genuine by the Harris Tweed Authority. The orb motif was reworked by Vivienne Westwood for her label logo.” (from the book Made in Britain)”.( If you look at her logo it looks like Saturn with a cross on top of it. Where there are the two roads on her logo, they meet at an orb or circle. Is this representing a womb that leads to that one single path of their so called enlightenment?The original Harris Tweed logo that she reworked has the cross of Tammuz/Horus, the son of Nimrod/Osiris on top of it. Also notice the two roads that meet as one road that leads to this cross. This goes right along with the Gemini twins and androgynous motif that we keep seeing. “British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is a fan of Harris Tweed – her brand logo is very similar to Harris Tweed’s logo. The Harris Tweed Authority pursued a long-running legal case to stop her using the Orb trade mark but Westwood won by being able to point to three minor differences between her logo and Harris Tweed’s. While she has used Harris Tweed, the logo is often attached to products that are not made with Harris Tweed.”

It seems that Marina Abramovic and Westwood have more in common that just a documentary on “Global Warming” ( On Dec of 2016, she had the “Heaven is here, now. Preserve it” gala event “in Los Angeles at the Art Of Elysium Heaven Gala hosted by Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler. The 2015 edition saw the performance artist Marina Abramovic hosting a silent cocktail party to present her idea of Heaven. 2016 was the turn of fashion. Considered visionaries of the year by AOE, Vivienne and her husband and artistic partner Andreas brought a new vision of the world to life. But to create Heaven, they had to first create Hell. They built an industrial Hell with old and rusty cars, oil drums and cold light which is where the guests of the evening were welcomed with a reception cocktail, while the British punk band Wild Daughter performed.

Going through this vision of Hell, guests could finally reach a floral Heaven, where the seated dinner was located…It was a green jungle of flowers, palms, leaves and lights. The tables were made from printed wood and the placeholders were green leaves. Exotic species of flowers sprouted from the same oil drums and cars that were present in Hell.” (

You can see this year’s event brought to us by Stevie Wonder ( So what is Westwood up to now other than dressing Pammy. She’s into making penis’. (

You can see the birth mark on her left upper arm.

I was also informed that Pamela was cured of her Hep C that she had for 15 years. She was only supposed to live for 10 years. They allegedly cured her using a drug called Sovaldi. “For Pamela Anderson, a Hepatitis C diagnosis seemed liked a death sentence. “They said I would die in 10 years,” Anderson said. “When someone tells you something like that you kind of act differently subconsciously.” Anderson has lived with the virus for more than 15 years, but three months ago she learned that she had been cured of the virus after completing a 12-week regimen with a drug called Sovaldi. “Twelve weeks and gone, yes,” she said. “I feel like I got back 20 years back of my life.” Anderson said the treatment cost around $100,000 and was covered by her health insurance. Healthy once more, Anderson is back focusing on projects like her cooking show and vegan shoe line. But not everyone is so lucky.” ( Wow really. Maybe she is a spirit cooker and this is why she was “cured” of this disease. She got 20 years back and now she can get back to her cooking show? We know why she was cured and why she looks the way she does. I’m not stupid.

She’s the Scarecrow in Oz. Symbology…she doesn’t think for herself anymore

Just like the Scarecrow in Oz. “If only I had a brain”. Is this picture trying to tell us something about Pamela? A straw man in legal terms is a fictitious or artificial created by law at ones birth. It looks like Pam has been reborn through her spirit cooking. And look, she’s on a scale. She carries no weight anymore. She’s not thinking for herself now.

Marina and Lady Gaga sitting on straw at the Devil’s Heaven event
Pamela and MOCA Event for Marina

Originally published Dec. 8, 2016

This is from the MoCA Annual Gala in Los Angeles on November 12, 2011. This is brought to you by the 70 year old “spirit cooker” herself, Marina Abramovic. I actually thought she was a lot younger but you know what they say about these witches and blood. She has sold her soul long ago. Here is a story New York Magazine did about her.( You can see from the pictures below that all kinds of Hollywood actors and musicians were there. Will Ferrell, Debbie Harry (Blondie helped host it), Pamela Anderson, Mini Driver, Nicole Ritchie and Gwen Stephani to name a few. You will recognize a few other faces in their too. 

You can watch the video of the event here ( which surprisingly only has 1,400 views. Notice that Marina and Blondie have idols made of cakes as themselves as they both host it. Marina has a pentagram on her stomach ie womb. Someone made the comment that this is what spirit cooking is. The killing and eating of the unborn child. How many times can I say this same thing. These people are completely demonic and given over to Satan. These are those made in his image. 

And why were they dressed as Doctors? Etymology Online says this “c. 1300, “Church father,” from Old French doctour, from Medieval Latin doctor”religious teacher, adviser, scholar,” in classical Latin “teacher,” agent noun from docere “to show, teach, cause to know,” originally “make to appear right,” causative of decere “be seemly, fitting” ( ”

The word “doctor” is the agentive noun of the Latin verb docere (do-ke-re) which means “to teach”. I repeat, it means “to teach”. So the title “doctor” is actually a latin-derived word referring to anyone who is recognized to have acquired sufficient knowledge in a subject to be a teacher of the subject.” ( So a Dr. is someone who is essentially a teacher. In this case, these are Dr’s in Satanism and cannibalism. Do you get my point?

Here is an article on the event after it had happened and some pictures ( along with a rebuttal to this event ( Here is another review from this same writer ( You can find all the pictures here ( To see what this SC is all about please read this (

Originally published Feb. 5, 2017

So if you happen to watch the halftime show today, please pray for a spiritual hedge of protection for you and those watching it with you. Lady Gaga will be performing. If you think this is a joke, think again.

This first picture is of Lady Gaga (Stephanie Germanotta) with Robert Wilson ( and Marina Abramovic (the infamous spirit cooker) at Wilson’s “Devils Heaven” Watermill Benefit Auction ( & in the Hamptons on July 27, 2013 ( This was around the same time where she had dyed her hair black right before her 3rd album “ARTPOP” came out (11/6/13). Fitting title in reference to Marina’s work isn’t it?  More pictures of the event here ( & & 

This lady Marina is evil to the core and beyond anything you can imagine. She lives in the darkness, no doubt about it. I believe Marina is Stephanie’s type of handler if you will. Watch this video with Gaga going on about Marina ( and then watch this from 2009 ( with James Franco eating nuts wrapped in gold. Egyptians believed that gold crushed into white powder (MKFZT) could actually change them into gods. The nectar of the gods was the gold blood that ran through there veins. This is what they wanted in order to look young forever and live forever. I keep telling you, this is all connected and this is what Gaga wants for her little monsters. That’s why she preaches she was ” born that way”.

So please, if you watch her perform today then take my advice. Even the Pope is talking about today. ( & This thing could have some serious spiritual connotations too, let alone the occultic symbolism. Please go reference my Super Bowl Li article.


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