The Arch of Triumph and the placement of Venus

In my research on the Arch of Triumph I concluded that they were invoking the goddess “Isis” with the placement of this Arch. You can read my papers here Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

With that said, I wondered what planet would be associated with this Arch and Isis. I’m taking a guess here and saying Venus based on Venus’ inferior conjunction on March 25th, the same day the Arch is set up in Arona, Italy. Symbolically this is Venus dying and burning out only to come back to life, similar to the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. I think this is very significant as to why the Arch will be in Italy, only a few hours from CERN and the Gotthard Tunnel. 

So where was Venus during these four Arch unveilings? Three of the four it was in Pisces while the only other time it was in Virgo and this was New York on 9/19/16. On 3/19/16, 2/13/17 & 4/25/17, it will be in Pisces. What is the significant of it being in Pisces? Well like I mentioned already, on March 25th it will coincide with the Inferior Conjunction of the Sun. This means on that day Venus will compete the pentagram dance that it does in the heavens. It started its “pentagram” cycle on Halloween in 2010 (10/31/10) and ends on the 25th of March.

“The word Pisces comes from the Indo-European root *peisk- ‘Fish’. Derivatives: fish (from Old English fisc, fish). Suffixed form *pisk-i; piscary,piscatorial, Pisces, pisci-, piscina. [Pokornypeisk- 796. Watkins]. Grimm law in linguistics; Latin /p/ becomes Germanic /f/ as in pisces / fish; another example is pes / foot. The Greek word for fish is ikhthus. ( In her book Jung and Astrology Maggie Hyde explains: The eastern Fish suggesting an upward ascent or a heavenly/spiritual disposition and is associated with Christ; the western Fish, a mundane/earthly alignment and is associated with the Antichrist…As the Equinox Point moved through the constellation, passing through the first fish, the Church was founded and Christianity developed. It flourished as the Spring Point moved along the cord uniting the fishes but then, as the Spring Point arrived mid-way between the fish, the challenge to the Church and the predictions of Antichrist began. From this time on, during the scientific revolution of 1500-1700, an ‘enantiodromian’ or mirror image process set in as the Spring Point began to creep along the cord towards the second fish. In contrast to the first fish swimming upward in a ‘Gothic’ striving towards the heights, this second fish swims horizontally outwards. The Spring Point reached the first star in the second fish’s tail, Omega Piscium, around 1817. Although this is the fish of Antichrist, its manifestations are not embodied in any one person or messiah. Rather, they are revealed in philosophies, ‘damnable sects’, and an ‘evil and magical law’, which is “utterly contrary and inimical to the law of Christ”. (

“We are now in the closing era of the Age of  Pisces, on, or near the cusp of the age of Aquarius. The figure of Aquarius is positioned below the ecliptic and the stream of water from the jar overlaps some of the stars of the second fish that swims along the ecliptic…Pisces is the two fishes that carried Venus and Cupid to safety. This escape is commemorated in Pisces. The Romans knew them as ‘Venus et Cupido’…the Fishes are called the Leaders of the Celestial Host. Greeks confounded this divinity with another Syrian goddess, Astarte, identified with Aphrodite (Venus), who precipitated herself, with her son Eros (Cupid), into the Euphrates when frightened by the attack of the monster Typhon; these becoming two fishes that afterwards were placed in the zodiac. Latin classical authors, with the same groundwork of the story, made Pisces the fishes that carried Venus and her boy out of danger, so that, as Manilius said, Venus owed her Safety to their Shape. The constellation was thus known as Venus etCupido, Venus Syria cum Cupidine, Venus cumAdone, Dione, and Veneris Mater; and it has been Ourania and Urania, the Sarmatian Aphrodite.” (

“Within their boundaries took place the three distinct conjunctions of Jupiter and Saturn in the year 747 of Rome, — the year to which for a long time was assigned Christ’s birth; these phenomena strikingly agreeing in some of their details with Saint Matthew’s account of the Star of Bethlehem…It is noticeable that the Rabbis held the tradition, recorded by Abrabanel in the 15th century, that a similar conjunction took place in Pisces three years previous to the birth of Moses, and they anticipated another at their Messiah’s advent. Thus the Fishes were considered the national constellation of the Jews, as well as a tribal symbol. Jupiter and Saturn were again together here in February, 1881, Venus being added to the group, — a well remembered and most beautiful sight.” (

So you can see that Pisces, the fish going northward represented Jesus and the fish swimming on the westward path is represented as the antichrist or anything that represents this antichrist spirit. And here we see that this particular fish represents Venus and her son Cupid and there is a strong connection to Syria, where this Arch is from. Also take note that the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction has happened in Pisces and this Great Conjunction that happens in Dec. 21 of 2020 actually takes place at the nose of Capricornus, the sea goat.  Now starting on April 19th’s first Arch unveiling, Venus was on the chord going towards the western fish. On September 19th during the New York Arch, it was near Spica in Virgo. This represents the harvest with the wheat in her hand. Venus (the goddess) is also represented as Virgo in different corners in astronomy. During the Dubai Arch in February Venus was at the tail of the fish going westward while it will be in the stomach if the fish on March 25th in Italy. Three times it is in Pisces and fish were represented as the harvest in John 20 with the 153 fish. 

So what is the symbology here? Are we seeing this harvest of the tares that are represented by the followers of Isis/Venus? Notice that Venus is in the belly (womb) of this fish. Im pretty sure that’s what we are seeing and on March 25th, along with this inferior conjunction in Pisces, we are seeing symbolically Venus as Lucifer) falling from heaven and burning out as he comes to this atmosphere. This is symbolic of the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Let’s see what happens on March 25th with CERN and now that HAARP is “back”, let’s see what they do on this day. This could be an interesting date to watch. Spiritually speaking, we could see a spiritually shifting happening with people to really draw the line of separation in the dirt. Also watch and see if the earth gets hit with some sort of vibration or pulse on this day.

I also want to point out that March 25th to September 23rd (the false Virgo sign) is 6 months or 182 days. Here is a interesting bit of info on 182. Genesis 5:28  And Lamech lived an hundred eighty and two years, and begat a son: 29  And he called his name Noah, saying, This same shall comfort us concerning our work and toil of our hands, because of the ground which the LORD hath cursed. 30  And Lamech lived after he begat Noah five hundred ninety and five years, and begat sons and daughters: 31  And all the days of Lamech were seven hundred seventy and seven years: and he died.

So Lamech was 182 years old when Noah was born and Lamech lived to be 777. Pretty interesting since its the Hebrew year 5777 and we are living in the days of Noah. 182 is exactly half of the year of the Gregorian calendar (July 1st). 

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