TIMELINES: Golden and Silver Gates

Golden Gate

Every year on 12/21 the Sun goes through the Golden Gate. Its located between Sagittarius and Scorpius right near Ophiuchus. This year absolutely nothing goes through this gate (Ecliptic and Galactic Plane) until 12/21/17. The last thing to go through it was the Sun on 12/21/16. This year (or should I say 5778) just over 1 month after Saturn leaves Ophiuchus (The Restrainer) on 11/18, we have a lot of action going on. The Sun goes through this gate on the 21st and then Venus goes through ot on the 25th with Saturn right behind it on the 26th. On January 11th, 2018 Mercury goes through it with Mars right behind it on March 17th. The Sun does it’s normal thing on every 21st of December but nothing happens again until 12/4/19 with Jupiter finally going through it. The Sun comes in a day late on December 22nd in 2019 with an eclipse with the Sun amd Moon 3 days later on the 25th on the top portion of Sagittarius. Jupiter nearly gets in the way. On 12/27/19 Jupiter aligns with the Sun with Mercury crossing the gate on the following day (12/28/19). Mars comes through again on February 16th 2020 while exactly one month later the Moon crosses over hitting the gate with the bullseye. On December 21st the Sun does it’s routine crossing but something really interesting happens…Saturn and Jupiter meet for the Great Conjunction. Venus comes through on January 8th with Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all in Capricornus or the Sea Goat.

Silver Gate

Nothing goes through the Silver Gate in 5777 until June 4th. Mars, the god of war, is the first planet to go through this gate that is located between Gemini and Taurus with Orion right below it. On this same day you can see the Sun directly on between the horns of Taurus looking like the Sun disc in between the Horns or Crescent. Every year on June 21st the Sun crosses into the Silver Gate and this year (2017), Mercury goes through it directly above the Sun at the same time. Venus goes just below it on August 1st, 2017 and nothing happens until the next year (2018) when Venus goes just above it this time. Mercury goes just above it on June 12th, 2018 with the Sun doing its thing pn the 22nd. Mars comes back through on 5/16/19 with the Sun on 6/22 and on August 3rd Venus hits a bullseye. Something interesting happens inbetween the horns of Taurus on June 3rd, 2020. Venus and the Sun have an inferior conjunction like with what happened on March 25th 2017. This time it’s on the East. A few days later on 6/19/20 Venus and the Moon have a conjunction and the next day (6/20/20) there is an eclipse with thr Sun and Moon right on the center of the Silver Gate in the East. Nothing really happens again until the Moon makes direct contact with the gate on November 11th, 2020. Mercury makes a direct hit on July 5th 2022 with Venus behind it on the 18th of July.  Jupiter goes through on July 11th 2025. 


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