The beginning of the end according to Dov

(Originally posted on December 16th, 2016)

Where should I begin…This morning I listened to Tamar Yonah on Israel News Talk Radio and picked up on a few things. You can find the show here (🎧/). Her guest was Dov Bar-Leib who is what is called an “End of Days” blogger. You can find his blog here ( He gave a possibility of what could happen at the end of the year UN Security Council if Obama were to abstain his vote on the dividing of Israel for a Palestinian state. Now this whole thing is based on an “if” but more than likely this will happen. After you read this entire article I suggest you take the 45 minutes and listen to what he is saying here. You may catch something I miss initially and if you do, please leave a comment. 

The run down of the show is this, “Dov Bar-Leib, an ‘End of Days’ blogger joins Tamar and tells her that if Obama goes to the UN in order to ‘abstain’ on a UN Sec Council resolution recognizing and establishing a Palestine state, and he does this during the Hebrew month of Tevet (Dec/Jan) it could start the 9 month count-down to the war of Gog & Magog, and the arrival of the Moshaich (Messiah). He gives interesting possible links to past Biblical characters that he thinks could link to Obama & Trump.” Obviously this peaked my interest with the 9 months countdown, the mention of their “messiah”, and links to Trump. 

Here is what Dov wrote in the comments of his blog and the just of what He said on the show. “we are waiting with bated breath for the Chok HaHasdarah (the Regulation Law) to pass. And between the 25th of Kislev and the 10th of Tevet we will see how the World responds to this new Israeli law in the UN Sec Council. Expect an Obama abstention to at least one resolution maybe more that divide Yerushalayim and the Land of Israel BEFORE the 10th of Tevet (January 8th, 2017). This is what I am expecting at least. I doubt that Obama will take this sitting down. Of course by abstaining, he will be pretending that this was NOT his initiative. ….. But most of us will know better. By abstaining, Obama enshrines his desire to divide us in the body that determines international law for Malkhut Edom. And all Heaven will then break loose as a result. Trump will be limited to attempts to defund the UN Sec Council if he wants to, but punitive measures will already be adopted before he takes the oath of President on January 20th.

What is most important is that IF the UNSC responds forcefully to the Knesset’s assertion of Israeli sovereignty over Yesha before the tenth of Tevet, we will have entered the last 9 months of Olam HaZeh. The transition to Yemot HaMashiach will churn forward over the course of the next 9 months until Sukkot 5778. We have spoken about that year on this blog before.” (

So he bases these things could possibly happen if Obama abstains from voting on this regulation. He believes from what he has been told that if this does happen, then this will usher in the birth of the messiah which is called according to him, the time of Jacobs trouble. Like he said, if this happens “Trump will be limited to attempts to defund the UN Sec Council if he wants to, but punitive measures will already be adopted before he takes the oath of President on January 20th.”. Trump will be stuck with this regardless of what happens and this means not only Jerusalem will be divided but all of Israel. Tamar made the analogy that by doing this “the baby would be born but the baby would be neutered”. Interesting thought considering what we are going to go through in this article.

Before we go on I want to post some comments from Dov about this connection to Esau and Trump. Christians here in America associate him to Cyrus but evidently some Jews in Israel associate him to Esau. The red ruddy hair, he takes as he pleases and his appetite for “nice” things. The connections don’t stop there though. Dov looks at the connection with Esau’s Hivitte wife Ohalibama. He seems to see a word play on her name with Hillary and Obama. Very interesting connection with Trump if it is true. 

“Ohalibama, Esav’s Chivite wife, is the product of not one but two incestuous and adulterous relationships between her immediate ancestors. Tziv’on the Chivite was one horrible sexual predator with two of other people’s wives. First he has an adulterous, incestuous relationship with his own mother, the wife of Se’ir the Chorite. He bore Anah the Chivite so that the Torah says that Anah is both his brother and his son. Then much much later in life he had another adulterous, incestuous relationship with his son’s (Anah’s) wife who gave birth to Ohalibama. So we see that Anah had two fathers, his biological father Tziv’on and the father who may have raised him, Se’ir himself. So he was both Tziv’on’s son and his brother. Then Tziv’on outdoes himself and has an adulterous relationship with his son’s wife. So Ohalibama then has two fathers, her biological father Tziv’on and her father, for appearance’s sake, Anah. No wonder why Esav just simply changed her name and her father’s name even the nation that she came from when he told Yitzchak and Rivkah that he was getting married at age 40. The Chivites were known for their sexual perversions, so Esav lied and said she was a Chittite not a Chivite. He then said that her father’s name was Be’eri because he knew that his father Yitzchak would love to have another well-digger in the family. Yitzchak was an expert at digging wells and unstopping the wells that his father, Avraham, dug but which the Philistines had stopped up. So he introduces his wife to be as the daughter of Be’eri the well digger. Nice touch, but another lie, lie #2. And then he calls her Yehudit! He claimed that she had converted from being an idolater to being a Jew!! Before the word Jew had even reached common use!! Technically the first use of the word Jew was in reference to the Kingship of Yehudah son of Ya’akov and only after he had himself been renamed Yisrael. So this is a prophetic name, Yehudit. It has three of the letters of Yud Key Vav Key in it, but it refers to his wife and mother of three children to be a Jew. For Esav in one name though, it was lie #3. She was neither Yehudit, nor was she the daughter of the Well Digger the Chittite. She was Ohalibama, the mamzeret twice over, daughter of Tziv’on the Chivite. So Tziv’on’s reputation got around. He was truly one of the 2nd Century bce’s most prolific sexual predators. And Esav thought he could fool his parents by changing her name!!

Now think hard about how this relates to Donald Trump. Is there a tikkun in Trump’s rise to the Presidency? Both he and Esav share something more than just a ruddy complexion.They both had three wives. And with one wife they had three children while with the remaining two wives they had one child each. The wife with three children in ancient times was the two time mamzeret Ohalibamah. His wife with three children in modern times was Ivana Zelníčková from Czechoslovakia. But it was specifically from Ivana that one of his daughters converted to Judaism becoming the actual Yehudit that his wife from ancient times pretended to be but was not. Now very little of this was actually Trump’s attempt at teshuvah, but it nicely sets the stage for what comes next.” (

Now I had already written about how Trumps daughter was married to a Jewish man named Jared Kushner (look at His name Kush/Cush, Nimrods father). He owns and lives at 666 Fifth Avenue in New York City and some believe ge is the driving force for Trump ( I had said before, that if Trump is to establish the Noahide Laws in America it will be based off of his daughters marriage to Kushner. Here is the article where Kushner and Ivana go pray to the dead Noahide rabbi ( Is this whole thing being played out again with these modern day “Edomites”? 

Now what really caught my attention was this nine months. We know that on Dec. 22 Jupiter (the King planet but false king in this particular sign) goes into the womb for nine months and comes out around Sept 23, 2017. This is the same time frame Dov is taking about when all of this is happening. He calls it the time of Jacobs Trouble. Most people think that this time is either the 7 years he worked for Leah or the 14 he worked for Rachel. I often wondered if it had to do with his birth with his twin brother Esau. Here is something I wrote in my book pertaining to this time. “This time was referred as the Great Tribulation in Matthew 24 by Jesus. Jeremiah used the term, The Time of Jacobs Trouble that was mentioned in Jeremiah 30:7. It’s interesting to note that when Rachel gave birth to her last son she called him the “son of sorrows” before she died. Jacob/Israel changed his name to Benjamin ‘the son of the right hand’? Interesting that Jesus said, that before the great tribulation was the beginning of sorrows. Is this 3 and a half year period the beginning of sorrow’s spoke about by Jesus in Matthew 24 and the consummation of Jacob’s Trouble? You see, we have to go through Jacob’s (Israel’s) Trouble in order for Jesus, the Son of the right hand to come back! And this period cannot happen until the fullness of the Gentiles comes in like Paul says in Romans 11. Are we in this gap where we are witnessing the fullness and times of Gentiles coming to fruition? Then we will see the final week come to a conclusion, with the fulfillment of this New Covenant turning back to Israel/Judah for the last half of Daniel’s week.” (Page 50 from The Temple, The Abomination And the Holy Place).

We see here it refers to Rachels last son born just before she died. He went from son or sorrows to son of the right hand, Benjamin. This correlates with what this Jewish tradition says but this isn’t a time to celebrate. Its only beginning if this nine month birthing period is true. They think they are getting their “messiah” but they are really getting their man if lawlessness (sin). Dov says this about this nine month pregnancy. “According to the Jewish prophetic tradition based on the Book of Micah chapter 4 in the Bible, the nations of the world come to fight G-d in Jerusalem for 9 months, 271 days, the length of human pregnancy. There is a prophetic tradition that the nations of the world will come to confront G-d and his chosen nation during the Hebrew month of Tevet, which usually falls at the end of December and early to mid January. They will wage war against G-d Himself for 9 months. At the end of 9 months at the beginning of the Feast of Tabernacles in the Fall in the month of Tishrei, the Mt. of Olives will split in two, and the wicked nations of the world will be destroyed into oblivion on the 7th day of that same festival with a massive meteorite shower which sends hot coals onto the wicked of the world while Israel sits in its Sukkot (Tabernacles)…. The Final Nine Months of the 271 day pregnancy to end Olam HaZeh will likely commence on the 8th, 9th, and 10th of Tevet 5777 (January 6, 7, and 8th, 2017) after all. The Palestine vote to divide the Land will likely happen in the two weeks leading up to those dates, and the US will abstain so that the resolution(s) will pass.” (

Here are the articles on the Jupiter in Virgo for 9 months/vibration connection that could be related to what Dov is discussing. ( &

Now with all that said and seeing all of these connections with Trump, I say this. I did a post recently on the beheading of Nimrod by Esau in which Esau was beheaded by Chumish, Dan’s deaf son. I believe that this may be prophetic. Dov called Trump Esau’s head on the interview. What a strange thing to say right? And I have also mentioned before that Osiris head was possibly a symbol of the capstone on the pyramid ( We know Dan is the serpent in the way, the tribe isn’t mentioned in Revelation and he will judge Israel in these last days. Dan actually helped Jacob at his own burial and beheaded Esau for standing in the way. What was he avenging though? Was he trying to receive his inheritance back prophetically by doing this. Dov speaks of Esau’s Teshuva or repentance in these last days through Trump. Is this what Chumish was doing? Or was his forgiveness the same as Judas lacking teshuva? Will we see Trump symbolically beheading the head of this Nimrodian establishment (“NWO”) by going against the grain and people will think he is the greatest thing? Only to be deceived in the end? And then this real man of sin will come on the scene to save and rid the world of Esau (Trump)? And he (a representative of Chumish, Dan’s son) will finally get what he thinks he deserves.  These are just some things to think about. Read this about Chushim (

So what is going to happen, that’s the question?Is this 9 months significant to Jewish prophecy along with the book of Revelation? If this were to happen then this will be the last 9 months of this present era. And remember, this is all according to this mans prophecy he had gotten from Dr. Yakov. It’s interesting that this pregnancy and dividing of the land of Israel is an analogy for these 9 months. Does this sound like birth pangs? Physically or spiritually? And according to this teaching, when this happens the leader if this new age will be crowned on Sukkot. Interesting right.

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