Let Jupiter pick your next job

“Workers send requests to Jupiter advertising all the capabilities they have, and Jupiter finds the best match by consulting its internal data structures. On production workloads, the latency of work acquisition requests is on the order of tens of microseconds. Upon receipt of a job, the worker either acknowledges or rejects it by sending an appropriate request back to Jupiter…Because Jupiter possesses the knowledge of all jobs in the queue, it can make high-level scheduling decisions like allowing a job to be given to workers only after certain other prerequisite jobs have completed…Jupiter also does not possess global knowledge about the state of the workers (e.g., which workers are busy at the moment or who is capable of processing a given job) and does not make any centralized decisions about what jobs should be sent where. Instead, jobs are distributed efficiently because workers request only the kinds of jobs they specialize at; jobs themselves encode what traits a potential worker needs to have; and Jupiter acts as an efficient arbiter that gives available jobs to workers best suited to handle them. In summary, Jupiter is an efficient job-matching service well suited for producer/consumer types of distributed systems.” (https://code.facebook.com/posts/222017798302928/)

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