OG Trap(pist) music, Jupiter eating Saturn, Venus the eye and Mars Petra

I wanted to post a few interesting stories and videos I had come across in the last few weeks and put them in one post. They are kind of random but interesting to say the least.

The first one I want to mention was the song that was made by scientists that involved Trappist-1. They call it “The elegant song and dance that keeps Earth-like planets in the Trappist 1 system from destroying each other”. I would say that’s an interesting take and they definetly aren’t mincing their words on this one. The article goes onto say, “Researchers have translated the movement of planets in the recently-discovered Trappist 1 solar system into an animation and accompanying song, which they hope will help in the search for alien life in the system…Dr Dan Tamayo, from the University of Toronto, Scarborough said: ‘If you simulate the system, the planets start crashing into one another in less than a million years.’ In the hope of understanding how the planets in Trappist-1 avoid crashing into each other, the researchers created an animation where the planets play a piano note every time they pass in front of their host star, and a drum beat every time a planet overtakes its nearest neighbour..The resulting song suggests that the system is in a ‘resonant chain’ that stabilises the system. Dr Matt Russo, co-author of the study, said: ‘There’s a rhythmic repeating pattern that ensures the system remains stable over a long period of time”…Dr Russo said: ‘Most planetary systems are like bands of amateur musicians playing their parts at different speeds. ‘Trappist-1 is different; it’s a super-group with all seven members synchronising their parts in nearly perfect time.'” (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-4507058/Researchers-create-SONG-based-Trappist-1-system.html#ixzz4i2WFTGe7)

I find it interesting that they made an actual “song” out of this because of the vibrations and pulses that stars and planets put out. In the tv show The OA we see Saturn worship where they mention that Saturn’s makes these strange noises. And this isn’t all that crazy being that Saturn actually does make a mysterious sound. And its not just Saturn but Jupiter and other planets are doing the same thing. It’s almost like they are alive right? I always thought Saturn’s rings looked like a record and scientists have discovered that there is actual sounds that come from its rings also. So are these scientists trying to tell us something about this brand new Trappist 1 song? And I want to throw out that tree’s make sound also. A man actually made a record player that plays tree rings. No joke..and its really trippy. And let me even take this sound and song thing a bit further. Scientists believe rocks actually hold vibrations and sound. There is a old video done in Jerusalem under the Temple Mount where they claim the Ark of the Covenant is. They believe the Ark is on the other side of a wall inside a tunnel. When they had put a long knife inside the crevice of this wall, it would start vibrating and shaking. They claimed it was from the energy that the Ark was releasing but others speculated it was from the wall itself. Is it all true? I don’t know if it is or not. It does make for an interesting conversation though. I do know that these sounds from these planets are real though, no doubt about it. And I believe this is why the earth feels these vibrations/pulse and now they are being heard. Think of it like the air you can feel coming through a loud speaker.

Here are sounds from Saturn

Here are sounds from Jupiter

The sound from tree’s

So I wonder why they came out with the Trappist-1 song now and why so fast? I’m still trying to sort through all of this and figure out why they do what they do.

The next thing I want to discuss is the December of 2020 conjunction with Saturn and Jupiter. Symbolically the occult Luciferians see Saturn as the father of Jupiter. We know on (9/23/17 or should we say 9/9/17) Jupiter is being birthed from Virgo and then on November 18th, 2017 Saturn is leaving its long 2 Year (almost) stint in Ophiuchus i.e. the restrainer. This should remind us of what Paul says about the restrainer taking off His restraint where Satan is released from the abyss. Let me add that Ophiuchus is located in what astronomers call the abyss in the sky. In my opinion we are seeing the symbology of what scripture states. Is it going to happen on that exact day. I’m not so sure of that but it is a sign that something is going to happen around that time. And like I mentioned before, Saturn and Jupiter line up for what is called The Great Conjunction or the ha Dibbuq ha Gadol. Now I had come across a video  a guy had made that got me thinking about this 2020 date. He asked the question “What if Jupiter hit Saturn?” and made a simulation on what he thought would happen.

Now I know his video was tongue in cheek but by the looks of it, Jupiter demolishes Saturn and even has a chance on taking on some of the rings. Symbolically it looks like Jupiter is taking over its kingship from Saturn just like the stories  of Osiris and Horus. Not only that, it looked like Jupiter had an eyeball from the impact with his “father”. Could this happen in 2020 at the Great Conjunction? I doubt it but its still fun to speculate. In the end the real representation of Kingly planet Jupiter (Jesus) defeats Saturn (Satan) but in the occultist mindset, Jupiter (Horus) is taking the reigns from Saturn (Osiris) very soon.

On May 12th, Melissa Melton (Truthstream Media) posted a video of Venus rising early in the morning but she caught something really strange. She saw Venus with either something in front of it (eclipse) or it had a “hole” in it. I’m not sure what it was but it eerily almost looked like an eyeball. 

Can you see how it looks like an eyeball? I thought I would see what Stellarium looked like and it actually showed it as a cresecent. So I’m not sure what was going on here with Venus.

But I did come across this that was talking about black holes. I just thought it was interesting that they put this rainbow colored aura around a black hole. It kinda looks like the Venus picture that was taken don’t you think? I wonder how many times people have given pictures of Venus doing this?

Venus the morning star and the Moon in the morning.

I also want to bring up the big push with so called new pictures of Jupiter. Everyday I am seeing more and more of these pictures that are just basic compositions. I personally think they are trying to push these pictures being that the September event is getting closer. Here are a few.

And look at these clouds from Oklahoma that look eerily like the “clouds” on Jupiter. Strange right?

Jupiter rising….as I’ll leave you with a few pictures of what Jupiter really looks like.

Saturn’s clouds

And let’s not forget that Jupiter has rings like Saturn. Like father like son.

And it’s kind of funny, now NASA is saying Jupiter is changing and its not how it used to be. They are confused about the North and South poles. I’m not surprised that at this moment in history that Jupiter is suddenly changing. And its right before the September 9th/23rd event.


The last thing I had come across was a place located just North of Petra. By now you should know what Petra is representing in scripture. Its supposed to be a safe haven for Jews in the last days according to certain teachings. That’s neither here nor there, but I just thought the name was interesting despite of all the “going to Mars” talk lately. So here you go.

Let me also bring up this imaging that is called MARS. This is thermal imaging that was developed by CERN Technologies. I wont say as of right now what I think it will be used for but I have my suspicions. Here is their paper on it. Mars Some thought this image was a frog but its actually a mouse.

I thought I’d throw this Saturn picture in also with a rainbow from 2007 in its rings. Go figure right…its the year of the rainbow. Welcome to Oz!

See that rainbow-like feature, right out at the edge of the A-ring near the Encke Gap? That’s due to the opposition effect. You can read a quick summary about it here, but let me explain it further. What this means is that the Cassini Spacecraft had the Sun directly behind it with respect to that bright point in the rings; because of this, that area looks brighter because Cassini can’t see the shadows created by those ring particles—they are directly sunlit, and therefore the shadows are behind those particles, hidden from Cassini’s view. Those further out from that brightened spot, however, do start showing shadows, which is why this effect decreases circularly from that bright spot. But wait! Why does it look like a rainbow? Well, the image I processed is put together from images taken by Cassini in the red, green, and blue filters. Since Cassini is moving (and so are the rings), even though it takes images pretty fast, the spot will have moved slightly in each frame (so will the entire planet, making alignment one of the many difficulties of image processing!) “


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  1. Well this ties into my understanding that sound/vibration is the ” key” that unlocks the abyss. We read about this key in Revelation 9:1. The star ( the ” star” being Lucifer/ Satan) that fell to earth from heaven, was given a key. And that key ( sound) is what opens or unlocks the abyss/ bottomless pit. So, as you have previously mentioned, the conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter which is supposed to take place in 2020, creates a specific sound or frequency that releases the lock or seal and opens up the abyss’s dimension gate ( with the help of CERN) And isn’t 2020 when CERN is supposed to be fired up again? According to Anthony Patch, I believe CERN is taking a hiatus at the end of 2018 and is due to be powered up again in 2020. I could be wrong, but I think I recall him saying this on one of his recent interviews.


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