June 3rds Moon-Jupiter conjunction

This is the reason why some Christians think that there will be a “rapture” tonight or tomorrow or the next day or yesterday. Confused? You should be, because that’s what they are creating…confusion. Anyhow, this is the Moon/Jupiter conjunction that’s happening near Pentecost. The interesting thing about these conjunctions is their relationship with earthquakes. You can see the likelihood that their “may be” a decent sized earthquake somewhere on the planet. I’m not predicting anything but I’m just making it known.

 Another interesting thing is that when Jesus gave up the ghost on the cross there was a great earthquake and some scholars believe the the final resurrection is associated with a earthquake. Not the “rapture”. There’s a big difference. Anyways, tonight go outside around 9 Pacific or 12 Eastern and see the handy work of our Creator and the signs that he’s put in the heavens. He is awesome and whatever happens is for His glory. He clearly is the God of wonders!

And in the last six months, there were 17,600 earthquakes on the West Coast of the United States alone.


In Kern County we had a 3.5 earthquake in Ridgecrest. Right on time. Not only that, there were quite a few cutting across the United States.

And I tried to get a few shots last night through my telescope. I’m not even close to an amateur so I apologize before hand. But I tried to take video with my phone and this is what I got.

The Moon-Jupiter Conjunction @ 8:36pm in California

And here is a video I took of Jupiter at the conjunction. There looks like there is a face in Jupiter and I’m assuming the “nose” of “IT” is the red spot. To me it looks like Pennywise the clown from the movie IT or Twisty the Clown from American Horror Show or maybe a skull. And guess where twisty comes from in the T.v. show? Jupiter, Florida. These videos definitely give it a face look to it.

Screenshot from the 9:36 pm video above
8:36 pm
Through my view finder @ 8:47 pm


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