Mountain of Deception?

Someone sent me a video today from Round Saturn’s Eye. He was speaking with a lady who got pictures of strange “clouds” over the Temple Mount area. She was honestly concerned in the video and she said she felt uneasy even after leaving the temple “mountain” area. I would say that those event visible shook her a little bit and you can see the video below to see where this story is heading.

Well hopefully you took the time to watch the 10 minute video for a little bit of background on this story. Now she had said that she felt that King Abdullah II of Jordan was involved with what was going on over the Temple Mount area. Let me first say that Abdullah II and the Hashemites are the sole custodians of the Temple Mount presently. He basically ownd it. And she pointed to a “generator” that Abdullah had put onto the mount area a few years before. She then connected some dots to SESAME in Ammon, Jordan which is directly connected to what CERN is doing in Switzerland. Now if anyone follows my papers they know about the article I wrote on SESAME at the beginning of the year. If you aren’t familiar with it I suggest you read it here (

I will admit, the first picture looks like a Chemtrail that has looped. But the second one you can definitely see something poked through the atmosphere. You can find my article below at Academia to see pictures like this and my theory as to why they are being seen. Now here is where my connection comes home to roost to all of what was said in this R$E video and my articles in the past. She mentioned this generator and I had vaguely remembered the story about it, but it was true. There were generators placed on the temple mount area in 2011. 

Now when I read that article something clicked in my head about the January 25th, 2011 date that these generators were taken to the mount. Something happened significantly over the Temple Mount 3 days later and I think they are connected. I’ll first post the whole article about the generators from 2011 because this was the only story I could find on it on the internet. And I hate for it to suddenly disappear. Then are the article I will post the event from 3 days later on January 28th, 2011 and see if you can make the connection. 

Huge Jordanian Generators Sighted on Temple Mount

Although the reason for bringing them is unclear, Jewish activists suspect the electricity generators are a sign that Muslims plan mayhem.

Gil Ronen and Rachel Sylvetsky, 25/01/11 15:48 | updated: 01:16

Huge electricity generators donated by the government of Jordan were brought into the Temple Mount Tuesday. A group led by Likud’s Moshe Feiglin documented the entry of the generators into the Mount. 

Sources in the Jerusalem Municipality’s Supervision Department told the Temple Heritage Fund that the municipality had not given permission to bring in the generators and that they were informed of the matter by Avi Roif, Commander of the Old City Police. The municipality sources were said to be outraged at Roif for allowing the generators’ entry despite his not not being authorized to do so.

It is not clear to what use the generators will be put. The Wakf has in the past conducted unauthorized digging and construction activity on the Mount, apparently in order to obliterate any archaeological  vestiges of Jewish presence there. The heavy generators themselves might damage the holy site and  they might be used to illuminate and provide energy for projects about which  Israel has not been informed.

According to an urgent Temple Heritage Fund e-mail message, generators of this size are capable of supplying electricity to tens of thousands of homes. The Fund quoted municipality sources as surmising that the generators might be intended for use in the event that Muslims want to remain up on the Temple Mount for a long period of time. This could occur to prevent an imagined takeover by the Jews, with Muslims gaining PR points in the process. 

“The Arabs may be planning a rebellion or a large-scale operation,” the Fund’s email added.  However, it is also possible that the Wakf would like to use an alternate source of energy other than Israel’s Electric company.

There has been tension for other reasons around the Temple Mount in the past few days after news was leaked that Israel had cleared out an ancient tunnel that led from where the Davidson Visitors’ Center currently stands, next to the Kotel Plaza, and the City of David.” (

Take note that the guy who wrote this article is named Ronen. That’s a strange coincidence or just a really come name in Israel. So back to the article, by their own admission they didn’t actually know what the generators were going to be used for and the choice of words they used was rather interesting. Things definetly got “illuminated” 3 days later. “It is not clear to what use the generators will be put…The heavy generators themselves might damage the holy site and they might be used to illuminate and provide energy for projects about which  Israel has not been informed.”

And keep in mind, this “were capapable of supplying electricity to tens of thousands homes”. “In another disturbing case, a ministerial committee approved the use of two giant generators on Temple Mount. “At times you’re just stunned by the lack of wisdom in our conduct on Temple Mount,” Attorney Caspi says. “You can’t believe these things are happening. We are playing into our enemies’ hands and shooting ourselves in the foot, because these generators can provide enough electricity for half the city. Why are they needed?” “Now, there is a regular supply of electricity to Temple Mount. The State of Israel has no interest whatsoever in allowing the Muslims the possibility to riot and barricade themselves there.” (,7340,L-4194585,00.html)

(Originally published on July 13th, 2016)

Pretty strange scenario…something to think about?

On January 28th, 2011 an unidentified flying object was seen over the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem by three different eyewitness with cell phone videos. You can see all three videos synced together here.  ( Some people believe that this was a hoax ( and some believe that the three videos are authentic. Was it real or fake? “Strangely enough at exactly the same time (all three were filmed at 11pm UTC on the 27th Jan.), another interesting aerial phenomena was being recorded at least 1000kms to the North East in Kazakhstan.” ( and Joe Quinn also reported that this light or ufo wasn’t exactly over the Dome of the Rock but was to the East of the Temple Mount. “At 1 am Israel time (UTC+2) on the 28th of January 2011, two videos were recorded in central Jerusalem. Both videos appear to have filmed the same event from different positions: A white ball of light descends from the sky and hovers over and slightly to the East of the Dome of the Rock, approximately over the garden of Gethsemane. After about 30 seconds, the ball of light shoots off into the sky at high speed.” ( He claims it was over the Mount of Olives near the area of the Garden of Gethsemane which to me, if it is real, then it has way more significance than being over the Dome of the Rock/Temple Mount. But that is for another time. (Read my book)

The weird thing about this story was something that took place a few days later. On February 7th, 2011 , Temple Mount authorities found a week(s) old baby in the Dome of the Rock. You can see the reports here from Jerusalem Post and Haaertz news agencies ( and These were the only two news sources that reported on this. The weird thing about these articles was how they didn’t really focus on how a baby was abandoned, but how there is contention between the Muslims and Jews when it comes to the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock. This information is already public knowledge for about 1400 years now and we all know the history. So why add that to a story that has nothing to do with it?  I also want to point out that quite a few people were asking the question, “is this him?”. Meaning, they were wondering if this was some extraterrestrial put here from the ufo or is this the messiah/antichrist? 

So this whole thing peaked my interest when I had read about it. I knew about the ufo over Jerusalem but never had heard about this baby being found a week later. It made me think about something I had read a few years ago where an astrologer named Jeanne Dixon predicted that the antichrist would be born on February 5th 1962. This wasn’t the first person who predicted this though either. Leonard Herzog who is also an astrologer predicted this in 1899. “A prophet, astrologer and seer who reached the height of his fame around the turn of the century, Leonard Hertzog’s work was later resurrected for a book called “Millennium Prophecies” by A.A. Milne. In 1899, Hertzog predicted the birth of the Anti-Christ as being February 5, 1962, in Jerusalem, which at that time was still part of Syria. February 5, 1962 features a very rare alignment of planets that happens only once every few hundred years, when the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn would align in Aquarius. Uranus was in Leo, Neptune was in Scorpio and Pluto was in Virgo, making the alignment even more severe, but none of those planets had been discovered in 1899. His prediction was that an Islamic leader of royal birth would be born in or near Jerusalem on this date, come to power in 1999 and unite the Arab peoples in a final Jihad against the west, aligning Islam with “Godless China.” He saw the AC attacking Jerusalem and utterly destroying it, sometime a few years after the turn of the 21st century. Hertzog is one of the true unsung heroes of prophecy, and his accuracy in describing the 20th century, which was unfolding before him, was truly astounding. In September of 1992, I took Hertzog’s prediction, and had astrologer Louis Turi run a chart based on that data, which I printed in my Manuscript Opus; THE MILLENIUM FACTOR. With all of those planets in Aquarius, the sign of nuclear energy, this man would not blink an eye at using nuclear weapons or biological warfare to achieve his ends. JEANNE DIXON… great American Prophetess and Seer, also used Hetzog’s predictions, [whether she knew it or not] and gave some very specific information about the AC. Saying that he would be born on February 5, 1962, and she saw him “dressed as a Prince of Egypt”. That he would be filled with love and light, but then turn to the Dark Side “a dagger dripping with blood! Murderer of the Queen of Peace.” She emphasized his royal blood and linage, how world leaders would pay him homage, and how all the world will turn to him as he apparently solves the problems in the middle east, only to turn at the last minute and “lay waste to Jerusalem!” (

How they came to these conclusions is interesting and I don’t recommend in dabbling with any of this astrology. An astrology website even did a horoscope with a chart and biography for this date and called it Anti-Christ. How weird is that? You can find it all here: With that said, this is why the story of the ufo and unknown baby caught my attention. The date. Now I will say that I have my own suspensions on who this man of sin may be and exactly where he will come from. Most people won’t just come out and say it but I will. I am convinced not only Biblically but historically that this man will come from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. I do have a lot of research and proof to suggest this, but we don’t have the time or space to get into it. I am hoping that this will be my second book to do. Now as far as the date goes, King Abdullah II was actually born January 30th 1962. Some have made a connection to what these astrologers have said to his birth. I don’t know if I completely buy into it, since it does come from false prophets and astrologers, but it is very interesting. A few more things I should point out about this February 5th date regarding Abdullah is that in 1999 Abdullah is sworn in as regent of Jordan, the day after his father is declared clinically dead. And on February 7, 1999, eight days after his 37th birthday, Abdullah is crowned as new king a few hours after his father dies. Another interesting fact is that his son Prince Hashem was born on the same day as his father in 2005. And if you understand the term Hashem that is used by religious Jews then you may see my connection. 

Now back to the baby for a second. It is a fact that the Temple Mount’s guardian and keyholder is King Abdullah of Jordan. So when the articles say that this baby was taken by authorities then that does mean the Temple police who are in fact Jordanian. Chris Capps says in his article, “The claim that the child was found comes from a local the Jerusalem post, which stated the Baby was in perfect health when it was first discovered Monday morning.  The current caretakers of the child are unknown, and it is possible the parents could be located if DNA tests resulted in positive identification with an Israeli citizen.  As public service in Israel is compulsory, the likelihood of having this DNA on file is far higher than it would be in many other countries.  Of course running DNA results against a massive database would also be very time consuming.” ( After this became news you heard not one mention of what happened to the baby or who has him or if they found his parents. Maybe it’s all just a coincidence and it doesn’t mean a thing? I just find the timing of the events and what happened all too interesting. So I guess the question is….what happened to this now 5 year old boy? Was this event a week earlier a “ufo” or a fallen angel or was it just a hoax?

And this was brought to my attention by Michael Benoit. 

“Concerning ‘OPHIUCHUS’……. I made the following comment in another Thread in here…… and it was followed by SILENCE…..’In Jerusalem, Israel, in the wee hours of January 28, 2011, two individuals were admiring the view over one of the world’s most holiest cities, the seat of the Christian-Judeo religion. They were at the Armon Hanatziv Lookout over Mount Zion, at 1:00 AM. As they were enjoying the view over the city, they were distracted by another sight – a white orb which appeared at first high over the city’………..Now you’ll find no less than a plethora of ‘HOAX’ Videos to go behind what I’m presenting here…… discrediting every facet of this ‘Event’…. (((IF))) it was truly an ‘Event’ AT ALL…… let the reader be the ‘Judge’….. BUT on this night at this ‘TIME’…… the ‘HEAD’ of Serpentarious…… or ‘Ophiuchus’ as it’s also called…. was DIRECTLY OVER the Temple Mount AT said ‘TIME’ the ‘Visitation’ was filmed using Astronomy Programs such as Stellarium as the tool for ‘Confirmation’……”
It’s interesting that Ophiuchus was over Jerusalem at the time and this actually happens over the Mount of Olives. To know more about Ophiuchus, please read my book “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place”

So that was my article from 2016 about the connections to the 2011 event. Now…..we know there were generators put on the Temple Mount by King Abdullah II of Jordan for whatever reason. No-one is actually sure as to why these generators were brought there. Was it for archeological digs? Was it to power thousands of homes? Or was it for some sort a machine associated with CERN and/or SESAME? With what happened 3 days after the generators were put up on the mount, I’d have to say #3. I can only speculate that these generators are and were connected to CERN/SESAME amd were used as a “test”run 3 days later. Only problem is, is that people actually saw this event take place in different areas around Jerusalem. And then a mysterious baby shows up in the dome of the rock on the mount a week later. So what is really going on? 
In the video from R$E, the woman mentioned the video by Ronan Barnay, an Israeli videographer/producer. I have already cone to the conclusion that his particular video that went around was cgi effects. But, now this opens a can of worms. I’m not sure who this man has ties to in Israel or Jordan. Was his video a test run to bring in some sort of lying signs and wonders? I’m not sure but I want to post my articles on his videos. 

(Originally published October 12th, 2016)

A video came out on October 1st, 2016 by Ronen Barany called “Strange phenomenon in Jerusalem sky with trumpet sound”. I saw this video in a group and came to realize it was a fake and done by using cgi. Ronen is a Director in Israel and has other videos on his page using cgi demons and tornados. I had suspicions that it was fake for a few reasons. One being that this was the only video that was recorded of this event that took place in Jerusalem, two being that he has other videos similar to the cgi video I just mentioned using tornados and a demon in a store and the third being all his videos are under the category of “film and animation”. Since him publishing two of these three videos, he has now made them private. He confirmed all my suspicions.

Well since then, I have noticed that he wasn’t able to take them down fast enough because a lot of YouTuber’$ grabbed this video and are now claiming this is real. Sorry to ruin it for you but it’s not. Here is one of the people claiming its real. I will admit, it is cool effects but it’s still fake. Don’t believe the hype and be decieved. And don’t buy into someone who can’t take five minutes to research something or for that matter, someone that has no discernment whatsoever.

And as far as these sings go…it definetly may be possible. I believe this particular one is fake though. Here is a paper I wrote concerning the sound that we have been hearing where I live. Same principle (

(Originally published November 13th, 2016)

After a month and a half of Ronen Barany’s video on the trumpets/clouds being posted on Rosh Hoshana, people are still posting it. They actually believe this thing is real even after they see the evidence that its fake CGI. He has decieved a lot of Christians in general and I don’t see that as cool or funny. I have even emailed the guy on his Facebook page and YouTube page to get a comment from him. Nothing…no response. And like I mentioned in the original post, he took down the video a few days before I wrote about it. Not only that,since then he has taken his original YouTube channel down and has another going. He probably got tired of the messages I’m guessing.

So, check out Ronen’s cool alien invasion scene. Yep…fake just like his trumpet/cloud video. He also did a “Last Day” video and does earth animation like NASA. Hmmmm. Check out his website @ I am glad that people didn’t buy into it and caught it for what it was. FAKE. And guess what…I beat Snopes on this one. They were a month late. Hacks. (

Here is his alien invasion video.

Here is my original post from Oct. 12, 2016

Here is his YouTube page (

Now as far as these sounds go that are being heard like “trumpets” and booms (reference my paper @Academia), I don’t know where they are coming from but I have an idea of what they represent and its not good. I believe this all ties into the setting up of the Palmyra’s Triumphant Arch and especially when it finally goes back home to Syria.

Here is my take on these “trumpet” sounds. 

You can visit my Facebook page I Don’t Care If Anyone Reads This for the original posts.


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