Another FACT about the Revelation 12:1 Sign: this time from Astronomy

So I came across Scottie Clarke’s most recent post and finally came across a few great comments. Michael Heiser had mentioned this same thing as well as Joel Richardson and others. Everyone wants to completely avoid this though. I am just posting Dag Kihlman’s comments and not the others that support Clarke. It will still make sense.

“…Nothing Scottie says will happen has happened. He is simply a fraud. Now he realizes he will loose a lot of supporters after the 23rd. He then wants to prolong the period in hope of keeping his herd of believers.

What will happen is that he will have tune down the perfect fit of the 23rd because new persons will not buy it since nothing happened. His old followers will drop of one by one, but basically they will not visit his Youtube channel any longer and not share his videos.

I hope people will learn that this man is mocking the word of God. No one knows when Christ returns and a true Christian shall be ready every day, but Scottie makes this a lie. He has claimed many things and his earliest videos have silently been removed so that his false prophesies will not be apparent to everyone.

Now he avoids answering to criticism and pretends to be unjustly prosecuted. But basically this man is a fraud mocking the word of God.”

Then someone mentions that this guy Dag is only trying to promote his book on the post. But that’s not true…he is just stating facts.

“Scottie does not dare to turn against my book. Because then he will have to defend his idea that Leo has nine stars. The ancient view was that it had 12 stars, so the twelve stars are always above the head of the woman, and Scotties idea falls to ashes.

He has a Lion without legs and a woman without head. Those are modern asterisms. The ancients saw a head on the woman. Using the old asterism of Virgo, Jupiter is not in the womb.”

“The so called alignment is happening for months.

And you cannot get round the fact that Leo has 12 stars from the beginning. What happened was that the ancients wanted each constellation to be 30 degrees longitude. Due to this some stars had to be moved. The back foot (or if you prefer the back leg) of the lion placed the lion on Virgos head, since the back foot was on the left side of hear head and the tail on the right side.

But this crossing of constellations did not create a straight border of longitude between Leo and Virgo. Thus Leo lost its back foot and it was merged with Virgo.

Since a three legged Lion is difficult to motivate, the other legs were removed to by removing the stars from the asterism.

In the process Leo ended up having nine stars.

This is a late process and the constellation Leo had twelve stars in the time when Revelation was written.

In the same manner Virgo has been remade. She originally held an ear of grain (the star Spica, latin for ear of grain) in her left hand.

This was too destroyed and Spica was made into the left hip of the asterism Scottie uses. Since Virgo is destoryed, Jupiter can be said to enter into the torso (not the womb) in late november and leave it in early September after nine months. If the left hip is restored to the left hand/ear of grain, then the torso gets smaller and Jupiter will enter the torso much later, and there is no perfect nine months pregnancy.

Actually, Jupiter leaves the torso in late May, under the left arm pit of Virgo. So the pregnancy is only six months. Then Jupiter returns after a brief “out of womb pregnancy”. Defenders of the theory maintains that the womb has grown. Has anyone seen a womb growing right under the left arm pit of a woman?

But as I say, the pregnancy is even shorter since Scottie uses a Greek/Roman asterism: in short his perfect sign is a sign with a headless Virgo and a leg/feet.less lion and a nine months pregnancy with a couple of days out of womb pregnancy – and all of this is the perfect sign! 🤔”

And this is the absolute truth what this guy is saying but people still don’t like facts as much as they don’t read scripture.


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