October 2017: Physical or Spiritual Doomsday?

I’m sure by now everyone is familiar with the 2015 movie Terminator: Genisys. Its basically about transhumanism. Man becoming a god in the form of half machine half human. It takes place in modern day Sodom, San Francisco and features multiverses, multi-timelines and time travel. It even has the subtle message of the ancient false god HuBaL with its one eye and one arm symbolism. It can be seen with the “good” guys and the “bad guys”. 

You even have the false Jesus connection with the initials of John Conner. JC starts out being the saviour of the world and in the end he becomes a transhuman god who is destroyed in a portal. 

But that’s not what I’m looking at here. If you want to know more about this one armed one eyed symbolism, please read my article here. Look at the movie poster for Terminator Gemisys. It says “Reset the Future” with a woman holding a head of one of these machines waking through a field that is ready to harvest towards the sunset. We know Genesis means beginning according to the Hebrew. So this is a new beginning by resetting the future. The real “saviour” isn’t John Connor but Sarah Connor his mother. The woman ie Isis is the saviour of humanity once again while she is holding the head of “Osiris” which represents the capstone of the pyramid. Behind it you can see the symbolism of the all seeing eye of the Sun peaking out. This symbolism is prevelant in movies where the female character is invoking the male saviour character.

I want you to notice that she is walking through a field that is ready for harvest ie the wheat and tares. I’ve said all along in my research that these occultists are proclaiming that this year is their harvest year and its a year of separating the wheat from the tares. They grow together until the harvest is ready and you can’t tell them apart until then. I believe the false 9/23 sign is a signpost of this changing of the tides or maybe we should say the winnowing. The Luciferians are awaiting the rewards of their long awaited harvest. Its time to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and be sealed with the Spirit of the God of Israel. 

But what does this have to do with September 23rd? In the movie Terminator Genisys we see that this judgement day from this quantum computer Skynet happens in October of 2017 and goes live connecting everything. Is it a coincidence? It may be but by now everyone should know that these occultist elites telegraph everything they do. Not because they want to in my opinion but because they have to.

So it looks like according to this movie, that there big “harvest” was happening in October 2017 a month after the false sign of Jupiter. But it didn’t happen because Sarah Conner and her one eyed/one armed guardian saved the day. Now I want to point out another movie that was more recent that had the feminine invoking the masculine “god” to resurrect. It was The Mummy starring Tom Cruise. In the scene where his partner in Crime, Dale, becomes possessed by the curse of the mummy and turns into a “zombie”. When Cruises character has to kill him (he does come back to life) while on the plane, you can see these random numbers 10/17 on his left bicept. It didn’t look like a tattoo and I have no idea why it was written on his bicept. I caught this watching the movie and it made me think of the Terminator October event. The one thing I found on relation to this Mummy movie on the date was the conjunction of Venus and Mercury on 10/18 of 2017. Ironically Venus represents the goddess and Sophia, who is the feminine of Lucifer and if you remember, The Mummy was entombed in the abyss filled with Mercury. A couple of strange connections there. Also notice the right one eye symbolism with the writing on the left arm. October 2017? 


I also thought about the date October 17th. And ironically it just so happens to fall on a Tuesday this year. I suggest if you don’t know what I’m referencing with Tuesday, you should go back and read my research on Tuesday, Tyr and the one armed god. Also you should go read my review on the movie The Mummy. You can also see a reference to 10:17 in the iPhone 7 commercial. Its called balloons. And notice that the date on the phone is September 16th. One week after Jupiter leaves Virgo on the 9th and one week before the 23rd date. 

A few interesting things I found about balloons. “Balloons with the thread on them relate to the semen, the male seed. A female model (the goddess) in the centre of them relates to the ovum of life.  Your unconscious mind perceives it as a sexual motif. You set off fireworks and balloons at parties, at festivals/birthdays/new year.” (http://whatliesbeyond-ustane.blogspot.com/2011/06/subversion-of-symbols.html?m=1)

“DigitalSpy has Rihanna’s explanation for the crown which I feel the need to provide in case you want to believe the “official story”: “There’s so many things in life that you want to achieve. When you get to the point where you’re achieving your dreams, you don’t see the success anymore and you don’t know when to stop. It makes you blind. The crown is a metaphor to appreciate small things in life. The balloon is lighter than air and is a metaphor for escaping reality.” (http://illuminatiwatcher.com/anti-rihannas-occult-initiation-into-the-illuminati/)

“On the 15th September 1784 an Italian named Lunardi made the first ascent in Britain, in a balloon from the Artillery Grounds, Moorfields, in the city of London…After a voyage of a little over two hours, M. Lunardi landed in a field in Hertfordshire, among a crowd of rustics, who at first refused to give assistance to one who came on what they called ” the Devil’s horse.” (A SHORT HISTORY OF BALLOONS AND FLYING MACHINES. EDITED BY LORD MONTAGU.)

Now as far as October goes this year, Friday the 13th just happens to fall on this month. And as far as Friday the 13th goes, its a major occult date and this year it seems to be a good day for false flags. Historically King Philip had the Knights Tempers put to death by burning at the stake. This is why this date is revered. Here is a good short video on this.

And let’s not forget the Nibiru conection to October’s “doomsday event”. “Don’t bother sticking to those New Year’s Resolutions, because in autumn this year, a massive death planet is about to hit our planet, killing us all. Or at least that’s what ‘researcher’ David Meade, author of ‘Planet X: The 2017 Arrival’ reckons – saying that ‘overwhelming evidence’ proves that a planet will collide with Earth in September or October this year. The global elite are wise to this, Meade claims – and are already building bunkers to survive the collision. (We should note at this point that every year, without fail, internet nutters predict that the world will end, and it never, ever does.) Meade said, ‘The public is being kept in the dark deliberately to avoid panic.Earthquakes have dramatically increased both in number and intensity. ‘During this time frame on September 23, 2017, the moon appears under the feet of the Constellation Virgo. The Sun appears to precisely clothe Virgo. Only the one that occurs in 2017 constitutes a ‘birthing.’ This is when planets traverse within the legs of Virgo. Jupiter is birthed on 9-9-17. ‘The next event that follows is that Planet X will fully eclipse the Sun and cover the whole earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. This is Thursday, October 5, 2017 (the following full moon date).’ But they’re not the only ones making this prediction: doomsday bunker mogul Robert Vicino also predicts Nibiru is inbound. Entrepreneur Robert Vicino said that the ‘elites’ might already be preparing for the end, telling the Daily Star, ‘You have to ask yourself, why did Russia just have a drill for 40 million people?” (http://metro.co.uk/2017/01/02/earth-will-be-destroyed-in-october-2017-and-the-rich-are-already-building-bunkers-6356300/)

(UPDATE: Here is another blogger that wrote about what Meade predicts admit October. “According to Researcher, David Meade. The author of ‘Planet X: The 2017 Arrival’. He reckons that there’s already enough evidence to prove that Planet-x will collide with Earth in September or October this year. This will leads to collision or near a miss. The elite members are already made a wise move to survive the collision. This information is being kept in the dark away from public to avoid immediate commotion and panic. He also added that, ‘Earthquakes have increased dramatically in numbers and in intensity. Storm systems have multiplied. Heat waves are getting stronger each day and lasting longer than it’s expected’. He proposed that on 23rd September 2017, the moon appears under the feet of The constellation virgo. The next event that follows is that planet-x will fully eclipse the sun and cover the whole Earth and full moon in shadow on the next full moon date. That is Thursday. October 5, 2017. Looks like we have found the so-called Doomsday. Don’t worry it was widely predicted to hit Earth in Dec 2015. Which didn’t occur. Many started linking this to Bible. Whatsoever. Many conspiracy theorists have predicted that there is an unseen planet beyond Neptune called Nibiru is going to destroy Earth soon. It is recently Rumored that NASA has an overwhelming evidence that proves the approach of Planet-x, which is not revealed to public for so many concerns and try to get a solution imminently.” (http://wp.me/p8WQQP-z))

Let me also remind you about the 100 year anniversary of Fatima. The celebration happens to end on you guessed it, October 13th. “In 2017, the 100th Anniversary of the Apparitions of Our Lady of Fátima will be celebrated with a wide-ranging programme, the high point of which will be the presence of His Holiness Pope Francis on 13th May.  The first apparitions of Our Lady were to the shepherd children on 13th May 1917 and they were repeated the following months, the last occurring on 13th October the same year, when a remarkable crowd witnessed the “Miracle of the Sun”. These are the dates that attract the greatest number of the faithful to the Sanctuary every year to take part in the Candlelight Procession on the night of 12th May and the Farewell Procession on the morning of 13th May, but every day, especially on the 13th of each month, many pilgrims arrive in Fátima, who visit this holy place to express their faith. Apart from the regular pilgrimages and the religious celebrations, the 100th anniversary will be celebrated until 13th October 2017 with a wide-ranging cultural programme including a number of exhibitions, concerts of sacred music, performances relating to the apparitions, conferences, summer courses and the International Congress “Thinking Fátima”, which will be held in June.” (https://www.visitportugal.com/en/content/100th-anniversary-apparitions-fatima)

“According to legend, exactly 33 years (span of our Lord’s life) to the day prior to the great Miracle of the Sun in Fatima, that is, on October 13, 1884, Pope Leo XIII had a remarkable vision….As he listened, he heard the following conversation:

The guttural voice, the voice of Satan in his pride, boasted to Our Lord: “I can destroy your Church.”

The gentle voice of Our Lord: “You can? Then go ahead and do so.”

Satan: “To do so, I need more time and more power.”

Our Lord: “How much time? How much power?”

Satan: “75 to 100 years, and a greater power over those who will give themselves over to my service.”

Our Lord: “You have the time, you will have the power. Do with them what you will.”

(Think about this false 1,000 year reign on earth.)

“It was Mary’s final appearance, on Oct. 13, 1917 (exactly 33 years, to the day, after Pope Leo XIII’s vision), that became the most famous. An estimated 70,000 people were in attendance at the site, anticipating the Virgin’s final visit and with many fully expecting that she would work a great miracle. As everyone gazed upward, and saw that a silvery disc had emerged from behind clouds, they experienced what is known [as] a ‘sun miracle.’” (https://www.romancatholicman.com/our-lady-of-fatima-1917-2017-why-100-years-matters/)

Here are some false prophecies on this whole event. “The startling implication is that the Pope Leo XIII’s hundred-year prophecy began in 1917! If that’s true, it would make [an alleged seer from Colorado named] Charles Johnston’s alleged visitations and messages from Archangel Gabriel more relevant and meaningful. In fact, in this article from 2013, about Mr. Johnston, you quoted the following: ‘The sequence of ever-deepening chaos will continue until mid-October of 2017,’ he asserts he was told by the Blessed Mother. “Despair will reign throughout the world. Then, between October 13-17 of 2017, the world will be miraculously, utterly, and visibly delivered from the terror by the Intercession of Our Lady the Immaculate Conception. Christianity will be reunified, Satan will be shackled, and the world shall enter a glorious period of peace and harmony under the rule and protection of the one, triune God.’ That article is found here [http://www.spiritdaily.net/johnston2.htm]

“If Satan’s reign began in October 1917, it would also coincide with the birth of Communism in Russia during that same month and year! Interestingly enough, at the half-way point of the hundred years of Satan’s reign, the Roman Catholic Church experienced the birth of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement which began at Duquesne University in 1967. Perhaps God decided that the Roman Catholic Church needed the supernatural manifestations and gifts of the Holy Spirit as it faced its battle against Satan. It was also the year that Jerusalem was recaptured by the Jewish people during the Sixth-Day War.

“In addition, if Mary is going to intervene in a dramatic fashion in October 2017, it would definitely tie in with the hundred-year anniversary of Fatima’s Miracle of the Sun, a hundred years of Communism, and five hundred years of Protestantism (which began on October 31, 1517).

“Furthermore, if dramatic events will take place in October 2017, that would also fit with what you wrote about Maria Esperanza’s last interviews. In an article, you wrote, ‘In one of her last interviews Esperanza speculated that major events linked to the secrets of Medjugorje, which she believed was authentic, would occur by 2020.’ October 2017 would definitely fit with Maria’s timeframe. That article is found here [http://www.spiritdaily.net/Prophecy-seers/Esperanza/eperanzaprophecylast.htm].

“In short, it appears there’s an important correlation for October 2017. Naturally, we’re not talking about the Second Coming of Christ so there’s no danger about date-setting that climatic Event. Instead, my hunch is that the ‘warning’ might take place in October 2017. A Warning that will probably begin with the Miracle of the Sun (but this time the whole world will see it), include our mini-judgments, conclude by breaking Satan’s reign and power on this earth, and the reunification of the Christian churches back to Rome. I should also point out that I’m not the only one who has seen the significance of October 2017.”

“Noted one writer, “An article written in 1933 repeats the same account, virtually word for word, adding: ‘And so, shortly after 1880, Leo decreed the general prayer to St. Michael.] Note the date given for the supposed vision: 1880 — four years before Leo XIII prescribed the Prayers after Low Mass without the St. Michael prayer, and six years before the prayer itself was actually prescribed. A more recent variant of the story adds another detail: It quotes a dialogue between Our Lord and Satan that Pope Leo supposedly heard during the vision. One writer says the dialogue occurred at the foot of the altar, where Leo stopped after Mass. He gives no date. Another writer tells the same story, but he gives a date: 13 October 1884.” (http://www.spiritdaily.com/SPECIAL%20REPORTS2017a.htm)

So October is mentioned in Terminator as judgement day, referenced in The Mummy on the left arm of Dale who later says that they are all coming, seen on an iPhone 7 commercial with balloons, has a doomsday Nibiru connection, the final day of the Fatima anniversary and through all my research in the last year…is leading to something bad ie a spiritual harvest that is happening. Is it the physical Happening? I don’t think so honestly but I do find these connections really strange. I think we are really going to see a spiritual shift here happening and its going to be very noticeable. Its a safe bet to be prepared and trust and put your faith in JESUS.

(I could go on with the symbolism of The Terminator Genisys movie and these other things but I will leave that for you to research)

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