The “Sacred” Name Game

I saw an interesting post from John Thomas Kerind this morning with a Catholic Bible with an all seeing eye and the name yahweh. “You guys won’t believe this but I was unboxing my grandfather’s old keepsake’s box and he had a Catholic “Bible” from 1963. On the first page was a bunch of occultic symbolism with a big pyramid in the middle with an eye in it (like on the dollar bill) and above it was written “Yahweh”. It’s the official catholic “bible”. It really shows you were these satanic, fake, names like Yahweh and Yahuah originate from. The Catholic cult preaches another Jesus.”

I want to also add this story that came out a few days ago. Doesn’t the Crusader Cross look like a less jumbled cross of Baphomet? The cool thing to do in Jerusalem is now get a tattoo of the Crusaders Cross or Jerusalem Cross. What this actually is, is the Templars Cross. Imagine that.

“Wassim Razzouk, 43, is a tattoo artist descending from a centuries-long line in the trade: 700 years to be exact. “We are Copts, we come from Egypt, and in Egypt there is a tradition of tattooing Christians, and my great, great ancestors were some of those tattooing the Christian Copts,” he told me.

The first evidence of a Christian tattoo tradition traces back to the Holy Land and Egypt as early as the 6th or 7th Century. From there, the tradition spread throughout Eastern Christian communities such as the Ethiopian, Armenian, Syriac and Maronite Churches. To this day, many Coptic Churches require a tattoo of a cross or other proof of Christian faith to enter a church. (Tattoo traditions among groups such as Celtic and Croatian Catholics emerged separately and at a later date.)”

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