Arch news this week…your gonna love this one! Arch will be in Arona until September!!

So a few weeks ago I wrote about how the IDA claimed that 2 million people visited the Arch of Triumph in Arona, Italy in just two days. O thought this was far fetched and the number was really exaggerated. Well an article from a local Arona newscast Arona 24 has come out two days ago (7/13/17) and has claimed the miracle number of 50 thousand people have visited the Arch since it was set up in Arona. Really? It has now dropped. What is really going on here? Is it 2 million in 2 days or 50 thousand in 2 months? So it seems they after being honest here…again. 

But that’s not really the big news here. Now they are saying that since it was such a great turnout that they are keeping the Arch in Arona until September now. Go figure right. “This success has convinced the makers of ‘Ida Institute for Digital Archeology in Oxford, world-promoters, to leave Arco in Italy two months longer than expected, so until late September, when play will leave for Paris.” Of course they are with all the nonsense going on in September right now. They want to establish this Mountain of Strength in of all places Arona. And it makes sense. Right behind it you have the nativity of Jesus being played out in the Plaza and just last night (7/14/17) they had a few speakers and they put a picture of a book in the middle of the Arch with a goat. Yes a goat. This keeps bringing me back to Jupiter- Serapis who had horns like a goat (although they say they were sheep horns). The book is called “From the shadows to the light, From Caravaggio to Tiepolo. The treasure of Italy: 4”. 

Here is the article translated in English below.

Fifty thousand people have visited the arch of Palmyra who remain in the city for another two months

ARONA- 13-07-2017- What summer would be animated by the presence of the reconstruction of Palmyra 3d Arch was planned and strategically designed. But no one expected the record turnout that after only two months after the inauguration has reached 50,000 admissions in Piazza San Graziano, of which 22,000 also visited the nearby Museum archaeologist named Khaled Asaad, scoring the highest number of inputs from its opening. This success has convinced the makers of ‘Ida Institute for Digital Archeology in Oxford, world-promoters, to leave Arco in Italy two months longer than expected, so until late September, when play will leave for Paris . To make that visitor numbers were also the collateral cultural events that led under the arch distinguished historians, writers and musicians. Among the most popular events, the keynote held by Vittorio Sgarbi brought in Piazza San Graziano more than 800 people. All this has made of Arona, on the western shore of Lake Maggiore, one of the most popular Northern Italian destinations for national and international tourism. On the other hand, the list of attractions the town offers is well nourished, beginning with the statue of St. Charles, the giant of over 35 meters that rises prominently hometown Archbishop Borromeo and built in honor of his canonization in the seventeenth century, the interior of which can be visited, reaching the top of the statue to appreciate the surrounding landscape. Also linked to the history of the Borromeo is the eponymous Rock of Arona, built before the year 1000 as a defensive structure and become feudal aristocratic dynasty in 1439. Today, after years of closure, is a lush park with spectacular views of the lake Maggiore, a short walk from the center of Arona. Not to forget the CivicoMuseo Archaeological opened in 1997 and named in 2015 its Syrian archaeologist Khaled al-Asaad, where are archaeological raccoltirinvenimenti from across the Lower Verbano area as the famous cast of the wheel dates back to the Bronze Age . (

At the same time of the announcement that the Arch will stay in Arona until September, the IDA was tweeting events going on. I’ve already mentioned the goat in the Arch but this event was dealing with the art in Italy. They tweeted 

“IDA at UK particle accelerator today w/ Herculaneum scrolls project and Prof. Brent Seales.” This is a project where they are using the UK Particle Accelerator in order to read these scrolls that had damaged parts to it. The UK Particle Accelerator is the bigger sister of CERN in Switzerland. “The darling of particle physics might be the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at Cern, but as a practical tool it’s no match for the UK’s Diamond Light Source. Located at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratorycampus at Harwell in Oxfordshire, Diamond is an alchemist’s dream, a place where beams of light 10,000 times brighter than the sun are deployed to probe the nature of everyday things.

Diamond is the Marmite of the physics world…Diamond’s 561m-diameter ring, which gives the building its distinctive circular shape, houses a synchrotron. Like the LHC, this is a particle accelerator, in Diamond’s case using synchronised pulses from powerful magnets to accelerate electrons to near the speed of light. Synchrotrons were part of the earliest particle accelerator technology, dating back to the 1940s, and were soon found to have an unwanted byproduct. Because they accelerated electrons, they generated light, known as synchrotron radiation.” (

So the IDA was visiting this site because I’m sure they will eventually have their hand in this with all these people. The woman I mentioned in a article a few days ago (Karenowska, the physicist in magnonics) was even mentioned in this tweet. It’s funny because just recently someone asked if there was a connection with this Arch and CERN. It seems that These is an indirect connection as of right now. I’ve always believed that this man of sin, when he hits the scene in full force, will use some sort of lost manuscripts to prove to people that he is in fact God. We know that’s a lie. This Herculaneum scrolls project are kind of interesting to. These scrolls were buried by the volcanic eruption of at Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD. When they tweeted adout this scroll ironically a news report came out that day about the volcano erupting and the smoke looking like a skull or monster. ( Kinda weird. 

And an intetesting fact about Herculaneum before it being destroyed is this. “In Herculaneum, Piso built a seaside villa on a palatial scale – the width of its beach frontage alone exceeds 220m (721ft). When it was excavated in the middle of the 18th Century, it was found to hold more than 80 bronze and marble statues of the highest quality, including one of Pan having sex with a goat.” ( The goat in the Arch and the goat of Pan. What a coincidence.

It’s just all in a weeks work!

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