The world of sheep has gone mad

The sheep have gone mad! 80 real sheep have committed suicide just one day prior, 20 people dressed like sheep in Montreal. This almost seems prophetic for the times we are living in. Jesus says that His sheep hear His voice. In this case, these aren’t His sheep. Here is the first story.

“80 sheep committed suicide in front of their astonished shepherd in Turkey on July 12, 2017. The weird incident occurred in the mountainous region of Muradiye in the south-east of the country. As the shepherd Ercan Ozer explains, one sheep first jumped off a cliff and then all the other 79 followed. The sheep owner tried to stop the crazy animals in vain only saving a small part of his herd. The shepherd cannot explains the suicide phenomenon and argues the sheep were not scared and were not in danger.” (,

Video from November 13th, 2010

Read the story here from 2010 (

The second story comes from the Corpus Dance Project called Transhumance that features 20 people dressed like sheep, one guy dressed like a wolf and one guy is a shepherd. Its pretty strange “art” to say the least. You can watch the video here This event took place on July 11th, 2017. 

My first thought when reading about the suicidal sheep were the swine in the Bible that were possessed with devils and ran off a cliff into the ocean (Matthew 8:31). It has been said that these pigs were for sacrifices to Zeus who is Jupiter. The excerpt below is from “Inheritance: Covenants, Kingdoms, Bodies and Nations” By Mark Daniel.

This all seems a little prophetic with what is going on today. One sheep decides to take the path that leads to destruction while the others blindly follow. This sounds just like the 9\23 rapture cult now doesn’t it? They are all committing spiritual suicide and they don’t even know they are throwing themselves off of a cliff. It’s pretty sad. And just like the pigs for the sacrifice to Jupiter, we see the sheep worshipping false doctrines of man in the name of Jupiter…slowly following one another over the edge.

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