The Pulse of Ross 128 and the Triangled Star in the Sky

I’m bringing up two different stories but they aren’t really related. Atleast I didn’t think so. They are just a few stories I have kept my eye on for the last week. 

The Pulse of Ross 128

The first story I came across was from over a week ago but actually happened in May of this year (2017). The signal or pulse that was found at Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory is interesting for a few reasons. This is where the movie Contact with Jodie Foster was centered around. This is where they made “first contact” with an alien entity. Contact came out on July 11th, 1997 and almost 20 years to the day on July 12th, 2017 this information about a new pulse from Virgo cane out. The movie was based off of a transmission coming from  Vega which is the brightest star in the constellation Lyra or a harp. Its seen as an eagle or a vulture carrying this Lyra. I find the Lyra pulse interesting from the movie because of the Lyra that was played at the unvieling of the Arch of Triumph in Trafalgar Square.

I still believe to this day that media reports of the majority of articles are always coded with occult symbolism. And ironically in this article we have it. Is there really a pulse coming from this star? I don’t doubt it with all of the research I’ve done in the last year. We saw a pulse hit the earth around December 9th, 2016 when Jupiter went into Virgo. And it doesn’t surprise me that now or should I say in May of 2017 they discovered a pulse coming from guess where…Virgo. 

I also want you to look at the name of the Professor who is in charge at Aricebo. His name is Abel. Now if you have been following all my research it seems to intertwine together. Do you remember the false god Hubal of the Arab Kaaba who is actually the god Sin of the Sinai? Remember that he is Ba’al the lord of the air who is in fact Satan, the principality and power of the air. Well Hubal and Abel are spelled exactly the same in Hebrew and I believe this is a mockery and satanic inversion of what was good to something that is bad. This is Satans mo. He takes something Holy, like the literal death of the first man who was at the hands of the wicked one Cain and makes a false god of it. Well its interesting that the Professor is named Abel which is spelled just like Hubal. Am I reading into it? I may be but that’s not without saying everything is coded in the occult when it comes to t.v. and media. 

I wanted to see what the name Ross meant and I came across something interesting. “The family name can also be of Germanorigin; in German, das Ross (or das Roß) means “the steed” or “the horse”, derived from Gaelic meaning “Horse Lord” or “Lord of the Horse”.” ( So this mane Ross literally means the Lord of the Horse. Before I get into an occult connection to the Lord of Horses let me show you that there is a connection to Scripture with this. God also has his horses. 

2 Kings 6:17 Then Elisha prayed and said, “O LORD, I pray, open his eyes that he may see.” And the LORD opened the servant’s eyes and he saw; and behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.

Rev 19:11 Then I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse! The one sitting on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he judges and makes war. His eyes are like a flame of fire, and on his head are many diadems, and he has a name written that no one knows but himself. He is clothed in a robe dipped in blood, and the name by which he is called is The Word of God. And the armies of heaven, arrayed in fine linen, white and pure, were following him on white horses. From his mouth comes a sharp sword with which to strike down the nations, and he will rule them with a rod of iron. He will tread the winepress of the fury of the wrath of God the Almighty. On his robe and on his thigh he has a name written, King of kings and Lord of lords.”

Now the “horse” is associated with Jupiter Amon and his horns in a roundabout way. Let me show you what the occult thinks about Jupiter Amons horns. “The throne where King Amon is located is in Ammon’s Horn or the hippocampus situated in your house, or what is more commonly called the head. The Latin Hippocampus is from Ancient Greek ἱππόκαμπος (hippokampos), from ἵππος (hippos, “horse”) and κάμπος (kampos, “sea monster”). All humans have Ammon’s horn which is two hippocampi, one in each side of the brainwhich is a part of the cerebral cortex, and in primates is located in the medial temporal lobe, underneath the cortical surface. It contains two main interlocking parts: Ammon’s horn and the gyrus.

Let me help illuminate for you exactly where Amon (the hippocampus) is located in your brain. At the top of your brain under the two hemispheres of the cerebrum is part of the brain called the cerebellum. Under the cerebrum and cerebellum is where you will find your brain stem, that which connects the brain to the spine. Lying in the middle of your brain is part of the temporal lobe called the hippocampus or Ammon’s horn.

In meditations, the hippocampus is what we humans use as a mode of astral travel. In addition, I believe that the hippocampus stores past-life experiences and is that part of the brain we access for ‘past life’ recognition. The hippocampus is critical for the formation of new autobiographical and fact memories. Hence, this section of our brain is how we remember not only past events or locations, but also past lives, and the High Priests of Jupiter Ammon knew this.” (

So how strange is that? Ross is the Lord of the Horses while this sea horse or hippocampus is located in your brain at the temporal lobe. This is a new agers dream as you can see. There are those who have the mind of Christ and those who have the mind of Jupiter Amon. The hippocampus was also Neptunes (Jupiter’s brother) favorite horse and in some circles associated with Jonahs great fish. “Manly P. Hall explains this mystery a little further in his Book, the Secret Teachings of All Ages; Several early church fathers believed that the “whale” which swallowed Jonah was the symbol of God the Father, who, when the hapless prophet was thrown overboard, accepted Jonah into His own nature until a place of safety was reached. The story of Jonah is really a legend of initiation into the Mysteries, and the “great fish” represents the darkness of ignorance which engulfs man when he is thrown over the side of the ship (is born) into the sea (life).

The custom of building ships in the form of fishes or birds, common in ancient times, could give rise to the story, and mayhap Jonah was merely picked up by another vessel and carried into port, the pattern of the ship causing it to be called a “great fish.” (“Veritatis simplex oratio est!”) More probably the “whale” of Jonah is based upon the pagan mythological creature, hippocampus, part horse and part dolphin, for the early Christian statues and carvings show the composite creature and not a true whale.” (

This pulse from Ross the Lord of the Horses according to the articles lasted 10 minutes on May 12th. I noticed Mars was in the center of the horns in Taurus along with the Sun in the body. And Saturn being in Sagittarius for almost 84 days it went back into Ophiuchus on May 18th. And the Moon was in Ophiuchus. Significant? I don’t know but thought I should bring it up.

We also know that the vote for Israel becoming a state actually took place on May 12th, 1948. Take that as you may. “On 12 May 1948, the Minhelet HaAm (Hebrew: מנהלת העם‎‎, lit. People’s Administration) was convened to vote on declaring independence.[12][13] Three of the thirteen members were missing, with Yehuda Leib Maimon and Yitzhak Gruenbaum being blocked in besieged Jerusalem, while Yitzhak-Meir Levin was in the United States.

The meeting started at 1:45 in the afternoon and ended after midnight. The decision was between accepting the American proposal for a truce, or declaring independence. The latter option was put to a vote, with six of the ten members present supporting it:

For: David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Sharett(Mapai); Peretz Bernstein (General Zionists); Haim-Moshe Shapira (Hapoel HaMizrachi); Mordechai Bentov, Aharon Zisling (Mapam).

Against: Eliezer Kaplan, David Remez(Mapai); Pinchas Rosen (New Aliyah Party); Bechor-Shalom Sheetrit (Sephardim and Oriental Communities).

Chaim Weizmann, chairman of the World Zionist Organization[3] and soon to be the first President of Israel, endorsed the decision, after reportedly asking “What are they waiting for, the idiots?”” (

With all that said, keep that in mind as you read the articles. If you notice anything then feel free to comment.

“The 1,000-foot-wide radio telescope at Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory will take a closer look at a red dwarf star known as Ross 128 after picking up what one astronomer said were “some very peculiar signals” during a 10-minute observing session in May.

“The signals consisted of broadband quasi-periodic non-polarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features,” Abel Mendez, a planetary astrobiologist at the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo, said in an online advisory. Mendez is also director of the Planetary Habitability Laboratory.

Mendez said the signal did not appear to be earthly interference, “since they are unique to Ross 128, and observations of other stars immediately before and after did not show anything similar.”

He said the most likely explanations for the signals are that they’re flare-type emissions from the star, or emissions from another object in the field of view, or a radio burst from a satellite in high orbit.

“Each of the possible explanations has their own problems,” Mendez wrote. He added, “In case you are wondering, the recurrent aliens hypothesis is at the bottom of many other better explanations.”

For what it’s worth, Ross 128, also known as FI Virginis, has served as the setting for several science-fiction stories and video games about alien encounters. It’s a little less than 11 light-years from Earth in the constellation Virgo.

The new round of Arecibo observations is scheduled for Sunday, but Mendez said “there are no guarantees” that those observations will solve the mystery.” (

And this is the actual report that comes from the PHL (Planetary Habitability Laboratory in Arecibo). 

“We are conducting a scientific campaign from the Arecibo Observatory to observe red dwarf star with planets. These observations might provide information about the radiation and magnetic environment around these stars or even hint the presence of new sub-stellar objects including planets. So far, we observed Gliese 436, Ross 128, Wolf 359, HD 95735, BD +202465, V* RY Sex, and K2-18. Only Gliese 436 and K2-18 are known to have planets. Observations were done between April and May 2017 in the C-band (4 to 5 GHz).

Two weeks after these observations, we realized that there were some very peculiar signals in the 10-minute dynamic spectrum that we obtained from Ross 128 (GJ 447), observed May 12 at 8:53 PM AST (2017/05/13 00:53:55 UTC). The signals consisted of broadband quasi-periodic non-polarized pulses with very strong dispersion-like features. We believe that the signals are not local radio frequency interferences (RFI) since they are unique to Ross 128 and observations of other stars immediately before and after did not show anything similar.

We do not know the origin of these signals but there are three main possible explanations: they could be (1) emissions from Ross 128 similar to Type II solar flares, (2) emissions from another object in the field of view of Ross 128, or just (3) burst from a high orbit satellite since low orbit satellites are quick to move out of the field of view. The signals are probably too dim for other radio telescopes in the world and FAST is currently under calibration.

Each of the possible explanations has their own problems. For example, Type II solar flares occur at much lower frequencies and the dispersion suggests a much farther source or a dense electron field (e.g. the stellar atmosphere?). Also, there are no many nearby objects in the field of view of Ross 128 and we have never seen satellites emit bursts like that, which were common in our other star observations. In case you are wondering, the recurrent aliens hypothesis is at the bottom of many other better explanations.

Therefore, we have a mystery here and the three main explanations are as good as any at this moment. Fortunately, we obtained more time to observe Ross 128 next Sunday, July 16, and we might clarify soon the nature of its radio emissions, but there are no guarantees. We will also observe Barnard’s star that day to collaborate with the Red Dots project. Results from our observations will be presented later that week. I have a Piña Colada ready to celebrate if the signals result to be astronomical in nature.

More updates via @ProfAbelMendez, @PlanetaryHabLab, and @NAICObservatory

Hashtag #ross128

UPDATE 2017/07/17: We successfully observed Ross 128 last night from the Arecibo Observatory. It was raining during the observations but this has a minimal effect on the C-band. SETI Berkeley with the Green Bank Telescope and SETI Institute’s ATA joined our observations. We need to get all the data from the other partner observatories to put all things together for a conclusion. Probably by the end of this week.

UPDATE 2017/07/19: We have all the Arecibo data ready to analyze. We are still waiting for the data from the other partner observatories to present a conclusion probably on Friday. This excellent article by Sarah Kaplan gives a personal perspective on this issue.

UPDATE 2017/07/20: The @BerkeleySETI team released an analysis of @GrnBnkTelescope #Listen observations of the star #Ross128 after claim of a possible signal.

UPDATE 2017/07/21: Conclusion: The Weird! Signal.” (

And here is there latest updated report on Ross 128, “The Weird! Signal”.

Last week we distributed a press release announcing the Planetary Habitability Laboratory’s new collaboration with other observatories to study the red dwarf stars Barnard’s Star and Ross 128. We wanted to observe Barnard’s Star because it is a nearby star that might have planets and is currently being observed by the Red Dots project. We also wanted to observe, again, Ross 128 because in our previous observing campaign performed in May 2017 using the Arecibo Observatory we detected some peculiar signals from this star. Our project using the Arecibo Observatory, the world’s most active and most sensitive single-dish radio telescope, was originally aimed at searching for radio emissions from red dwarf stars intended to understand their stellar activity and any star-planet interactions.

Our follow-up observations of Ross 128 got much more attention from the press than we expected, although not necessarily for the right reasons. Based on our observations, we proposed three main explanations for the source of the strange signals from the star: (1) unusual stellar activity, (2) emissions from other background objects, or (3) interference from satellite communications. 

Each of these potential solutions has its own problems, and so the mystery here was that we were not able to accurately distinguish between these working hypotheses. There were other less likely possibilities, such as ground radio interference, data processing errors, among several others.

However, many people were more interested in the signals as potential proof of transmissions from an extraterrestrial intelligent civilization. Statistically, this is always the last consideration, not because such civilizations are impossible, we humans are an example, but because other possibilities had frequently arisen and no extraterrestrial civilizations have been detected yet. Nevertheless, scientists need to be open to all possibilities and explore them. The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is a field of research that is part of astrobiology, and as such pursues finding signatures of life elsewhere in the galaxy. The SETI Berkeley Research Center at the University of California, and the SETI Institute are experts in this field.

There are many other examples where strange signals detected from different observatories resulted in the discovery of new astronomical phenomena or had a mundane explanation. For example, pulsars, which were originally referred to as LGM (Little Green Men), are fast rotating neutron stars. Peryton observations at Parkes Observatory in Australia were later shown to be caused by a malfunctioning microwave oven. Other strange signals are still a mystery, such as the recently detected Fast Radio Bursts (FRB), which the Arecibo Observatory helped to confirm and was essential in establishing their extragalactic origin.

Other unexplained signals, like the Wow! Signal, are commonly cited outside of academia to be proof of extraterrestrial communications. Unexplained here does not mean inexplicable; it just means we are not able to tell which is the precise source from many possibilities. 

This was precisely the case of our signal from Ross 128, which we now call the Weird! Signal. We discussed our results with many other radio astronomers, but came up with no definitive answers. This finally motivated us to request the help from SETI Berkeley and the SETI Institute teams; both of which have a lot of observational experience and know very well the various kinds of terrestrial radio emissions.

Given the attention the story received from the media, we launched a public survey to ask people on the possible explanations of the Weird! Signal. The purpose of this survey was not in any sense to try to solve the mystery, but to involve the public in the excitement of real-time science.

Nine possible explanations for the Weird signal were given to the public in the survey: (1) stellar activity, (2) other astronomical source, (3) a satellite, (4) local interference, (5) instrumental glitch, (6) error in data acquisition, (7) error in data processing or calibration, (8) pattern in noise or (9) signal from aliens (a tenth possibility, “other explanation” was also included). 

Nearly 800 people participated in this informal survey (including more than 60 astronomers); the consensus was that the most likely explanation was either (1) or (2), namely an astronomical phenomenon (see figure below). Causes related to radio interference or instrumental failures were considered most unlikely. This is interesting since in the absence of solid information about the signal, most astronomers would think that these would probably be the most likely explanation.

Also interesting is the fact that a non-negligible number of participants in the Survey (~200) thought the most likely explanation of the signal was that of a communication with an Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI). However, a similar number thought that this would only happen “in our craziest dreams”. Although we do not necessarily share none of these opinions, these results reflect the still high expectations the public has on the possibility of contacting ETI.

After a careful analysis of the observations we performed last Sunday from the Arecibo Observatory, together with SETI Berkeley using the Green Bank Telescope and the SETI Institute’s Allen Telescope Array, we are now confident about the source of the Weird! Signal. The best explanation is that the signals are transmissions from one or more geostationary satellites. This explains why the signals were within the satellite’s frequencies and only appeared and persisted for Ross 128; this star is close to the celestial equator where many geostationary satellites are located. This fact, though, does not yet explain the strong dispersion-like features of the signals (diagonal lines in the figure); however, It is possible that multiple reflections caused these distortions, but we will need more time to explore this and other possibilities.

Location of Geostationary satellites operating between 4-8 GHz in the same region of the sky as Ross 128 (yellow dot).  Credit: Enriquez et al. (SETI Berkeley),

The Planetary Habitability Laboratory of the University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo made many new friends from this experience. We started coordinating efforts with the Red Dots team on their search for planets around nearby stars. We had the cooperation of AAVSO and other observatories with follow-up observations. Our students from the University of Puerto Rico could be involved in the scientific process, attending observations at the Arecibo Observatory and conducting data reduction. Such an experience is invaluable to our future scientists. 

Finally, this was a great experience of open science. Sometimes projects, observational campaigns or missions do not necessarily reach their objectives. The lesson here is that we all need to continue exploring and sharing results openly. Some people prefer to only learn about the successes, but others prefer science in real-time, no matter the end result.
Media Contacts
    Prof. Abel Méndez, Director, PHL @ UPR Arecibo:
    Prof. Jorge Zuluaga, Institute of Physics / FCEN – Universidad de Antioquia:

MAYAK: The Beacon Star

The second story is about the cubesat Russian satellite Mayak that was launched into Earths orbit. This satellite has been called “the brightest star in the sky” even though its not actually a star. They have said that this will make astronomers upset because of the confusion that this isn’t a star but still brighter than any star in the sky. The strange thing about this self proclaimed artificial star is that its shape is a triangle. A silver triangle that is to illuminate the sky. 

The word Mayak means “beacon”. A beacon is a standard or ensign set up on a mountain. The word beacon is used 3 times in scripture. “(To’ren – תֹּ֫רֶן) used as a standard or ensign set on the tops of mountains as a call to the people to assemble themselves for some great national purpose ( Isaiah 30:17 ). In Isaiah 33:23 and Ezekiel 27:5 , the same word is rendered “mast.” ( This word to’ren comes from the word ‘oren (אֹ֫רֶן – fir, cedar) which is spelled identical to Aran (אֲרָן – an Edomite or descendant of Esau). A beacon as mentioned above was a sign “set on the tops of mountains as a call to the people to assemble themselves for some great national purpose”. 

Can you see where this is going as far as the symbolism goes? I think it’s interesting that they just sent this cubesat triangle to space right before this false sign of September. It reminds me of the star of Bethlehem leading the magi to Israel to see the Messiah. Is this what this brightest psuedo star is doing? Leading these modern day magi to see who this triangle star is pointing to? Is this a mockery of the star of Bethlehem or just some satellite that just so happens to be shaped like a triangle?

And I want to bring these pictures of these illuminati cards back up again. I’ve went over this in my book but I’ll give a quick rundown of it again. Some believe that the head of Osiris (or Horus on depending who you ask) is respresented as the capstone on the top of the pyramid. And some believe that the eye on the pyramid is the eye of Horus representing the wedjat. They think that this head or capstone will eventually be placed on the pyramid establishing this final Antichrist systems 8th kingdom. Its an interesting theory. So look at these cards below. It just reminded me of this Mayak or beacon star. 

I understand the card is of a meteor strike but if you have been following my stuff for a while then you know that according to Jewish kabbalists, that meteors welcome in the time of Jacobs trouble which in Christian thought brings about this man of Sin. Its just something to think about. Is this his beacon or sign heralding in the coming false birth sign?

Before I go on I want you to notice their website at Mayak. Notice how it is spelled. MARK. I thought that was interesting. Here are the reports on Mayak.

“The small satellite is in the form of a cubesat, roughly the size of a loaf of bread. It will be launched on a Soyuz 2.1v vehicle on Friday, July 14, from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, as a secondary payload. The project, led by Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University (MAMI), raised more than $30,000 on Russian crowdfunding website Boomstarter.

Once in orbit, about 600 kilometers (370 miles) high, the satellite is designed to unfurl a giant pyramid-shaped solar reflector. The goal is for this satellite to shine brighter than any other star in the night sky. To do this, its reflector made of Mylar will span 16 square meters (170 square feet) and is apparently 20 times thinner than human hair. The mission is also acting as a technology demonstration, to test how to brake satellites in orbit and de-orbit them.

Based on our previous calculations, we think it’s going to shine with a magnitude (a measure of brightness) of about -3.6. This would make it the fourth brightest object in the sky after the Sun, the Moon, and Venus. Other reports put it as bright as a magnitude of -10, which would make it brighter than Venus.

While it might be an interesting project, that’s not necessarily a good thing. A lot of astronomy programmes rely on seeing the whole night sky, and having an errant star drift across could pose problems.” (

“A Russian Soyuz rocket has successfully launched a controversial satellite into orbit, which will become one of our brightest stars in a few days – and may hamper astronomical observations.

The satellite is called Mayak, developed by Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University (MAMU) and funded with $30,000 through Russian crowdfunding website Boomstarter. We first learned about it back in early 2016, and on Friday, July 14, it launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan along with 72 other satellites.

“The satellite launch was good, and we are waiting for NORAD [North American Aerospace Defense Command] to track it,” Alexander Panov from Mayak told IFLScience. “Roscosmos reported that everything was as planned, without any additional info.”

The satellite will remain in orbit for at least a month, although at such a high altitude, there’s a possibility it could stay there for many more months if it’s orbit does not properly degrade as planned. By their calculations, the company says it will shine with a magnitude of -10, third only to the Sun and the Moon. Our calculations suggest it will be -3, making it the fourth brightest object in the night sky after Venus.” (

“On July 14, an amateur group in Russia launched a small satellite called Mayak. They said it would become the “brightest shooting star” in the sky. Why’d they do it? Here’s how to look for it. 

A team of young Russians – led by Moscow State Mechanical Engineering University (MAMI) – managed to raise more than $30,000 on Russian crowdfunding website Boomstarter, in order to launch their own small satellite. The satellite is called Mayak, which means beacon in English. It’s a cubesat, roughly the size of a loaf of bread. And it’s up there. Mayak went into space on July 14, 2017, as part of a secondary payload, launched on a Soyuz 2.1v vehicle from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. It’ll be orbiting Earth, about 370 miles (600 km) high, for the coming month. It’s supposed to be very, very bright, so bright that it would, supposedly, ruin night skies and threaten astronomy.

Satellite tracking websites like Heavens Above are already trying to follow it, hoping to offer information on Mayak’s passes over various parts of the world. Heavens Above commented: A new small satellite has just been launched which will deploy a large reflector once in orbit and has the potential to be very bright. We now have a provisional orbit from Space-Track which you can use to generate predictions. Please note that the magnitude estimates are possibly very inaccurate until actual observations are reported.

The small satellite’s brightness is designed to come from a giant pyramid-shaped solar reflector, which would be unfurled once in space. This large light reflector might not be unfurled yet; we don’t know. The reflector is made of Mylar and is designed to span 170 square feet (16 square meters) and is reportedly 20 times thinner than human hair. Inspiration isn’t the satellite’s only purpose. The mission is also meant to act as a technology demonstration, to perform real-life tests on how to brake satellites in orbit and de-orbit them, without the need for a booster. And it’s meant to collect data about atmospheric density at high altitudes.” (

More reports on Mayak:

You can track Mayak here


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