The Sounding of the False Trumpets

Do you remember all of the strange sounds across the world that have been heard. Eerily reminiscent of a horn or trumpet being blown. Jesus has His trump sounding at His return and wouldn’t you think Satan will try to have his trumpet for deception purposes? But is it just to confuse people and to deceive then? I think there is more to it.

Here is the full quote from the text below. “CONCERNING OSIRIS AND DIONYSUS XXXV. 1. That, however, he is the same as Dionysus—who should know better than thou thyself, O Klea, who art Archi-charila 5 of the Thyiades at Delphi,

p. 311

and wast dedicated to the Osiriaca before thou wert born? 1 But if for the sake of others we must quote testimonies, let us leave the things that must not be spoken of in their proper place. 2. The rites, however, which the priests perform in burning the Apis, when they transport its body on a raft, in no way fall short of a Bacchic Orgy. For they put on fawn-skins and carry thyrsuses, 2 and shout and dance just like those inspired at celebrations of the Mysteries of Dionysus. 3. Wherefore many of the Greeks make Dionysus also bull-formed; while the women of the Eleians invoke him praying “the god with the bull’s foot to come” to them. 4. The Argives, moreover, give Dionysus the epithet of “bull-born,” and they call him up out of the water with the sound of trumpets, casting a lamb into the abyss for the Gate-keeper. 3 The trumpets they hide in thyrsi, as Socrates has said in his “[Books] on Rites.” 4

5. The Titanic [Passions] also and the [Dionysian] Night-rites agree with what we are told about the tearings-in-pieces and revivings and palingeneses of Osiris; and similarly the [stories] of the burials.

p. 312

6. For both Egyptians point to tombs of Osiris everywhere, as has been said, 1 and [also] Delphians believe the relics of Dionysus are deposited with them by the side of the Oracle, and the Holy Ones offer an offering, of which we must not speak, in the fane of Apollo, when the Thyiades awake “Him of the winnowing fan.” 7. And that Greeks consider Dionysus to be lord and prince not only of wine, but of every moist nature, Pindar witnesses sufficiently when he sings: May gladsome Dionysus make the pasturage of trees to grow—Pure light of autumn. 2

8. For which cause also they who give worship to Osiris are forbidden to destroy a cultivated tree or to stop up a water-source.”

There is a lot there but I want you to look at 3 & 4 specifically. This is similar to what Revelation 20 says about Satan coming up from out of the abyss or bottomless pit. They called him out of the water (sea) by sounding the trumpets and offering as lamb for a sacrifice to the “Gate-Keeper”. Now are you catching all of that? Now look at 6. The Egyptians believe that Osiris had tombs “everywhere”. Are there 13 of them? And is this why these sounds are being all over? I could go on but this will get you started.

Are they sounding the trumpet for the abyss to be opened and the restraint to be taken out of the way?  I think only a few will really get this reference.

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