Has Virgo and Jupiter become Isis and Horus in these last days?

We know that the sign in Revelation 12:1 wad fulfilled at the birth of Jesus in 3 AD. This is a fact. People can refuse to believe but that is usually based on there bad interpretation of the Book of Revelation itself. Not to mention bad exegesis through out the rest of Scripture. The sign... Continue Reading →

Jupiter’s Keystone

Before I talk about what I originally wanted to, I want to bring up this article that also questioned what the Arch of Triumph was made out of. Its a very interesting article and I am going to post the whole thing. This is an update from a previous paper on what the Arch was... Continue Reading →

The goddess Sindrome

The 9/23 Cult (that's what they are now) believes that when women like Beyonce or Ivanka are seen with the symbolism of Revelation 12:1 Sign, they believe its a satanic mockery of God. The problem is this, its a false sign when you think it is a future event and has nothing to do with... Continue Reading →

The Bisons Eclipse

I suggest if you haven't yet, please read my paper on the August 21st eclipse. Then you can get an idea of where I stand on this event. You can read it here. I came across an advertisement from the US Department of Interior for the eclipse on August 21st. Their logo is a bison so... Continue Reading →

The “Sacred” Name Game

I saw an interesting post from John Thomas Kerind this morning with a Catholic Bible with an all seeing eye and the name yahweh. "You guys won't believe this but I was unboxing my grandfather's old keepsake's box and he had a Catholic "Bible" from 1963. On the first page was a bunch of occultic... Continue Reading →

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