The False 9\23 Pillars in the Heavens

I came across something Manly P. Hall wrote in regards to what is called the “World Virgin”. She sits or sometimes stands inbetween the two pillars of Jachin and Boaz in Freemasonic pictures. I won’t get into it but they get those symbolism from Solomon’s Temple that was in Jerusalem. Before I give you some qoutes, it just made me think of this Revelation 12:1 sign that some believe is happening on September 23rd. We have already seen the number 33 thrown around in regards to this false sign and we know what 33 means to occultists. My thought was this…are we seeing this symbolism of the two pillars and the virgin that is revered in Freemasonry happening on 9/23? Look at the symbolism of a Master Mason ie 33rd Degree.

In these pictures you can see the “World Virgin” inbetween the two pillars and as you will see below, the “World Virgin” represents Isis. I thought I would then over lay the screenshot from Stellarium on top of this Masonic symbolism.

Notice the comet also

The images above fit perfectly with these Masonic pictures. The problem is this, I have to make the Stellarium image upside down to fit the pillars as the Masonic pictures have them. Most images have Boaz the Sun on the left and Jachin the Moon on the right. Does any of this mean anything? I’m not sure but who knows, maybe these occultists are seeing something we all aren’t.

“The World Virgin is sometimes shown standing between two great pillars–the Jachin and Boaz of Freemasonry–symbolizing the fact that Nature attains productivity by means of polarity. As wisdom personified, Isis stands between the pillars of opposites, demonstrating that understanding is always found at the point of equilibrium and that truth is often crucified between the two thieves of apparent contradiction.

The sheen of gold in her dark hair indicates that while she is lunar, her power is due to the sun’s rays, from which she secures her ruddy complexion. As the moon is robed in the reflected light of the sun, so Isis, like the virgin of Revelation, is clothed in the glory of solar luminosity…The ancients believed that the universal sperm proceeded from warm vapor, humid but fiery. The veiled Isis, whose very coverings represent vapor, is symbolic of this humidity, which is the carrier or vehicle for the sperm life of the sun, represented by a child in her arms. Because the sun, moon, and stars in setting appear to sink into the sea and also because the water receives their rays into itself, the sea was believed to be the breeding ground for the sperm of living things. This sperm is generated from the combination of the influences of the celestial bodies; hence Isis is sometimes represented as pregnant.” (

“A woman is sitting between two pillars. She represents the subconscious mind, a Shekinah, female presence of the divine. Pillars are black and white, obviously pointing to their different origin. She sits between them, impartial to both of them. She is balancing opposite forces serving as a bridge between the two. The curtain behind her connects the pairs. The letters on the pillars are B and J. The B is symbolic of the number 2 falling as the second letter in the alphabet. The letter J is the 10th letter in the alphabet, in numerology, this is reduced to 1. So on the pillars we have the numbers 1 and 2. This is symbolic of male and female, the two opposites. The card itself is numbered 2, indicating its female nature. Also, “B” as Boaz and “J” as Jachin were two copper, brass or bronze pillars which stood in the porch of Solomon’s Temple, the first Temple in Jerusalem. The pillars bore decorations of brass lilies, the lillies are very frequent motif in the Major Arcana. The High Priestess is holding a scroll of knowledge, but only part of it is showed, at least a part of knowledge is hidden.” (

“She has the lunar crescent at her feet, a horned diadem on her head, with a globe in the middle place, and a large solar cross on her breast. The scroll in her hands is inscribed with the word Tora, signifying the Greater Law, the Secret Law and the second sense of the Word. It is partly covered by her mantle, to shew that some things are implied and some spoken. She is seated between the white and black pillars–J. and B.–of the mystic Temple, and the veil of the Temple is behind her: it is embroidered with palms and pomegranates. The vestments are flowing and gauzy, and the mantle suggests light–a shimmering radiance. She has been called occult Science on the threshold of the Sanctuary of Isis, but she is really the Secret Church, the House which is of God and man. She represents also the Second Marriage of the Prince who is no longer of this world; she is the spiritual Bride and Mother, the daughter of the stars and the Higher Garden of Eden. She is, in fine, the Queen of the borrowed light, but this is the light of all. She is the Moon nourished by the milk of the Supernal Mother. In a manner, she is also the Supernal Mother herself–that is to say, she is the bright reflection. It is in this sense of reflection that her truest and highest name in bolism is Shekinah–the co-habiting glory. According to Kabalism, there is a Shekinah both above and below. In the superior world it is called Binah, the Supernal Understanding which reflects to the emanations that are beneath. In the lower world it is MaIkuth–that world being, for this purpose, understood as a blessed Kingdom that with which it is made blessed being the Indwelling Glory. Mystically speaking, the Shekinah is the Spiritual Bride of the just man, and when he reads the Law she gives the Divine meaning. There are some respects in which this card is the highest and holiest of the Greater Arcana. – The Pictorial Key to the Tarot, by A.E. Waite

Arch of Triumph, 9/23 False Sign and the Two Pillars

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