Irma: Breaking Her Water in Jupiter?

(9/4/17) Everyone is projecting Irma, who they are saying could become a Cat 6 by the the time it finds land, to hit somewhere on the East Coast. Some models are projecting it to hit the Carolinas or as far North as New York, but some project it to stay South and hit Florida. 

Then I saw this tonight (9/4/17). 

The Governor is getting prepared and already proclaiming a State of Emergency. Now the interesting thing about the model hitting Florida is that it would be at the Southern tip of the state if it makes landfall. And guess what is at the Southern part of Florida? Jupiter. Could you imagine if Irma the war goddess hits Jupiter. And it’s expected to hit landfall on Saturday the 9th. Breaking the waters around September 9-11. No one would even expect that to happen now would they. Now we just wait and see where it actually hits. “Scott’s emergency declaration mentions that weather models predict Irma will “head into the Straits of Florida as a major hurricane,” then “travel up the entire spine” of the state.”

(9/5/17) I’m telling you. The irony of this is almost funny if this hurricane wasn’t going to tear peoples lives apart. Look at the latest red line on the “spaghetti” model. Watch for that over. If it sticks then not only does it hit Jupiter it will hit South Carolina. The tail end of the eclipse. 

Here is another one for you that I’ve talked about before. IT the movie opens Thursday nationwide but there is a clown scarier than Pennywise. His name is Twisty the Clown and guess where this dude comes from. You guessed it…Jupiter, Florida. And the new season of American Horror Story comes out today (9/5/17) called Cult. Its centered on Twisty and his cult of clowns. (

I also came across some videos where a guy makes an interesting case that Nephilim look like and are connected to clowns. Here is one of his videos.

Like I said, I feel bad for these people in Florida because they could list everything but I feel worse for these people who are already spititually dead believing the Rev 12 Jupiter 9/23 sign nonsense. “And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Matthew 10:28



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