Mighty Counselor World Ruler or just Ronald McDonald for short

I watched a few videos on a guys theory about clowns resembling Nephilim. If you didn’t know by now, Nephilim are the offspring of women and angels (Genesis 6) and they were called giants or mighty men. It’s an interesting theory that I think may hold water (no pun intended to the Genesis flood).

I started looking at clowns and have always wondered why and how clowns could get in the psyche of people and terrify them. I think the most famous clown in our modern time is Ronald McDonald. Let’s talk about him for a second. The etymology of this name is interesting especially knowing a clown had nothing to do with a fast food restaurant. Ronald means “mighty counselor” and McDonald means “world ruler”. Mac or Mc can also mean son. Mighty Counselor: Son of the World Ruler. The is a play on Jesus the Wonderful Counselor (Isaiah 9:6) and the King of Kings (Revelation 19:16). This representation could only mean that Ronnie is a type of Tammuz (some say means ‘to set on heat‘) whose father was Nimrod the mighty hunter. Tammuz was another name for Horus and Apollo. So its a petty strange banner to give to a made up clown that serves happy meals to kids right? Not unless this all symbolizes something else.

The logo is another story. The Golden Arches has been said to be more “recognisable than the Christian cross” and it too had a hidden agenda. The arches actually represented a pair of womens breasts (your mother’s to be exact). No joke, I’m not even making this up nor would I want to. An early advertising slogan was “Give Mom a Night Off”. The breast symbolism in my opinion represents Artemis (twin sister of Apollo) the mother goddess that had all the breasts to suckle her children. She is also known as the Harlot. Here is another view on the arches that connect the number 13 and the Royal Arch Degree.

I wonder if the original design of the arches were designed to look like a temple? Just a thought. “The “Golden Arches” were originally two separate arches located on either side of the super-modern (at the time) buildings constructed by the founders of McDonald’s, Dick and Mac McDonald. All original McDonald’s locations had these arches on either side, and they were the brainchild of none other than Mac McDonald…In desperation, the brothers sketched out a rough approximation of what they were looking for – a building with a half-circle on either side – and brought it to an architect named Stanley Clark Meston, who streamlined the arches into tapered parabolas. 

The design stuck, and the end result was revolutionary for the time. When McDonald’s decided to do away with the design in the early 1960s, design head Jim Schindler took his inspiration from thoe already-famous arches to design the earliest version of the company’s logo (below): an abstract view of a McDonald’s location from an angle, with the two arches lined up to form an “M” and the roof bisecting it. Over the years, it morphed into the logo we recognize today.” (https://www.thedailymeal.com/eat/story-behind-mcdonald-s-golden-arches-amazing)

Now if you think about McDonalds for a second you may have been aware that they had to do a facelift of sorts because they had gotten accused of having human DNA in their food. They had become known as McFetus to some people. Why in the world would McDonald’s have human dna in their food? Well its simple actually. Think about the Nephilim who were cannibals obviously eating humans ie human DNA. It may sound crazy and it does but there is proof about Mickey D’s serving up “people“. In their defense and the world renowned debunking team of Snopes, they say its just hair or fingernails. Oook. 👍It’s not that far fetched anymore especially with the company Senomyx putting their artificial flavoring in everything nowadays. Read this

Not a real deep fried fetus…

Another interesting fact is that McDonald’s was funded by Freemasonic money. This comes from the movie ‘The Founder’ that came out in 2016 about how McDonald’s came about. You can also read here about the Masonic history of the originators of McDonald’s and Ray Kruk. Notice how the arches actually look like Angel wings behind Keaton.

I just thought this was all too strange. So keep shoving MacDonalds down your throats.


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