America’s Yin and Yang, Fire and Water for 9/11

I think what is going on right now in the United States has some serious spiritual implications to it. There is major deception going on and it will affect all of us. Today I saw NOAA’s 6-10 day tempature forecast for the U.S. for September 7-11. 

I like how its for 7/11 too, like this is supposed to bring some sort of luck to us. I think its just the opposite. Right now these occultists are waiting for this spiritual birthing to take place of this Antichrist spirit on Sept. 9th & 23rd. It’s not 2 seperate births but it’s a false birth and a false sign. These two events should coincide together if they were real, Biblically speaking. But they don’t. You almost have this duality symbolism taking place here (you’ll understand why I said that in a minute). The Eclipse started the ball in motion and now the water is breaking for this spiritual birthing and we can see this with Harvey the blazing iron, then Irma the goddess of war, them Kiata the virgin and finally ramping things up with Jose or Joseph “God who increases”. 

I want you to go back to this NOAA forcast that’s dated for September 7-11. This is a time when a lot of things are taking place. It will be not only Irma making landfall and causing chaos but the 16th anniversary of 9/11 and Jupiter leaves the womb of Virgo on 9/9. Spiritually speaking there are a few bad things happening at this time. Now notice the picture. Do you see that the country is half red and half blue? Evidently this is some sort of anomaly and this is a reason why we are having the storms and heat waves we are having according to Dane Wiggins. He also points out that this is all man made and caused by HAARP. I don’t deny that one bit but GOD is still allowing it to happen. His video is at the end of this blog.

Let me quickly point out that this above model was then down off of the NOAA site and a new one is up for the following week. And by taken down I mean you can’t see it again. 

Back to the colors. My first thought when seeing this model was the occult yin and yang fire and water symbolism. Now this yin and yang symbol is represented as duality. The good and evil coming together. The divine feminine and masculine becoming one. It also represents fire and water. 

They believe you can’t have one of these without the other. They also believe that there is a transformation that takes place within a person who achieves this yin and yang fire and water nonsense. “Yin and yang are the law of Heaven and Earth, the outline of everything, the parents of change, the origin of birth and destruction” (

In one word I think this symbol is best described as “oneness”. That’s what the New World Order is calling for. Four everyone to become one. The need the order to come from chaos and this is what we are seeing here symbolically with half of the United States red whole the other half is blue. We have a spiritual yin and yang, fire and water manufactured here in this model. 

And this oneness of the yin and yang is actually called The Alchemical Marriage. “When the masculine and feminine  truly become one, all duality ceases to exist.

“The Alchemical Marriage is the most sublime and potent expression of the Union of Duality. It represents the ultimate conjunction, or intimate bonding, of all aspects of duality and represents the pure harmony which can exist when the masculine and feminine aspects of Nature are solemnly blended into One.
Symbolically, the Alchemical Marriage is expressed in many different ways. Some examples are: A naked man and woman sharing a passionate physical embrace which entwines all parts of their bodies. In such instances the man is wearing the crown of a king and the woman is wearing the crown of a queen. Sometimes the man has the face of the sun and the woman has the face of the moon. And other times the sun may appear over the body of the man while the moon appears over the body of the woman.

Not always do we find the man and woman being portrayed as sharing a passionate embrace. Often we see them, again both naked, either holding hands or simply looking at each other with a longing gaze. Again, in these instances the man may be either wearing the crown of a king, be portrayed with the face of the sun, or have the sun displayed above his head. While the woman may be wearing the crown of a queen, be portrayed with the face of the moon or have the moon displayed above her head.

In other instances both the man and woman may be clothed in the garments of magicians and bonded together by a cord or have a bird, which represents the Uniting Spirit, hovering above and between them in the appearance of giving spiritual blessing to their sublime Union. In these instances the man may be wearing a garment of red or gold, which represents his solar aspects, while the woman may be wearing a garment of white or silver which represents her lunar aspects.
And yet, in other instances, we may find an androgynous figure representing the Union of Duality which is at the heart of the Alchemical Marriage. An androgynous figure is one in which both the masculine and feminine are portrayed in one body. This can be depicted by way of a single a body which contains both the head of a man and the head of a woman.  An androgynous figure can also be one whose facial features can appear to be either masculine, feminine or both at the same time.

Jupiter Serapis and Isis

There are still other ways in which the Alchemists portrayed the Alchemical Marriage but they all contain the same themes as mentioned above. We also find the Union of Duality, which again is at the heart of the Alchemical Marriage, in other ancient and mystical teachings.

The Chinese yin and yang Symbol depicts both the yin and yang essences perfectly balanced, and in union with each other, while Harmoniously enclosed within the womb of the circle.

In the Tarot, we find the Alchemical Marriage (Union of Duality) expressed in the card of “The Lovers”. Androgynous figures also appear in astrology, mythology and  the Tarot. In mythology and astrology the Greek god Hermes and the Roman god Mercury are portrayed as androgynous beings. Hermes and Mercury are later day representations of Thoth, the ancient Egyptian Neter of whom it was said “contained the wisdom of the heavens and all that is contained within the heavens”.

In the Tarot we find the concept of androgyny portrayed in the character of “The Fool”.


The Symbolism of the Total Solar Eclipse:
The ultimate example of the Alchemical Marriage, and the Union of Duality, which can be actually observed and experienced in the physical realm is that rare and perfect conjunction of the sun and moon which we call the Total Solar Eclipse.

During a Total Solar Eclipse the moon completely covers, and entirely unites with, the sun. In that brief and rare moment the moon and sun occupy the exact same point in the heavens. In that one brief and rare moment the moon and sun, the cosmic feminine and masculine, are Symbolically and celestially One.
And In that final and brief cosmic moment, when the moon and sun unite in the heavens as One, a flash of solar brilliance shoots forth from the sun’s corona Symbolizing that orgasmic cosmic moment when the sun and the moon, the masculine and feminine aspects of the heavens, experience their blissful Union of Duality in a magnificent consummation of their celestial Alchemical Marriage.” – Joseph Panek (

Now there is a lot to digest here in relation to this Alchemical Marriage symbolism. We just had an eclipse going across the country from West to East and within a week Harvey hit Texas and the West heated up. I was informed that this fire water symbolism was advertised with the 8/21/17 eclipse.

Ironically this 2024 eclipse that cuts through this latest eclipse will also start in Texas. And look at the path of this eclipse. I understand that they don’t match but its awfully close.

Also think about the push for transgenderism in relation to this Alchemical Marriage. “An androgynous figure can also be one whose facial features can appear to be either masculine, feminine or both at the same time”.

A Call For An Uprising (above) did a quick video on this yin and yang that I suggest you watch. He points out that it is used in sorcery and witchcraft. The yin and yang also represents the Sun and the Moon and this immediately brought me back to this false Rev 12 sign happening on 9/23. This original sign itself is not false but to make it anything other than the birth if Jesus, then that makes the 9/23 sign false. This brings me to a new video Scott Clarke posted. A man named “Zurby” did a piece of art for him interpreting the Rev 12 sign. Notice that it actually looks like the fire water yin and yang symbolism. And in the “middle path” is Jupiter. Notice how the Sun is in water and represents the masculine while the moon is in the fire representing the feminine. And then there’s the dragon. Personally it looks occultic to me and this symbolism doesn’t help matters.

Here is the video.

I can’t verify that’s what that name means

Also watch this video below. Its a strange coded video but notice the yin and yang sign at the beginning with the man and woman in it. The woman sits in Virgo while the man sits in Pisces. The goddess is represented by Virgo while Pisces is represented by Jesus Christ and the false christ. In this case we have the false christ. Notice Pisces is ruled by Jupiter/Neptune and Virgo by Mercury. Go back and reference my Mummy review to get a better understanding of why that is important. This is there divine feminine and masculine in the occult once again.

And here are a few things I want to bring up. NASA just put up new pictures of Jupiter.  Notice the red and blue symbolism. Coincidence? It may be but strange timing if I might say so. Let me also add that red can represent Saturn and Mars while blue represents Jupiter and Mercury in the occult.

Above is the Osiris cryogenic program yang this symbolism. Also notice this black and white symbolism at the Mars Camp in Jordan.

So what do you think? Is there a reason why NOAA posted this model and then took it down? Are we seeing there occult duality rituals being played out not only with this symbolism but are they performing witchcraft to get it done? Is this connected to 9/9-11 & 9/23 false sign? And why does America look like a yin and yang fire and water sign at this point in history? You decide for yourself what it all means.

Go to the 5 minute mark in regards to what this model actually means.

UPDATE: And this popped up in my news feed today (9/7/17). I do not care for Lance Wallnau or The Elijah List just to make it known.

And the yin and yang fire and water has always been prevelant in the United States, we just never noticed. And remember, red and blue make purple. Purple represents the occult and hidden things. Read this to better understand the color purple.

Even something as “harmless” as Pepsi has this red/blue duality that comes together when you drink it. Read my paper on Senomyx and HEK 293 and you will see that this is actually genetically modifying people in one way or another. Hek 293 is a artificial flavor that is put into food and drink that is made from aborted fetus cells. And notice the 293. 923. 9/23. September 23rd. I’ve been saying all along that this is a spiritual war we have going on and 9/23 represents this war. You are seeing this duality conning to fruition where 2 become 1 and these new age occultist believe they will transcend to some sort of better “human”. 

It’s all connected one way or another. The clown agenda, Nephilim (but I do believe it is people just being possessed by the ancient spirits which is an Antichrist spirit), the Nephilim (giants) ate human flesh and were cannibals like us unknowingly ie HEK 293. These crazy fires and heat waves and hurricanes all at once in America. Symbolism is key here and the occultists have more in what they are doing than most so called Christians in the United States. And why is this all happening in the United States. Because we are the biggest proponent of this false 923 sign. This is what we get for promoting falsehood and denying scriptural truth. 

“The new image is an elite narration of the balance of power having been disrupted with an increase in red. The implication is that the elite agenda is unfolding to a more “red” (violence, destruction, rage) present and future, and less of the “blue”.”

As I was updating this blog something hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m just going to go ahead and say it here. We know this Rev 12 sign to be false as far as it happening on 9/23. It happened on the birth of Jesus at 3bc on 9/11. So there is no double fulfilment. This false sign has some serious implications whether we physically can see anything hasten on this day or not. Something will happen. Now I’m starting to see the kick off point for this ancient Antichrist spirit which is nothing more than an ancient Nephilim spirit being based on 9/23. I have said all along that this date is bringing in the Antichrist spirit. I have showed you how clowns are connected to all of this with representing what Nephilim looked like. I have showed you the duality symbolism with two becoming one, heaven meeting earth, spirit connects with man symbolism. We see it with the tempature of the country at this time including the fire and the water symbolism. Hurricanes are even showing is things. But something hit me. Its a spiritual thing that’s going on. This change will happen spiritually first then it will become something that we can physically see. Transgenderism is the new purple. Do you get it? 

People are changing not only spiritually but physically. And here is what I saw. HEK 293. It’s in just about everything we eat and drink. Its labeled as artificial flavoring but its really aborted kidney cells. This is no joke. And notice what its called. HEK probably a play on Hecate. She is the triple goddess and holds two torches and keys. She is Artemis and Isis. She was associated with witchcraft and scorcery and had the knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants. She was ruler over the earth, sea and sky. She was the saviour, mother of angels and the cosmic world soul. Hecate comes from Hekatos which was am epithet of Apollo. She was the goddess of child birth!! And then there is 293. The number of death 23 split inbetween by the number of the beast 9. 6+6+6=18 is 1+8=9. There secret number of Lucifer. And you have 293 split by this duality of 9. The androgynous transgender of baphomet. So you the the duality of all of this away and two become one you gets this…9/23. HEK-293 isn’t just an agenda. It is their end game. To make everyone into a priest of Isis which was the transgender agenda before it was on FOX News. This is the new evolution for these Luciferians and I am almost sure that it spiritually begins on 9/23. Remember the Arch? I believe its representing Isis searching for the final piece of her husband/brother Osiris and I think its getting closer. They are invoking this ancient Nephilim spirit. The Antichrist spirit. 

This is your lady liberty and she now wants to be paid back for what she has given you over all these years. Get right with Jesus. Repent, confess your sins, believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is LORD. HE is the King of Kings. Do it before its too late.

Here is what Hek 293 is really about. “Aborted cells are used in the development of artificial flavor enhancers by biotech company Senomyx, with which PepsiCo signed a four-year, $30 million agreement in 2010 for research and development. No Pepsi products containing Senonymx flavor enhancers should be expected until 2013. Senomyx’s disputed cell line is HEK-293, derived from the kidney cells of an aborted baby. We could go into the weeds at this point, but Wikipedia offers an easy explanation:

Senomyx develops patented flavor enhancers by using “proprietary taste receptor-based assay systems.” These receptors are made from HEK293. HEK stands for Human Embryonic Kidney cells. These cells, which were cloned, originally came from healthy, electively aborted human embryos. Using information from the human genome sequence, Senomyx has identified hundreds of taste receptors and currently owns 113 patents on their discoveries.” (

Here are some other great examples using this blue/red duality


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