Jupiter’s Birth (9/9/17) and Scottie Clarke’s Born Again

Some sects of the 923 cult believes that Jupiter is born today (9/9/17). And by Jupiter they mean the church who will be raptured today by 4 am Central time. I’m not even joking. You see, Stanley Kubrick wasn’t an idiot when he made the movies 2001 and 2010. He was 7 years early for a reason. The baby in the 2010 poster is a reborn or born again David Bowman. He becomes a Star Child that was “born again” because of Jupiter. David means beloved and was a King. Bowman means archer and the archer is symbolised through Nimrod the Mighty Hunter. David Bowman is repesented as Nimrod/Osiris who died and then was resurrected as a Star Child Tammuz/Horus with the help of Jupiter and its stargates. 

Let me say it again. He became a Star Child that was “born again” because of Jupiter. Scottie Clarke has a false teaching that claims you are born again at the rapture and the church as a whole is represented as the man-child of Rev 12 which is Jupiter. According to some (and him?), the church is born today (or depending on who you ask maybe the 23rd). Doesn’t Clarke’s false teaching sound a lot like Kubricks 2010? If you need to read his convoluted false teaching for yourself, I posted it in full from his Facebook page. Feel free to message him on FB but beware, he won’t debate you because he claims that specifically goes against Scripture. He must’ve missed the part about not teaching false doctrine. Here is his false doctrine. Enjoy.

The church was NOT “born” at Pentecost. The cart has been before the horse. In researching the true meaning of the Revelation 12 sign, I discovered some major semantics errors in Christian doctrines that once rightly divided and corrected have put all the pieces together. Conception and gestation precede birth. We do not see these before Pentecost in Acts 2.

The church was CONCEIVED at Pentecost. The church age is our gestation period. The rapture is our birth when we will be born again. The term, “born again” interpreted as individual salvation is also incorrect. Salvation is salvation. “Born again” is a promise and the future result of salvation.

The Holy Spirit conceived Yahshua within Mary (Matt. 1:18). He is our Headship (Col. 1:18). The Holy Spirit conceived a new creation, the Body (church) in Jerusalem. We were all born of flesh and water and into sin, but we must be born of the Spirit, born from above (John 3:3) to enter Heaven (John 3:5-6)

Born of water is the earthly man. Born of Spirit is a new creation, the Heavenly man. We are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17), as is a baby before it leaves the womb. Life begins at conception, not birth. Born again, born from above – is only for those who have been conceived from above as Yahshua was.

The Head was conceived from above, the Body was conceived from above. But no believer has been born again in real time … YET. Just because someone may “feel” they had a “born again experience” does not equate to an actual birth. These are simply emotions to which false semantics have been applied.

The moment of salvation is corrected to be a personal Holy Spirit CONCEPTION, when a person is also incorporated into the Body of all believers, the Body of Yahshua. After personal salvation (conception) when the Holy Spirit enters  an individual, one begins their personal spiritual growth (gestation) along with the corporate Body already in effect. The finale of the gestation is the changing from corruptible to incorruptible at the new birth (1 Cor. 15:52; 2 Peter 1:23).

“Born again” is a future prophecy just like Eph. 2:6 which states that we are seated in heaven with Messiah, which of course we are not. We are still on earth. These may be stated in what seems to be present terms, but they are not. They are future. They are promises. There are numerous scriptures written this way. Similarly, if one buys tickets online to a sports event, the individual may say he “has” tickets, but in reality the tickets are waiting for him at the gate. He only need show proof of identification to receive them at his arrival on game day. His email receipt is a legal promise. The Holy Spirit is YOUR legal promise.

All this said, I must make an important point. This can be a tricky subject because of a perspective distinction. We are discussing here from the perspective of earth time, real time – the timeline of the church. From Elohim’s perspective, who sees the end from the beginning, we are already born into heaven and seated with Messiah on the throne. From our perspective, in real time – we are not there yet. The rapture is our second birth when our gestation is complete and we are born into heaven after being changed so that we are able to be received there.

The bottom line: Major prophetic events happen on the feast days. They are Appointments of Yahshua which He will personally fulfill.

Conception – Pentecost (Acts 2:3-4)

Gestation – Church Age

Birth – Trumpets (Rev. 12:5)

This is what the Revelation 12 sign seems to be telling us. It is on the Feast of Trumpets in 2017 and we seem to be at the end of the church age! When I questioned all of this and rightly divided it, the timeline of the church was revealed as to who we are – a child ready to be born. These “cart before the horse” semantics have been a stumbling block to the church, who never understood the true language of these verses or the great birth story. 

Now we do.

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Shalom, Scottie Clarke erfministries.com

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What is “born again”? Salvation via belief? It never made any sense the way it was taught to us because they taught it backwards. The truth might blow your mind because it is so obvious once you see it. I just received a question under my latest video about this topic and thought I would share my answer. This may rub you wrong for a minute but keep reading. I believe I can show you how this  “born again” idea has been totally misunderstood. Enjoy!

Question: It would seem that these two verses below contradict what you are saying. Are you saying that the believer is currently NOT born again? What do these verses proclaim?

1 John 5:1 Whoever believes that Jesus is the Christ is born of God, and whoever loves the Father loves the child born of Him.

1 John 5:4-5 For whoever is born of God overcomes the world; and this is the victory that has overcome the world. Who is the one who overcomes the world, but he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God?

Answer: Firstly, being born again (a second time) is not some mystical, exclusively spiritual experience as we have been led to believe. It is both spiritual AND physical – being changed from mortal to immortal.

A birth cannot take place solely spiritually. It always takes place with a spirit within a body. A body without a spirit is a dead body. And a spirit without a body cannot be born. This works for both a first and a second birth. Messiah said that unless one is born of both water (first birth) AND Spirit (second birth) he is unable to enter the reign of Elohim (John 3:5). These are two distinct births. The first is a natural human birth on earth, and at the second birth one immediately enters into the reign of Elohim – also seen in Rev. 12:5.

Human adults consist of about 60% water. A newborn human baby consists of about 75% water.  When a mother gives birth, her “water breaks”. This is the first birth deriving from a sperm and an egg of water, or the flesh. Corrupted flesh. The second birth is of The Spirit. This birth is exclusively for a person fertilized and birthed first by water, but then also fertilized secondarily by The Father’s Spirit, which is from above, the Seed Incorruptible.

So merely believing is not the second birth. The second birth is the rapture, which is not of corruptible seed, but of Incorruptible Seed (1 Peter 1:23) as Paul said we must be changed from this corrupted state to an incorrupted state. (1 Cor. 15:50-53). As of now, the second birth is future expectation. It is an inheritance incorruptible, undefiled and unfading, which is kept in heaven for us until our deliverance to be revealed in the last days (1 Peter 1:3-5).

Once the second birth takes place, the then incorruptible believer is totally unable to sin.

1 John 3:9 (post rapture) Everyone who has been born of God does not sin, because His seed remains in him; he is not able to sin, because he has been born of God.

This is certainly not the case while we reside within corrupted flesh (first birth).

1 John 1:8 If we say, “We have no sin,” we are deceiving ourselves, and the truth is not in us.

The “victory” in 1 John 5:4-5 is the victory over death, the resurrection (1 Corinthians 15:54). Just as Christ had that same victory on First Fruits. This victory over death and the world can only occur for an individual by possessing belief before the church age ends at the rapture. Thinking in terms of a natural birth which begins with a sperm entering an egg, salvation is likened to a person (an empty egg) being fertilized by Incorruptible Seed (the Holy Spirit) at which point a person begins their spiritual growth (gestation). The end result is birth, the rapture. The birth does not occur at the beginning of the process. Birth is the end, an exit. Fertilization is the beginning, an entry. Just like the natural system, a woman’s egg is worthless and doomed to destruction each month. It is flushed out with blood if it is not fertilized with a sperm. But once fertilized, it becomes of great value and grows until birth.

In like manner, every human is a mortal, worthless, empty egg doomed to destruction without the fertilization by Incorruptible Seed. But once fertilized, the human becomes of great value and grows until its second birth which is a birth into immortality and an incorruptible nature. This has been taught completely backwards because Revelation 12:5 was misunderstood. Also, certain English translations make future promises seem like they are things we currently have such as being seated with Christ in heaven (Eph. 2:6) which is worded like it is currently true but it is clearly another post rapture prophecy.

We are not seated in Heaven, I am at my desk writing, and you are somewhere reading. These types of promises can be described as, “we have it, but not yet”. We have it now only as a promise, an expectation. When we buy something online, we legally own the item because it has been payed for and we get an email receipt. But do we immediately HAVE the item? No. We have to wait for the day of its delivery. We “have” it, but not yet.

This is how the “born again” promise works. The Holy Spirit is our receipt which we have received via belief that our second birth into incorruptible flesh has been payed for at the cross. So no. No one has been born again … yet. But the promise has been payed for. We have the receipt. We expect it to come and presently we are simply tracking the package until deliverance day 😉

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Here is some of the church’s oops I meant Jupiter’s final pictures before leaving “the womb of Virgo”.



Image Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/ Gerald Eichstädt/Sean Doran

This series of enhanced-color images shows Jupiter up close and personal, as NASA’s Juno spacecraft performed its eighth flyby of the gas giant planet. The images were obtained by JunoCam. From left to right, the sequence of images taken on Sept. 1, 2017 from 3:03 p.m. to 3:11 p.m. PDT (6:03 p.m. to 6:11 p.m. EDT). At the times the images were taken, the spacecraft ranged from 7,545 to 14,234 miles (12,143 to 22,908 kilometers) from the tops of the clouds of the planet at a latitude range of -28.5406 to -44.4912 degrees.

Points of Interest include “Dalmatian Zone/Eye of Odin,” “Dark Eye/STB Ghost East End,” “Coolest Place on Jupiter,” and “Renslow/Hurricane Rachel.” The final image in the series on the right shows Jupiter’s south pole coming into view.” (https://www.missionjuno.swri.edu/news/junos-eighth-close-approach-to-jupiter)

Priestess of Isis conjouring Jupiter Serapis

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  1. Thank you, I appreciate this teaching! It makes spiritual sense and bears witness with me. Our being ” caught up” is our born again ” birth”. What’s your take on the possibility of more than one ” catching away” ( rapture) for different groups of believers, based on the ” readiness” ( maturity) of these particular groups- if you are familiar with this understanding? The wife has made herself ” ready” . Over and over, scripture tells us to be ready. I am referring to the scripture Luke 12:36-38, for example, where it talks about the Lord coming in the ” second watch” or ” third watch”. Any thoughts?


    1. I don’t adhere to Clarkes teaching about being caught up is being born again. You misunderstood my article I think. That is false teaching. You are agreeing with what I was and am against. I believe in ONE resurrection. The bodily resuurection. I don’t believe in any sort of “rapture”.


      1. Yes I understand that. I agree. The word ” rapture” is not in scripture. But the phrase ” caught up” IS mentioned in the King James 4 times. I was not referring to the false teaching of Scottie Clark and what he has said. I was just asking you another question about what your thoughts were, as to more than one ressurection based on the scripture reference I sited. But you have answered me here.


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