June 21st, 2020 eclipse

I saw this a few months back but just recently came across a few things regarding this so I thought I’d throw it out there. There is a eclipse of the Sun on June 21st 2020. This eclipse of the Sun on the “summer solstice” is interesting in 2020 for a few reasons. Venus happens to be in Taurus which isn’t rare in itself but this eclipse happens in the location of what is called the silver gate. The silver gate is calld the “gate of man” and is supposedly known as the exit gate. This correlates with the Joppa gate in Jerusalem located by the Tower of David on Western part of the city.

You can watch a simulated video of this eclipse here.

This view on the Silver gate comes from Luis B. Vega. “As far as the celestial Gates are concerned, the Luciferians have also incorporated masculine and feminine attributes to the Gates and the constellation attributed to them. For example regarding the Silver Gate of Man, it is Orion the masculine that is paired with Taurus the feminine. In one mundane aspect, it is the celestial ‘bull fight’ in progress that depicts the celestial battle between good and evil, wickedness and righteousness. More than that, the ruling planet of the Silver Gate is Venus found in Taurus. In ancient Egypt, this is why Isis, another version of Venus is often depicted with the horns of a bull, i.e., Taurus and the Sun in-between them. Nonetheless, at least celestially, the 2 Gates are a perfect mirror of each other. They represent the cosmic end nodes of the Sun reaching its ‘balance’ during the 2 Equinoxes of a given year.

The Silver Gate has Orion as the ‘Sentinel Guardian’. What is unique about Orion is that on the Winter Solstice, usually on December 22, the Sun exactly intersects this Gate. Only twice per year on the Solstices will have the shortest and largest span of light for the day. Orion is south of the Silver Gate and has one of his arms extended up to this intersection. It makes for an amazing depiction of a light-bearer. Orion’s depiction thus has a ‘torch’ on his hand corresponding to when the Sun literally intersects this Silver Gate of Man. In Biblical interpretations, Orion is a depiction of Jesus Christ at His 2ndComing. This will be the time where the Overcomer comes in the bright radiance of His light that will destroy His enemies at His appearing. 

Esoterically, many attribute this imagery as a depiction of Lucifer on one hand that sought and seeks to ‘illuminate’ and grant Humanity the forbidden secrets of Heaven’s fire, eternal life of immortality and sacred knowledge.” (http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2015/luisv104.htm)

Now look at the screenshots again of the 19th and 20th of June. You can see Orions torch lit up (the Sun) and then it seems to be distinguished the following day by the Moon. And notice on the 19th, Venus is in conjunction with the Moon in Taurus. 

Now I’m not as well “learned” in all of this as some but I can say that if this represents something then it isn’t good. Because later in 2020 (perfect vision) we see the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn where I believe that Jupiter (Horus) is symbolically handed this “torch” of Orion (Osiris) from Saturn (Osiris). And this conjunction happens on December 20-22, 2020, the winter solstice. So we have two conjunctions and one eclipse happening on both solstices. This eclipse is also seen from Africa to Asia. Something to think about.

Now look at Vega’s picture again.

So you notice the Statue of Liberty there? This is the torch bearer representing Venus holding the Sun. And remember, Venus is in Taurus the bull overseeing all of this. Now look at this advertisement of the tv show Heroes.

I see Her Oes. Reborn. Oes reminded me of the Order of the Eastern Star, a womens Freemasonic order. So to me it’s Her (Isis) order of the women reborn. The priestess of Isis.


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