Rain Drops keep falling on Qatar…

The Landmark Hotel in the Lusail is called “The Katara Towers”. Located in Qatar it opens in 2020 and why does it look like the Egyptian goddess Hathor (Isis). Qatar means drops in relation to rain. Katara in Japanese can refer to ‘pull’. 

“The future hospitality landmark in Lusail City. With an architectural design inspired by the seal of Qatar, this property is set to become the hospitality landmark in Lusail. The crossed swords of the country’s seal have been architecturally translated into twin arched towers that rise gracefully from the podium level, while the landscaped gardens and palm trees reflect in the ocean frontage. Opening in 2020.” (http://www.katarahospitality.com/our-hotels/lusail-marina-iconic-development/)



You can also find an installation of a bull in the Dubai Marina.

Speaking of installations, the IDA who is famous for the replica of the Arch of Triumph has announced that they will be doing a new installation on association with the United Nations.


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