Saturn on September 9th

NASA just released some of the last pictures of Saturn (4,000 images). I went through some of the 4k pictures and they all have Saturn, the ring and the moon’s of Saturn in them. I decided to look at September 9th just for fun and there are 133 pictures taken and only 3 have the ring in it. The other 130 have nothing but stars and some strange oblong shapes flying by. I think its strange that out of all these pictures, September only has 3 images on it. You can search through them here for September 9th or here for all the other pictures.

First image
Last image
What is that?

Other weird images of Saturn not on 9/9/17

Tomorrow is the day that Cassini dives into Saturn’s abyss. At 5am Pacific Cassini will sacrifice itself for the greater good of NASA. Pretty dramatic huh? If you need a quick primer before tomorrow’s “big event” than feel free to look over all of these.

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