The Winepress of Wrath

Now before I say anything I first want to say that I don’t think anything is definite. I’m just letting it be known about the symbolism that is being used right now. I’m just saying everything is falling into place. Is this the beginning of Sorrows? That’s for you to discern.

The September 20th earthquake in Mexico City was measured at 7.1. Some believe for the damage it has done, that it actually hit harder than that. A week prior a earthquake hit Mexico City at 8.0 and didn’t do the damage that this one did. Who knows, maybe the first quake loosened everything up for this one. Either way, we should expect the death toll to rise.

The epicenter of this earthquake was in the municipality of Izucar de Matamoros which is located in the Mexico state of Puebla (peoples). They have determined the exact spot to be at Raboso. Raboso is a red wine grape and thd name raboxo in the native Venetian language means angry. So you have a earthquake that seems to be connected to a red wine grape that means angry and peoples. Now my first thought in this context with these words was that Puebla referred to the “earth dwellers” in the book of Revelation. These are those who curse and hate God. But if this is only symbolism, why this particular town in Puebla?

Well its a known fact that Mexico is known for Mary worship and by that I mean the worship of the false goddess Isis that the Catholic church hid in the mother of Jesus. Mary is not to be worshipped not unless your a pagan and then your just worshipping Isis of Egypt. You can deny this all you like but these are the facts. Pueblo is no different here. They have shrines set up for this false worship everywhere. 

Izucar de Matamoros is also known for their Mexican Tree of Life. I didn’t know much about this but I do know it was introduced to the peoples by the Catholic friars. That should tell you something right there. This tree of life business has been introduced into the day of the dead in our present day. One thing that caught my attention was how they reminded me of a Kabbalistic Tree of Life or a Seiphorit.

Now if your paying attention, you would have remembered the hurricane Katia that hit the eastern part of Mexico. Katia means virgin. Now who is the perpetual virgin that Catholics in Mexico pray to and venerate? And if you think its just practicing Catholics in Mexico that do this than your wrong. Heathens in Mexico also venerate “mary” and you can see it done during the day of the dead. 

Matter of fact, Katia hit landfall in Tecolutla, Mexico just 24 hours after the 8.1 earthquake hit Pijijiapan near Mexico City killing 65+. Pijijiapan has what is called the Pijijiapan stone seen below. Now ironically the meaning for Tecolutla is “the place of the owls”. If you know what owls represent than you will get this reference. Some believe the owl is a representation of Molech the bull god. So Kaita the virgin ripped through the place of the owls.

This brings is to the second earthquake in less than a week near Mexico City. Life I mentioned, this was centered in Raboso which represents red wine grapes and anger (lets just say wrath in this context). Now we have another hurricane named Maria (Mary) ripping through the Atlantic making its way to the United States. People want to only see how Jose and Maria represent or are symbolic of Joseph and Mary but that’s just not the case. We are talking Isis here. The word hurricane literally means god of evil. Below you can see what Maria really looks like in another light.

Hurricane is Hurry Cane is the god of evil. “There are two possible origins of the word “hurricane.” According to one source, the word “Hurricane” is derived from the Spanish word “huracn.” The origin of which is the Carib term for “God of Evil”. Other sources, however, postulate that the word is derived from the name of the Mayan storm god, “Hurakan.” According to the Popol Vuh, which recounts the Mayan Creation Myth, Huracan (from Mayan Jun Raqan) is the ancient Mayan weather god of wind, storm, and fire. Hurakan is “the one-legged”, and one of three creator deities, collectively called “the Heart of Heaven,” that participates in three attempts at creating humanity first from mud, and then wood. The final and successful creation resulted in the creation of mankind from maize.

Notice the clown type face on the male god Juracán

The Creation Myth also reveals that Hurakan caused the Great Flood after the first humans angered the gods. According to the myth, he lived in the windy mists above the floodwaters and repeatedly called forth the earth until land came up from beneath the seas. His “one legged” appearance refers to one of his legs having been transformed into a snake. His appearance features a snout-like nose, resembles that of the Aztec god Tezcatlipoca. Hurakan can also be spelled Hurrican, Huracan, & Harakan.” (

Not not everyone believes this god of evil was represented by the masculine, some believed it was a goddess. “The word “hurricane” can be traced to the Taíno. It’s unclear to me exactly how the Taíno used the word. Some say “Huracán” was the “evil god of storms.” Others say it was the Taíno word for “storm” and that true god of storms wasn’t a god at all, but a goddess named “Guabancex,” according to NationMaster.” (

“The image in the above illustration depicts the Taíno version of the huraca’n superimposed over hurricane Katrina as she left the Caribbean and approached New Orleans, Louisiana. The ancient indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Taíno, had a perfect understanding of the weather phenomenon that annually plagued their Paradise-like territory. The huraca’n was definitely an angry woman goddess, “Rider of the Winds”. Female ceramists depicted her on pottery as a head whose “S” shaped arms protruded from her shoulders or temples, much like the view of a flailing person seen from overhead. Uncannily, the Taíno’s version of the huraca’n had the same configuration as satellite photographs of hurricanes taken 500 years later in the 20th century. The main difference in interpretation between the original Taíno image and that of contemporary meteorologists was that the Taíno saw the “eye” of the hurricane as the face of a woman.

Her name was not Wilma, Katrina, Ivan, Camille, Diane, Rupert, or Ann. Before the birth of Christ, she had been Guabancex (gwa-ban-seh) the angry woman spirit of the huraca’n. She was a violently angry goddess accompanied by twin male accomplices (this is reminescent of Apollo/Artemis symbolism with the Gemini Twins – my comment). Together they wreaked havoc on the Caribbean, Central America and the North American continent.

An early Spanish chronicler in the Caribbean wrote: “They say that when Guabancex becomes angry, she makes the winds and waters move and casts houses to the ground and uproots the trees.”The huraca’n is the composition of the angry wind goddess Guabancex, and her two enablers the gods Guatauba (gwa-ta-ooh-BA), and Coatrisque (ko-ah-tris-keh). Combined, they were the Wind, Thunder and Flood spirits of the huraca’n. Guatauba, as the god of thunder, was the herald who announced Guabancex’s pending arrival. Coatrisque followed the wind and thunder and brought the devastating power of the flood from the mountains. The Taíno understood that three entities of the hurricane (wind, flood and tide surge) caused the most damage. The Spanish continue to use the word “huracan” and it is from this source that the English coined the word “hurricane”. The early chroniclers also reported that the Taíno curtailed long sea voyages during the hurricane season of June to October. 

Boriken (Puerto Rico) Taíno spoke about the mountain battles between the Supreme Being, Yucahú and the negative spirit of the huraca’n. Today, many descendants of Boriken, Kiskeya (Dominican Republic) and Cubanacan (Cuba) Taíno live in New York City. Before hurricane Katrina, some meteorologists predicted that “The Big One” will be a huge hurricane that may do incalculable damage to New York City in the future. The subway tunnels may act as gushing conduits for the storm surge.” (

So what’s going on here? A false goddess or false god doing this destruction? Does it really matter? Its all based on Paganisn and there are good reasons to believe these places hit are meant to be hit. And I don’t think Mexico is immune with their false god heathenism. The symbolism is hard to run from here and this storm Maria, don’t think its symbolic in anyway shape or form of Mary the mother of Jesus. This is that divine feminine coming back with vengeance and God will allow it to happen. When countries are steeped in goddess worship and paganism, this is what they get. And America isn’t immune either.

One last thing. Jupiter is Baal the storm god. Now does this birth water breaking make sense now? Its time to repent and turn away from Babylon. 


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