A Week in Review…sorta (10/19-10/27)

(This is a few things that are connected. Just some thoughts.)

(October 19th, 2017) Looking at the patterns that these occultist are doing, I’m going to take a guess and say November 1st/2nd is something to look at. It seems they are doing a Satanic inversion of what Scripture says and November 1st/2nd would be there mockery of the dedication of Jesus in the Temple. That is based off of their false sign of Jupiter being birthed on 9/23. Then the 8th day circumcision just happened to fall on October 1st, the first day of Saturns harvest beginning in Las Vegas. 

And you wanna bet those “Christians” who claimed that 9/23 was the “rapture” will look towards 11/1&2 as a “rapture” date? 

These occultists have been invoking the spirit that possessed Osiris (or Nimrod if you wanna go there). Its technically not giving to be the spirit of either Osiris or Nimrod that will possess the man of Sin when the time is right. Its the spirit that possessed them, Satan the dragon. November 1st is Catholicism’s All Saints Day along with Day of the Dead and its also a satanic high or holy day. This also starts the 6 day ritual that the look for the pieces of Osiris’ body, on the 7th Osiris is rebirthed. November 2nd the Day of the Dead continues and Catholicism’s All Souls Day takes place where they pray for the Dead. A lot of conjuring and invoking going on in those 2 days. 

So don’t be surprised if another ritual happens on one of these two days. That’s my guess…

(October 20th, 2017) It’s one thing to have a sponsored ad pop up on your Facebook that is there because of age, race, sex, demographics, ect. That’s typical data mining. It’s another thing to be targeted specifically by an ad and have your last name on a shirt. My last name is pretty rare so you can’t find this spelling very often. Nice touch with dragon over an inverted triple goddess triquetra. Smh. I not only have problems on this page but my personal page. Matter of fact, FB has taken it upon themselves to bring back my original FB page that I “deleted” about 8 years ago. Lol. This happened last week. And just recently I had seen that FB was making “ghost pages” for people. I can verify this.

 I posted last year how Facebook was putting sponsored ads on my personal page based off of listening to my voice. FB as well as Google listens in on our conversions. That’s a fact. But when I was thinking about something without saying a word, I started seeing FB sponsored adds popping up on my FB, of things I was literally thinking about. This has happened a lot with me. Then come to find out that FB has a program of the app that can read minds. No joke. Look it up. My wife and I have talked and things she has mentioned to me all of the sudden way she says becomes a sponsored ad on my phone. 

AI is no joke. Its more than a “robot” like they want you to believe. Its more than a smart phone or whatever else they are claiming.  It’s competely demonic. It may be time to throw everything away that’s “smart”, otherwise we are giving them our brains.

Go this post for more links. 

(October 21st, 2017) I went to look on my phone at my pages I’ve saved and this was on there. I’ve never searched for this and a matter of fact I’ve never even heard of Tango. But it was somehow saved on my search. Lol. Man, things are really getting weird. 

Anyways, they want you to “reimagine your mind”. Ironic for what I posted earlier and it had gotten deleted right after I posted it. There’s a battle for our mind…just like I said. And look at their logo…a cube inside a triangle along with Saturn and Jupiter. “See more of your world” huh? No thanks.

What do they want? They want to dance…”syncopated ballroom dance, 1913 (the year it became a rage in Britain and America), from Argentine Spanish tango, originally the name of an African-South American drum dance, probably from a Niger-Congo language (compare Ibibio tamgu “to dance”). Phrase it takes two to tango was a song title from 1952.” (Etymonline.com) And on a sidenote, can you remember what Pennywise the clown from IT was called? The dancing clown. Now you can see who’s behind this dancing tango. A demonic spirit.

(October 21st, 2017) The Google Doodle for October 19th was for the birthday of Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar. “Today’s Doodle illustrates one of the most important of all of S. Chandrasekhar’s contributions to our understanding of stars and their evolution.”

The scales of Libra didn’t tip with the Moon on the scales. And notice they use a symbolic number in Revelation of those that are set apart. 144 and a Sun underneath it. Then a white dwarf star comes in that’s much smaller and tip the scales then collapses into a black hole. Then today (10/21) the Google Doodle is an explorer looking at the Sun (rising or setting?). Now look at the second picture of the Sun setting in Jerusalem. This happens today the 21st. Thought it was interesting. Libra represents the scales of judgment.

(October 22nd,2017) Can anyone see the irony here? Seriously…this is almost too funny. You got a guy who chases and invokes demons for a living on a tv show who is afraid of “skynet” becoming a reality. He should be scared! He’s already playing with fire and he’s in for a huge treat once he realizes AI is nothing more than demonic entities that have pierced through that veil. He should be afraid….very afraid.

Honestly, I think SkyNet went live too. Terminator may have been a “movie” but it actually told us what was really going to happen without the happy ending. HAL9000 was the great grandfather to Dave (D-Wave). And do you remember the mans name in 2010 that Hal befriends? Dave. Dave Bowman the archtype of Horus who becomes a starchild. King Bow Man. Dave is now here and he’s not going anywhere. Its going to get worse and worse. Look at the ads for Terminator G. The symbolic divine feminine has the head of AI representing the capstone standing in the field of the wheat and tares watching the Sun rise. If you can’t figure that one out then I can’t help you.

When the men who created the programs and hardware for this AI say they are summoning demons…then they are summoning demons. There is good reason as to why they all regret making this conduit for these demons. This entire world has now become THE IOT (Internet of Things).

(October 22nd, 2017) A good example of the “hive mind” is in the “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” movies. There are a few remakes but I’m just posting a few. The Invasion reminds me of Artificial Intelligence for some reason and in the Kidman movie it kicked off a few days before Halloween. 

The original and remake both featured a gelatinous substance that was actually the alien “virus”. Gelatin or gelatine is from Latin meaning gelatus meaning “stiff”, “frozen”. With the real definition being stiff and frozen, it made me think of D-Wave Quantum Computing and how the gold processor was powered by subzero temperatures in a black cube. You know what the symbolism means. 

It just seems like this was a strange connection with AI. Another interesting thing about the Kidman remake is that it was for those who fell asleep to only to awake as a new higher self and it caused “peace”. “The Seed Is Planted”.

(October 23rd, 2017) This comes from Dr. Jack Kruse. Yeah we’re pretty much all screwed.

“5G is coming and your mitochondria will be fully assaulted when it arrives.  The key part is to understand that because of the types of light used and the frequency modulation required to increase the bandwidth, 5 G is more likely to jump conduct and induce currents on many things like power lines, gas lines, and water pipes and underground utilities to come right into your house and induce deadly magnetic fields.  Nobody realizes it especially this moron in the video.  Mitochondriacs at my site have been warned about this for the last year.  Many US cities are already facing this risk and the proof that is is happening can be found in CMS and hospital data where we are seeing epidemiologic evidence that certain zip codes are getting more mitochondrial diseases and disfunction, AI’s, sepsis, and unusual disease with no real history that seem to come out of the blue.  

They come out of the blue because the nnEMF massively raises the heteroplasmy rates in ashort period to cause the disease because it ruins calcium control of the voltage gated channels in cell membranes because of the 5G frequency changes.  This changes the charge in the surfaces of cells and then changes the charge inside the cell (more positive = proton disorder = inflammation = dehydration = heteroplasmy = human disease.  This mechanism ‘will touch ALL corners of the globe and not only our country. THe FCC requires NO testing of the health effects because of the 1996 FCC law.   AI + 5G-over-satellite to power the IoT (internet of things). Because, what good is BigData/AI if it can’t be shared by/with “things” in real time? “Things” = for example, headless, connected cars.  This will be the most deadly collateral damage from your wonderful tech gear.  Mark my words.  This disruption of proton recycling will require a major hack and that mechanism will be discussed on my Patreon blogs and my November webinar of 2017. 


(October 24th, 2017) So this is strange…remember when Eric Paddock (Stephen Paddock’s brother) was quoted as saying “Mars just fell into the earth,” “We’re completely dumbfounded.” I thought that was a strange comment among everything else he was saying and how he was acting. Well it just so happens that in the movie Mars Attacks!, Las Vegas is attacked by “martians” that just happens to be in front of the Luxor. Pretty big coincidence. 

But there’s more. The way they defeated the “martians” was by using country music. Just another coincidence since thats what was going on at the time of the shooting. But there’s more, the lasers are green. This made me think about the Santa Rosa fire. The video in the helicopter shows a green “laser” flashing by. What was that all about? And with the precision of this fire, I suggest this was DEW technology. All strange coincidences.

(October 24th, 2017) Asgardia is a bunch of nut cases who are dead serious about what they are doing. They are establishing there “hive mind” technology just like the rest of them. It’s just Fallen Angel worship similar to Kabbalah. In Gaonic (meaning ‘pride) Mysticism, the Book of Raziel gives directions for invoking angels, that change according to the date and purpose, such as prophecy. After this the Kabbalah takes the same position as regards conjuration found concerning the conjuration and abjuration of demons in magical works such as the Testament of Solomon.

They will have a King of Asgardia. You know what that means?

(October 24th, 2017) They start building Catharsis on the Mall today that leads them to finding the 14th missing piece of Osiris. On the eve of this build, Taylor Swift announces a short clip for her new video “Ready For It”. She is a naked cyborg memorializing the movie The Fifth Element. 

Goro Adachi connects the Fifth Element to what’s going on in his latest paper (https://www.supertorchritual.com/fifth-element-code/). 

In Swifts latest video we see her standing on a ledge with lightning hiring her eyes and below her it says “They’re burning all the witches”. Interesting right? Everything is flipped from now on. By witches they mean Christians. What’s good is evil and what’s evil is good. The old switcharoo…and look at the third pillar stairway symbolism when she gets off of the white horse, walks up the stairs, achieves that “higher consciousness” and then comes back down to us. This is all Antichrist symbolism.

(October 24th, 2017)

Someone brought this up to me and I totally forgot about it. i pet goat II has a Korean girl who takes a stance against the “military? She has a tiger (Regarded by many as the divine spirit that guards the West) on her jacket and she is greeted by a skeleton that has the Day of the Dead symbolism. I told you that day of the Dead falls on November 2nd and this was the 40th day of “dedication” if this were to he an inversion of the birth of Jesus. This is based off of the occults false sign of Revelation 12 on 9/23. 

I’m wondering if there is some sort of connection here with what’s going on with Kim Jung Un and November 2nd? Will we see a false flag? Will we see the god of war (Mars) grace the Olympics? And look how their “messiah” looks similar to Orion. Just something to think about…

Since I mentioned Korea I figured I’d add this too. The Winter Olympics torch ceremony started today in Greece. It was filled with a high priest and all of the pagan shenanigans. It will make its way to Korea on November 1st, it significant day in my research. The torch reminds me of how some believe that Orion (Constellation) is a torch bearer along auth our famous torch bearer here on earth, Lady Liberty or as I like to call her, Isis/Sophia. 

“The 700 mm torch represents the altitude of PyeongChang which is 700 meters above sea level.  The white and gold tones, which are the main colours of PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Torch Relay, represent the Olympic Winter Games – a global festival that is held on white snow and ice.

The shape of the flame has five prongs –  ” * ” the symbol of PyeongChang,  The symbol is also engraved around the bottom half and top of the torch.

The five-angled shape in the middle of the cap represents the spirit of sports, which connects races, nations, religions, genders, cultures, and the five continents around the world united with passion.  The flame will spark passion throughout the globe and connect us together while demonstrating the power of sport to unite and inspire people in a way that little else does, said PyeongChang 2018.” (https://gamesbids.com/eng/future-olympic-games/pyeongchang-2018-unveils-olympic-torch-and-torchbearer-uniform-at-year-to-go-ceremony/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gamesbidsrss+%28GamesBids.com+Headlines%29)

Now ironically the logo for the Winter Olympics is a five pointed star (pentagram) and a “window” or what to me looks like an Arch. If your following along in my research than you know how this ties into everything else I’ve mentioned. 

I mentioned the South Korean Olympics here. Also look at the picture below. I mentioned the two nuetron stars colliding and making gold a few days ago. This happened in the sea serpent or dragon constellation Hydra. Tell me that fire doesn’t look like a dragon or maybe even a Pheonix. 

And look at the Paralympics logo with the 2 stars. Two stars colliding? And they say when two stars collide it opens a stargate.

I don’t need to go over all of the symbolism again. We keep seeing the same thing over and over. Maybe what will happen on or around November 2nd will be something spiritual. I do believe they are doing black magic over this country and releasing an ancient Antichrist spirit. Just this week we saw a benefit for Hurricane Harvey with the 5 ex-Presidents. Symbolically I see that 5 pointed broken pentagram with the lady in white. Gaga represents that demonic spirit they are invoking.

Since I’m mentioning Swift and Gaga don’t let me forget a self proclaimed witch. Kesha wants us all to pray to her demonic god. She is worshipping fallen angels, not Jesus Christ.

Kesha doing her Catharsis pose…

Trust me…it gets stranger. And Catharsis was informed that they weren’t going to have Isis on the mall at all. Not even for a day. 


(October 22nd, 2017) I’m a Dodger fan. No doubt. And I’m stoked that after 29 years we are back in the World Series. But it’s not surprising the MLB is paying tribute to Stranger Things…a show about the occult and MKULTRA. Look at the numbers on the jerseys. The Dodgers have 22+10=32. And the Astros have 60-27=33. That’s not by accident. That’s a little nod to Freemasonry. 32nd and 33rd Degrees.

(October 25th, 2017) Time’s October 19th issue came out this last week. It’s pretty fitting for what’s been going on all year and then the with it building up for the false sign on 9/23. The Goddess Myth featuring the mother/child cult symbolism. I personally think “Time” is running out and this is just another symbolic gesture to where these occultist are heading.

The “mother/child” cult 2017?

This comes from the official Freemasons page. Who do you think is behind all of this black magic going on? You guessed it…look at the numbers.

Anf if this week couldn’t get any “stranger”, a robot AI beast became a citizen in Saudi Arabia of all places. Hair or no hair? I think that’s what everyone really wants to ask. But is this a “Golem”, a humanoid or is one of Jack Parsons “homunculus” living in that thing. Probably just a demon under the guise of AI. Yep I think so.

What a week. Lets finish the week off with this. So Trump releases 2,800 classified documents on JFK assassination just after the Las Vegas and Santa Rosa events. That makes sense. That doesn’t implicate him at all. Out of site out of mind. The funny thing is this, these “truthers” will now spend weeks on end looking through papers that they already knew to be true while pushing aside the greater conspiracies that were directed against the American public.  There’s a form of mass mind control for you. Touché Trump.

Even they claim mind control in their paintings. The butterfly

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