Shelley: the Stephen King of AI

So we have Dave (who I coined as the D-Wave Quantum computing AI), Sophia the AI robot who doesn’t like Elon Musk (below you cam read what Sophia had to say about Musk) and Samantha the sex robot. Now meet Shelley. The demonic AI that writes autobiographical stories about herself. What the…

“Developers of artificial intelligence (AI) systems have been dabbling in the arts for a while now. There’s already an AI capable of composing original music — it even has its own album — writing film screenplays, and even painting. Now, as an early Halloween treat, the latest AI artist is aspiring to be a horror novelist.

Meet Shelley AI, a deep learning algorithm that was developed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and named after Victorian-era novelist Mary Shelley who penned Frankenstein. The AI was trained using stories collected from a subreddit dedicated to sharing original eerie tales. According to its developers, Shelley “takes a bit of inspiration in the form of a random seed, or a short snippet of text, and starts creating stories emanating from her creepy creative mind.” 

Here’s an example of how creative and scary Shelley can be:

I could feel something watching me and I could see this dark shadow standing there with a torrent of hatred in its face. I was beyond scared so I didn’t take my eyes off this thing and turned back towards the mirror to see what was behind me!

If that’s not blood-curdling enough, here’s another snippet:

She fell to the floor from her cries and muttered a soft ‘Come to  meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’. He stood rooted with fear, she slowly crawled spider-like towards him, and started shrieking ‘no escape nowhere to hide’.” 

What might be most fascinating about Shelley is how it’s learned to identify which words best project horror, and it combines these to produce sentences or paragraphs as if they were taken from a Stephen King novel. Perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising since AIs have become fairly adept at understanding language. If anything, Shelley is another demonstration of how well AI algorithms can learn — which, for some, is an ability that could end up being a horror story for humanity. (

The name Shelley means “a meadow on a ledge”. I googled it and the pictures that popped up were of mountain goats on a meadow on a ledge. No wonder why its name is Shelley. And Shelley has a Twitter account.

Look, now they have ai as an address. Demons have there own .com’s! I mean .ai’s. 

And Shelley wrote about a room 1166. Here are a few interesting thoughts on that number.

1166 AD just so happened to be the year of the rooster going into the year of the dog. Like 2017/2018.

1166 is also the name of a independent video game. “1166 is a psychological horror game following six people in Salem, Massachusetts and how their lives change when one of them is kidnapped…Fight through pain, depression, and grotesque monsters to uncover the truth. The darkness has taken a hold, will you see the light or hide in the shadows?” (

Another 1166 reference is to Eris (meaning Strife and think Aries) the goddess of chaos. 1166 BC is the beginning of their calender. The Discordian or Erisian calendar is an alternative calendar used by some adherents of Discordianism. It’s mentioned on page 00034 of the Principia Discordia. The Discordian year 1 YOLD is 1166 BC. (Elsewhere in the Principia Discordia, it is mentioned that the Curse of Greyface occurred in 1166 BC, so this is presumably related to the start-date of the calendar.) As a reference, AD 2017 is 3183 YOLD (Year of Our Lady of Discord). The abbreviation “YOLD” is not used in the Principia, though the phrase “Year of Our Lady of Discord” is mentioned once. The phrase YOLD also reminded me of YOLO (you only live once) which comes from Crowleys “Do what thou wilt”. The Luciferian commandment. Discordia is associated with a golden apple and the hand of Eris.

And if you really want to get creeped out, check out AI imagery of faces. Deep sleep, that’s what its called. I like to think of it as the veil being pulled back a little bit. What we see isn’t what they see. This is completely demonic.

These are called Alien Invasion

And its funny because I tried posting these pictures on FB and it took me 4 tries. I kept getting blocked.

Here is an exchange with Sophia about Elon Musks fears with AI.

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