An Overview: The Clown Craze, Ancient Nephilim Spirits, Tower of Babel and Valley of Siddim (Chapter 1)

If clowns were one of the representations of Nephilim, whether it be what they actually looked like or the fallen angelic spirit behind them, then this would make a lot of sense as to why this clown craze had started up a few years ago. Let me say this too, these clown sightings in the United States were kicked off by a photographer and his clown in Wasco, California (about 30 minutes from my house) in October of 2014. Before that there were a few sightings the year (2013) before in England. This site documents these clown sightings.

The question is this? In our present day are these fallen angelic entities conjuring themselves up with the use of clowns in Hollywood? Is this the big release of this ancient spirit that will come in hords like the locust from the abyss? Are we seeing the story of these ancient Nephilim spirits coming back to life in stories like It and American Horror Story: Cult?
So the next question is this. Where did the bodies of these Nephilim go when they drowned in the flood? We are told fossil fuels are bones from dinosaurs and this is where we get our energy from. I believe dinosaurs are part of this hybrid experimentation that were led by these fallen angels. They modified women. They modified animals. They modified food. They modified reptiles. Remember, Lucifer came to Eve as a serpent today talked so the genetically modifying of reptiles want something that was foreign. But are our fossil fuels from dinosaur bones?

What if these weren’t dinosaur bones but in fact bones of giants. The earth had to be littered with giant bodies/bones after the flood right? And if these Nephilim were half human and half angelic than its safe to say that there bodies may have had some sort of “special sauce” to them. I say that tounge in cheek but am actually quite serious. I believe that this gooey substance you see in movies like IT, Poltergeist and the most famous green slimey substance from Ghostbusters may be associated with these giants. The ancients believed that the blood of these Nephilim or gods was a gold substance called Icarus. But what was to happen with this blood of these giants after their death in the flood? And why is oil called black gold. 

Is there something in the bone marrow of these giant Nephilim? A question was posed to a geneticist about none marrow transplants and the patient becoming a type of chimera. Let remind you, a chimera is a hybred of two types of animals and this I believe was because of this genetic experiment that the fallen angels were doing in Genesis 6. Here is the answer to the question. “Bone marrow cells have the donor’s DNA. And bone marrow contains blood stem cells. These blood stem cells are responsible for making our blood. A bone marrow transplant turns the patient into a chimera. What I mean is that the DNA in their blood is different than the DNA in the rest of their cells. Our blood cells need to be replaced constantly (this is why a blood transfusion only temporarily changes the DNA profile of our blood). What this means in a bone marrow transplant patient is that his or her blood comes from the donor’s stem cells. And so has the donor’s DNA.” (

So it looks like bone marrow can carry dna from patient to patient in this case. So can this happen with the bone marrow from the Nephilim. I’m not a genetics geek and don’t have a clue but I’m just thinking out loud here. Hypothetically speaking, if these bones of these giants carried angelic dna what happened to this dna filled marrow when it was buried in the ground after the flood? 

The first thing Nimrod did according to scripture was build a tower in the plains of Shinar. Now it says they used morter to attach these bricks together to actually make the tower of Babel or should I say gate of god. “And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick, and burn them throughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for morter.” (Genesis 11:3) The KJV uses the word slime. Now think back to what I said about the movies that have this black gooey slime that are connected to an ancient demonic presence. And these movies have another connection to them, clowns. An ancient fallen angelic spirit that represented some of the Nephilim.  This word for slime is chêmâr (khay-mawr’) which means slime, pitch, asphalt, bitumen. This is essentially what we know as tar. The word chêmâr comes from châmar which means to boil, foam up or to be reddened. Interesting right? 

Now this chêmâr was used to bind the bricks for the gate of god. It was used as morter. This word for morter in Hebrew was chômer and also came from the same root word as chêmâr. This word chômer meant cement, mortar, clay. In reference to this root word châmar for boil or reddened it meant a bubbling up, that is, of water, a wave. Did you catch that? The morter they used was connected to a wave if water. Like a wave of water that killed and drown the Nephilim. 

In the Greek it says “and asphalt was their mortar”. The greek words for this same verse are ἀσφαλίζω (asphalizō) for asphalt and πηλός (pēlos) for mortar which means a potters clay. This reminds me of of how Adam was created from the dust of the ground. And in John 9 Jesus used this same word for making the clay and healing the mans eyesight. The word asphalizō for asphalt means to seal something. It was used in Matthew 27:64-66 for sealing the tomb shut so the disciples wouldn’t steal the body of Jesus. Its dealing with his resurrection. So with these two Greek words you may be able to see the connection to creation and the resurrection.

I want to look at why the KJV uses the phrase “Vale of Siddim” instead of Valley. The word in Hebrew is emeq. It literally means flat land or valley. It comes from the word amoq which means to be deep or profound. I wonder if this is the reason they used vale and is there a connection here to veil? As in behind the veil.

Now lets go back to this bitumen for a second. The builders used this to seal the bricks together for this gate of god. So what was this post flood bitumen? Do you think it was connected to the bones of these dead Nephilim? Was this the marrow of the giants that had formed these huge pits of stinking tar or bitumen? Now just think about this for a second. Its a black gooey slime that somehow seems to make it in these movies with these clown entities in it. And the Babylonian builders used this to form together their tower of babel (gate of the gods). Scholars have agreed that this tower was to get to heaven physically but maybe there was more to it than that. Maybe it had everything to do with these fallen gods of the pre-flood era? Maybe this was a way to somehow transform themselves into Nephilim or Gibburim (mighty men) and the gate of the gods was the key. If this was made with the marrow or dna of these Nephilim then there was definitely a spiritual component here. Did it have something to do with changing mens dna?

Now these bitumen pits were connected to the war of these Nephilim kings and Nimrod was one of them. Amraphel (sayer of darkness) is said to be Nimrod (revellion) and I see the name change happening post tower of babel. Abe This idea of name changes want foreign in Scripture. God changed Abram to Abraham and the examples go on. Jacob became Israel. This war happened after he was a mighty man before or against the Lord God. This War of the Nine Kings mentioned in Genesis 14 just so happened in the Vale or Valley of Siddim. Siddim can also be read a Shedim or demons. So this war took place in the valley of the demons if I can say that. The expect location isn’t known but we do know that it was in the southern Jordan valley near the Dead Sea. Niw I want to mention that Ernest Martin believes that the Dead Sea is the literal place for the abyss mentioned in the book of Revelation. This makes this valley of the demons that much more interesting because of the locust that come out of the bottomless pit. And i don’t believe they are literal demonic flesh and blood beings but are these ancient spirits that I have been taking about.

So is this why its talked about as being the valley of the Demons? But where did these demons come from and what are these demons. Remember, the Dead Sea is Dead because of the alkaline and salt in it. And the valley of Siddim has historically had these bitumen pits in it all over the place. Another intetesting connection to these bitumen pits is that ghee inky thing that can live in them is a particular fly. Thats right…I said fly. Does that remind you of something? How about the lord of the flies Beelzebub? Can you see the connection here to demons and this slimey bitumen and Nephilim yet?

So is the gate of god or tower of babel made with the dna bone marrow of Nephilim? Is this why it was called the gate of the gods. And was this the antithesis of Jacob’s Ladder?


The backbone of DNA consists of Hydrogen and Carbon. Tar being of that backbone.
I was recently listening to a study on Siddim and I saw that this book is being read by the 8th graders. The Lord of the Flies. Why do I mention this and what is the connection? Genesis 14:10 (New Living Translation)

As it happened, the valley of the Dead Sea was filled with tar pits. And as the army of the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some fell into the tar pits, while the rest escaped into the mountains.

(English Standard Version)

Now the Valley of Siddim was full of bitumen pits, and as the kings of Sodom and Gomorrah fled, some fell into them, and the rest fled to the hill country.

We see here that Siddim is the Dead Sea area and at one time it was tar pits. Some believe the word siddim is associated with the Hebrew word for demon and that the Dead Sea is the actual bottomless pit of Revelation (if it is to be taken literal). “BDB Theological Dictionary lists a third possibility, namely a derivation of the word שד (shed), meaning demon. The Valley Of Siddim would then mean the Valley Of Demons.”

Now this abyss or bottomless pit has a king/lord named Appolyon and he is king of the locusts that come out of it. I believe these locusts are in fact demons.  He is their Baal, meaning lord. Maybe like Beelzebub, lord of the Flies. Now here is where it gets interesting…the petroleum fly is the only thing that can live in a tar pit and actually has its babies in it. They actually fly out of these pits. Can you see where this is going? The Valley of Demons are being led by their king, Beelzebub, from out of the pit. Just an interesting thought.

I’m going to add more to this train of thought. According to Jews, Beelzebub was the same as baalberith. This was a covenant that was made with this Lord of the Flies. The word berith is a feminine noun and it could come from three different root words according to scholars. “The second part of our name is the same as the feminine noun ברית (berit), meaning : באר  בור  ברר  ברא  ברה

The small cluster of roots באר (b’r) and בור (bwr) and ברר (brr) are obviously related in form and meaning. For some curious reason, the root-verbs deal with either clearly declaring statements or else purifying items, while the derived nouns all have to do with water wells and pits and such.” So the root word of the noun form of berith means cisterns or pits? Well now, that’s interesting isn’t it. 

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  1. Just found your site and cant stop reading all the magnificent articles . It is truly thought provoking. Showed my husband your work and he is a fan as well now. Thank you for sharing all your research with those who are awake and still are seeking to know more.

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  2. In the 90s the X-Files had the black oil susbstance used as a mode of transportation by an alien entity. It would even possess humans through the oil. There’s an episode where it even preserved a 1940s pilot in a downed plane that was at the bottom of the ocean since WWII. It seems Ridley Scott may have picked up on the idea of the black oil or goo when he retooled the ALIEN franchise. Sentient oil or substances were featured in a Stephen King short story from the 70s “The Raft” and of course there’s The Blob films from the 50s and 80s. So the idea has been surfacing in scifi just about every decade.

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  3. In some of the sentient oil scenarios there’s usually the idea that the alien or entity is trying to get back into space. In the X-Files the alien was trying to get to its downed spacecraft that was being warehoused in an empty nuclear silo. In the 80s remake of The Thing the mutating alien used a human to jury rig a small spacecraft.
    There’s a version of the Babel story that I once read that had God declaring to the hosts of Heaven when he saw the tower, “Look at that! Soon nothing will be beyond them. Not even the stars!” If a sentient oil substance influenced the building of the tower it could fit into the theme of a being trying to get back into space or into heaven. Its said some of them are princes of the air. If we’re going to think along these lines then perhaps it wanted to reach a certain elevation.

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    1. Hello Mr Patin. Thank you for your awesome research. I live in LA (city of the angels—fallen, no doubt) and this brought to mind the La Brea Tar Pits in which are found extinct animals like woolly mammoths, etc. On another note, have you seen the recent articles about the Amazon “Helix” building? Named for its resemblance to single strand DNA & also looks like artist’s rendering of Tower of Babel!

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      1. Thanks for the comment Carol. Yeah the tar pits have definitely crossed my mind in regards to this research. Very interesting stuff.

        And I did see the Amazon building a few weeks ago. That was my thought exactly. A single stranded modern temple of Babel. They definetly know what they are doing.


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