Deer Cernunnos!

Cernunnos. If you don’t know who that is then I suggest you find out here. Once you’ve read that, then you’ll know where this symbolism is going. First there is a game that came out called Deer Lord! It has Cernunnos symbolism with the all seeing third eye, hexegrams, horns, pyramids and so much more. The objective…deception. 

Then there was the Bethel Church event that happened in Los Angeles on September 23rd. Why Bethel? Because you can see who they worship. Not Jesus but Jupiter Serapis. I wrote about it on Facebook. It was the Heaven Come Conference on the day of the false birth. Calling on Cernunnos. You can see also see the “as within, as without” occult nonsense.

Then we have the Trophy Wife Barbie. I don’t think I need to say anything about this. 

And what do you think Jagermeister is repping. Yep, the horned god..Pan, Hermes, Cernunnos…its all the same demonic “god”.


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