Bloombergs Mithras in London

I believe the closer we get to the sacrifice of the Red Heifer in Jerusalem, we will see more things like this. Mithras bull worship in London. The god of “light” who was depicted as the Sun that comes from Zoroastrianism in Persia. Welcome the new temple to Mithras in London under Bloombergs building headquarters.

“London’s Roman-era Temple of Mithras, once displayed on a car park roof with a crazy paving floor, is to reopen to the public – this time on its original site.

Visitors to the temple will now descend through steep, black stone-lined stairs, in Bloomberg’s new European headquarters, to seven metres below the city streets where in Roman times the smelly river Walbrook once flowed sluggishly through marshy ground. In approximately 240AD, the Romans built a temple next to the river to one of their most mysterious cult figures, Mithras the bull-slayer.

The virile young god from the east was beloved of soldiers who worshipped him by the light of flaring torches in underground temples, where the blood of sacrificial animals soaked into the mud floor. The reconstruction of his rites includes the soundtrack of shuffling sandalled feet and voices chanting in Latin the names of the levels of initiates taken from graffiti on a temple in Rome: the god still guards many of his secrets.

“It was a mystery cult and its rites remain very well guarded mysteries. There is nothing written about what went on in the temples, no book of Mithras,” said Sophie Jackson, the lead archaeologist from the Museum of London Archaeology who has spent years working on the excavation and reconstruction.

“The one thing we do know is that no bulls were sacrificed there. It was a very confined space and I don’t think anyone would have got out alive.” (

They lie. There is plenty of research on this cult and no matter what they don’t say, it’s not good. This comes from Tracy Twyman’s research and she knows what she’s talking about.

“I remembered that during my 2005 London visit, me and my husband at the time, Brian Albert, had quite accidentally come across the remains of a Roman Temple of Mithras, a Persian god who was imported into the empire early but later became the dominant religion right at the empire’s end.

Mithras is mentioned in at least three of my nonfiction books in several different contexts. One of the things I’ve noted is that Aleister Crowley thought that the name of Baphomet should be properly translated to “Father Mithras.” However, I hadn’t taken this explanation very seriously before, only because I really didn’t know enough about Mithras.

The Temple of Mithras we found in London was literally just sitting there, fixed into the pavement in the middle of a courtyard outside. All that was left of it were the foundations, and a few stacked stone bricks left over from the walls. The plaque next to it said that it had been moved from its original location down the street to make room for an office building. I remember how shocked we were that something which seemed so historically significant had been so badly restored and displayed. The bricks even seemed poorly laid. My husband seemed offended at this.

So when I started writing my novel, I decided to look up the location of the Temple of Mithras again. That’s where I hit the mother lode. For as it turns out, the Temple has been restored to its original location, with a new office building now being formed around it, which will be unveiled later this year. This is being done by Michael Bloomberg, former mayor of New York and sixth-richest man in the world, worth 32 times more than Queen Elizabeth. He has bought the original site to build his company’s new European headquarters there. (25,26)

This complex, which consists of two buildings connected with a sky bridge, was originally to be called “Bloomberg Place.” But I have spoken with their press office and learned that they want it referred to as “Bloomberg London.” They may be emphasizing its London location, rather than its connection to “Europe,” since the UK has recently decided to pull out of the European Union.

Over the last few months I have done tons of research about this location, about Michael Bloomberg, and about Mithraism. It all fit in perfectly with the story I was already writing, so I decided to use Bloomberg as the basis for my story’s main villain, Blake Rosenberg, and his new building as the basis for the location of the story’s most important scenes.

The villain’s relationship to Bloomberg is only skeletal, and the character is truly fictional. There are some similar traits and life histories between the two figures. However, I would like to stress that most of the criminal and deviant sexual activity that my character engages in are episodes wholly invented by me for storytelling purposes. I have no evidence that Michael Bloomberg has ever been involved in any of these things, or that his properties have been used for rituals involving child rape and murder.

I also have no evidence that Mr. Bloomberg has any interest in occultism, alchemy, philosophy, or surrealist art, like my character Rosenberg. His building is not, as far as I know, an apparatus harvesting body fluids for alchemical operations, as the building in my story is used for. However, Bloomberg Place is supposed to be “the smartest building in Europe,” built to generate its own energy and even share it with nearby buildings.

Bloomberg’s building will itself be a completely integrated AI system that will watch the employees’ every move, even monitor their every heartbeat, supposedly to anticipate their needs for energy efficiency. But to my knowledge the closest thing to body energy harvesting there will be in the form of treadmills that are hooked up to generators.

The Temple of Mithras will be housed in the main floor of the main building, with its own entrance, accessible to the public. I’m really glad that Bloomberg has done this, because the Temple of Mithras is acknowledged as one of the most significant ancient Roman finds ever. It was discovered by accident in 1954 while they were constructing the office building known as Bucklersbury House. At the time, the City of London could not afford to keep the site open for restoration, or even to explore it properly. So after the main contents were removed, construction on the office building proceed just two weeks later, amid protests.

When Bloomberg began his current project, which will be the building with the largest mass in all of London, many more temple artifacts were discovered, including a set of wooden writing tablets that have now been dubbed the “Bloomberg Tablets” by historians. It’s agreed that his restoration of the temple not only places it once again on its original spot, but recreates it beautifully, and as accurately as possible. From what I understand, the statues of deities found there, including not only Mithras, but also Hades and Mercury, will be on display there, and the altar has been restored.

Now let us talk a bit about the location itself. I figured it must have some esoteric significance, and it didn’t take me long to find plenty. I believe that this was the most holy site in Roman London, and that it remains the spiritual center of London’s financial power. I shall explain.

Here’s a picture of the site. On the South side is 111 Cannon Street, which is the original location where an object called “the London stone” was once displayed, and will be again later this year. This is the stone upon which the “Lord Mayor” of the “City of London” was once traditionally sworn in—and I’ll explain what those specific terms mean in a moment…

To summarize as briefly as possible, Mithras was said to be born from a rock, which he ripped his way out of with a knife, just like Saturn or Chronos ripped his way out of the connected bodies of his mother and father. And just like Chronos, Mithras then became the new god of whatever was outside. Now Mithras reportedly hated women, which is why his cult only admitted men. When he wanted to have a son of his own, he is said to have spilled his seed on a rock, from which sprang the god Orphos. This is the cosmic egg. This is how he created a universe for himself to rule over.

POSTSCRIPT: Two days ago, I discovered that all of the angles on Bloomberg’s main building on the site add up to 729, the numerical value of both the names “MITHRAS” and “BAPHOMET,” which I had embedded throughout my whole story since I started it many months ago. The parallels between my fiction story and reality are freaking me out every day.

Here’s a YouTube playlist I compiled while I was writing the book, full of videos I used for research into the various subjects dealt with therein.” (

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  1. Have you seen the new Wonder Woman trailer? There’s part where Wonder Woman is using her magic lasso to ride a bolt of lightning. Didn’t Jesus say he saw Satan fall to earth in a bolt of lightning. Even scifi as far back 60s Star Trek had proposed a theory that malevolent entities could travel through electrical current. They’re changing the imagry for this modern female hero.


  2. Hi C.A. Patin, I just discovered your research and would like to know if you’d be interested in a Zoom interview. I run a channel called NarrowTruth on YouTube. Let me know if you’d be interested. Here’s some of our work.
    Thanks & Blessings in YHWH – Chris

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