My 2 books for free on pdf

If anyone is interested, you can download my 2 books for free in pdf form. They are available in book form on Amazon here and here. I want to say thank you for taking the time out and reading these articles that have led to these books. I’m in the process of finishing “Their god is Jupiter”, which proves that the September 23rd false sign is not connected to the real Revelation 12 sign. It reveals how deep the deception is.

Free PDF Downloads:


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading these, thank you for sharing. I’ve scanned the books and searched on the site, but I have a question — Can you point me to a post (probably a pretty old one) talking about the basis of the link between Osiris and Satan? I’m wondering about the background on this association/representation? Thanks!


    1. I’ve never written about this connection between Osiris and Satan. The assumption I think is just a six degrees of seperation type of thing. Being that Nimrod is described as the first tyrannical world leader scholars have concluded that this makes him as a type and shadow of the Antichrist. Kind of like Judas, Cain and so on. The connection to Osiris comes from the resemblance to Nimrod and you see this in different cultures with Apollo, Cernnunos, ect. Andrew Hyslop didn’t help matters with making his own connections to all of this in his book The Two Babylons. This wasn’t even mentioned much prior to his book. I do think there is a connection here with Satan and Osiris but that would only be if Osiris is the Egyptian Nimrod. Does that make sense? That would be my take on it.


    2. And books prior to the 1800’s, a lot of scholars connected Ham to Molech which is intetesting. Because this is where the Mother/Child cult started post flood. It wasn’t with Nimrod or Osiris. Ham was the originator of this idea post flood. You can even see that from Scripture. I have my own theory that this cult started pre flood and Ham knew of it prior. That’s why he “saw his fathers nakedness”.


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