Salvator Mundi: The Holy Grail of Art?

The divine feminine interlaced into the divine masculine. Meet their god Lucifer. Jupiter Serpais and Isis in the form of their Salvator Mundi or Saviour of the World. You have the right hand of the Serapis pose and the left handed crystal ball of the priestess of Isis. 

“Leonardo da Vinci’s long lost portrait of Christ ‘Salvator Mundi’ has sold for a record-smashing $450.3 million (£342million) at Christie’s in New York – more than double the old mark for any work of art at auction. The painting, which once sold for just $60 (£45) at auction because experts thought it was by one of his students, fetched more than four times over the Christie’s pre-sale estimate of about $100million (£76million) last night.

‘Salvator Mundi’ – Italian for ‘Savior of the World’ – was purchased by an unidentified buyer bidding via telephone after a protracted bidding war that stretched to nearly 20 minutes at the New York auction house.” (

The history of the crystal ball. (

And as one Salvator comes alive, another Salvatore dies. He was called the “beast”.

Here are some screenshots from the Salvator Mundi story.

So who bought this painting for $450.3 million dollars? We know who had it…

And before it was sold, it was on exhibition with people like Leonardo DiCaprio staring at it…weird like. 

Some believe its “Mary Magdalena”. We know one thing, it’s not Jesus.

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