Is the Red Heifer the Abomination Jesus spoke of?

(I wrote this in January 2017. To fully understand where I’m coming from you need to read my research that is in my book below. When I say the abomination could be the red heifer, I am not just saying it to say it. There is scriptural proof of this.)

So is it a coincidence that I had spent 2 years and a thousand hours on this research and Biblical studies for this book to come to one conclusion? That the red heifer is the abomination of desolation (that will be genetically modified) that Jesus spoke about and what He referred to from Daniel 12. I just gave away my thesis and saved you from reading 600 pages of my hard spent time. But the connections I make to Osiris/Nimrod are all there.

Then I watch a show from 2 years ago that got cancelled after the first season called Dig. It’s about a red heifer and they needed this heifer to rebuild their third temple. I was going to watch it a few times and never got around to it. On episode 9 called Jehoshaphat, listen to what this Essene called this red heifer. The abomination that is genetically modified. I have said from day one that this burning of the red heifer on the Mount of Olives where Jesus was crucified will be the beginning of the end. Is all of this coincidence? Could be and I could be crazy. Or its not and I’m not crazy….

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4 thoughts on “Is the Red Heifer the Abomination Jesus spoke of?

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  1. This makes a lot of sense. Resembles through story of Hannukah with Antiochus’ alter to Zeus and Judas Maccabeus leading Jews to arm up and fight back. We need another Judas…. the good Judas, not the betraying one.


  2. The link to your book doesn’t work. Could you send me the link? Thanks.

    This is interesting… so, are we on the same wave length? … half way through the tribulation the abomination is set up. Just prior to this the 2 witnesses are resurrected and scooped up into Heaven. At that hour there is a huge earthquake where seven thousand are killed. If there are so many dead bodies in the city they are going to need a purification offering – the Red Heifer. The Red Heifer in the old testament/dispensation represented Jesus. As Jesus supersedes and fulfills the requirement for the Red Heifer; it’s an abomination.


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