Nimrod Becoming Amrâphel 

So I started thinking about how names were changed when people came into covenant or relationship with God. We see it first with Abram becoming Abraham and Sarai becoming Sarah. During this same time frame, there was a guy named Nimrod. Scripture says he “became” a gibburim or mighty hunter before the Lord. Another name for Nimrod was Amrâphel from the land of Shinar. There are two Jewish legends of how Nimrod died. One is that Shem (Noah’s) son killed him and another is Esau beheaded him and then took the skins which originally belonged to Adam. I’m leaving a lot of info out on purpose. 

My question is this…did Nimrod’s name change like Abraham’s when he made a covenant with Satan? Some say Nimrod “rebel, subduer of the leopard” was just a title like Baal, but was it? Amrâphel means “darkness”, a notarikon-type play on the words amarah (“statement”) and afelah (“darkness”)”. Some scholars believe it means “causes to fall”. When he “became mighty”, did this mans name change too? Another thought is this…we know the significance if Shem killed him. That’s a given. But what does it mean if Esau actually killed him? 

Remember, it was after this event that Esau gave up HIS birthright to Jacob (who’s name later changed to Israel). Did Esau just give up everything because he was hungry or was there more to it? Obtaining this “skin” from Nimrod, did he somehow change too? Now if Esau beheaded Nimrod, how did Esau die? The book of Jasher says Esau prevented Jacob’s burial when He died. This caused a war with these two brothers families and this is how Esau died. “It was at this time that Dan’s son, a man who could not speak or hear, walked up to Esau and severed his head from his body.

Yasher 56:63 And Chushim was dumb and deaf, still he understood the voice of consternation amongst men. 64 And he asked, saying, Why do you not bury the dead, and what is this great consternation? And they answered him the words of Esau and his sons; and he ran to Esau in the midst of the battle, and he slew Esau with a sword, and he cut off his head, and it sprang to a distance, and Esau fell amongst the people of the battle. 65 And when Chushim did this thing Jacob’s sons prevailed over Esau’s sons, and Jacob’s sons buried their father Jacob by force in the cave, and Esau’s sons beheld it.

After Esau died his sons ran away with his body but left his head.” ( So according to this, Dan’s son (the serpent by the way) Chushim beheaded Esau. We seem to see a pattern here. Nimrod beheaded. Esau beheaded. And Dan’s son avenged Esau. Evil begets evil begets evil. 

This is something to think about. Who knows, there may be nothing to any of this.

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  1. I have not mastered this site yet. LOL. Anxiously awaiting your last post. This guy on YT (groxt1) thinks they’re trying to take down the Vatican to bring in NWO and worship of elephants???? WTH!! That’s one I haven’t heard. Normally he’s good. I think he believes Trump is the bad guy aka AC. So much madness. … miss Ur stuff, be blessed! 🙂

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  2. Amraphel died at age 215 of old age in 1902bc (year used by Harappa India as 1200 after Flood 3102bc. This means he was born in 2117bc when Nimrod (born in 2270bc) was age 153 and lived until almost 500. HIs death 1770bc Mekir 15 (April 22) is 21 days before new year 600 (2256am) on Pamenot 1 (May 13). HIs death must occur before a Tamuz (Mars behind sun July 10) before Phoenix (Venus rises) same date July 10, and before the Marduks of Terah’s TAU (July 14 same Mars artificial Tau absent Mars in Tamuz calculation) and birth rising of Mars Babel (day 60) Sept 12 and Harran Syria (day 120) Nov 11 which that year is 1208 in 360-day dates 7-01 and 9-01 and 11-01. But starting the new Thoth Marduk (Nov 9) which is 7th month until Exodus 180-day swapped new year. All extended Genesis place Nimrod born 500 years before his death. And also is 100 after Noah and then 500 to year 950. The year 950 is wrong and confuses with Noah being 950 when Nimrod (Narmer) took over Egypt because Nimrod died in year 1200 (600 Noah before Flood and 600 years after Flood.) The most amazing confusion explains why we know Noah died on Mesor 15 and Nimrod died on Mekir 15. The 6th month and 12th month are flipped (6-15 and 12-15). And when Noah dies 6-15 it is Greek Dec 25, and in 1770bc Dec 25 memorial to Noah is 360-day N.1208-12-15. That is 5 evidence right there without taking in the 40-day after Noah’s death (Christ Mass Dec 25 to Feb 2 Candle Mass on Thoth 24/25 Persian Christ-Mass Feb 3). Sar ruler Xisuthros came down from heaven Dec 25 at Babylon and back up in 40 days on Feb 2 (Thoth 24) in 2020bc.

    Amraphel had no sons (he is the one who married his mother Shulgi’s wife Shulgi-simti to give her temple rites she already had as Shulgi’s wife, and became Abbi-simti. I doubt Amraphel had sex with her because his soldiers were all rapists of the male Sodom captives of the 1936bc war 7th year of rule 1943-1934bc. Having no sons his brother Shu-Sin ruled 9 years 1934-1925bc and his nephew (Shu-Sin’s son) 24 years to 1925-1901bc then killed by the city Hattusa Hittites forefathers of German-English and Latins. Upon his death Ur was destroyed because forefather Shiloh (Shelah) died at 433.


  3. And yes he was born Narmer in Kish founded in 2270bc for his birth, and Eber went with him because Peleg was born there too. Ur is the division of Kish when outpost Babel Tower was being built. He was this nicknamed as just Nar. But Narmer (the) rod becomes the hated Nar (the) Merod. This is how in Egypt he became Menes (Mena) at Noah’s death in year 350 (tagged 950) which means the same thing as the name Noah was given 20 years earlier at age 930 by Gilgamesh because he reached Adam’s age 930 in 2040bc marked by the poem Mars reverses in Scorpio as 8-day absent Venus rises. Only occurs in 2040bc and 394 years later Amizaduga’s rewrite 1646bc which puts him in the underworld with his wife. The original says he goes to Ararat and Ham’s wife Kababa mother of Kish takes care of the grapes but says Noah moved away after wife died to is and in middle-earth (medi-terrain) Kittim Cyprus to show them how to build boats (not arks). They took Noah’s body to Babylon then to the Persian Gulf island Dilmun to be HIS paradise, his Eden.


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