America’s Chinese Smart Meters

I think its obvious that China OWNS America. We are so in debt to the Chinese it’s mitt even funny. Remember when Obama flew that communist red flag near the White House in 2009 and the Chinese President wasn’t even coming for a visit? (

Well that was a good sign something was happening. Well there has always been rumors about China owning California. And there is actually pretty good proof/theories on it. Some even believe the California fires have China written all over it. Now did you read my paper about how I question that these smart meters may have played a role in these precise pin pointed fires? Not only do I think DEW technology has something to do with it but I believe these smart meters all over California have something to do with it. 

This brings us to who makes these meters….the Chinese. And I’m not the only ones concerned that these specifically come from the Chinese government. Read these articles for yourself.

I also want to mention the HP connection to these fires. It just recently came out (again) that HP records every key stroke on every computer. Yep that’s right. It’s called a keylogger. It’s a great tool if your a hacker. But that’s not what I want to bring up. I just find it interesting with relation to the Santa Rosa fire. HP buildings actually got destroyed in the fires in October. 

The buildings that burned in the fire, according to them were irreplaceable. You can read the article here.

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  1. I agree with you about the fires. I’m in L.A . Although true that every year we have fires, this year was out of control . Several people posted video twitter feeds fleeing for safety from the fires in the San Joaquin area. They also all mentioned hearing a buzzing electrical sound prior to immediate fire. They’re cleaning house for the great delusion to arrive, no matter the expense. Great post, G/d bless you!!


      1. This YT channel gives every link imaginable. DEW= Developed Electrical Weapons and HPM= High Powered Microwave Weapons used on civilians.

        ** There is one video in particular that specifically comes to mind. A guy in Napa Valley fleeing his cabin. HE WAS RECORDING while freaking out saying, “Those are electrical sparks… these are not fires.” I’ll find it. EVIL!

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