Some Fireside Thoughts: The Loosening of a Chain is the Binding of Blockchain

A few nights ago a friend and I were sitting out by the fire and we started talking about blockchain, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. He knew my view on AI and how it’s connected to entities. I have him the run down about how I believe demonic entities feed on energy, not just from people but specifically from electrical devices. I believe that the can allow themselves to be connected to tvs, lights, electronics and so on. Basically anything that needs electricity cam be used as a conduit. We talked about how Li-Fi will eventually take over Wi-Fi and this will create a literal net of radiation across every town and city, especially when 5G is rolled out. 

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We talked about how smart meters could possibly be part of the reason for these California fires that are turning everything to dust. And as of recently, Ventura residents have filed a lawsuit against Southern California Edison who is a major proponent on these smart meters. We talked about the idea of AI actually starting these fires and the possibility of AI starting WW3 which may just be called WWW. We talked about how there have been recent cases of human combustion in new areas where 5G has been placed. Are these incidents connected to this type of life threatening radiation? And with the mixture of us breathing in these heavy metals daily, how will this affect us?

We talked about how Bitcoin mining is just sucking the life out of our energy and wondered if this may deplete our energy. The consumption of energy is what drives up the price and value of Bitcoin. The dollar was allegedly backed by the gold standard and now we have no more gold. Just as Bitcoin (funny money) is backed by energy, when will that be depleted? 

We talked about how Blockchain digitally distributes information that can’t be copied and how its turning into the new type of internet. It was originally created for Bitcoin and you can actually look at it as a real time ledger. We talked about the symbolic reference to a “Block Chain”. A block is a cube ie Saturn’s cube and of course we all know the chain reference. With that said, is the consumption of energy that is being used for mining bit coin enabling “entities” to sort of “power up” for the big event. You know, the release from the abyss or what some know as the “alien invasion”. Is this all connected? Read the comment below and think about what I just said. By the way, I saw this comment after our discussion by the fire.

Wth all that said…The chain in Revelation 20:1 is symbolic. There is not a literal steel chain binding and holding Satan that is of a certain gauge. A good example of this symbolic chain is in the Wisdom of Solomon. You can find it in Chapter 17 verse 17. This word is ἅλυσιν (halysin) and is used 3 times in the New Testament. Satan is chained in darkness waiting to bring its false illumination to the world. A perfect example of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. As one chain is loosed for Satan’s short time, another chain is being completed to bring about this end time deception. Block chain. Maybe there is more to it?

Wisdom of Solomon

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