90th Oscars: Welcome Home Osiris

On March 4th the Oscars will be giving their Teraphims out in the form of a little gold idol/statue. They are hoping the beast of the sea will take the best picture. The idol/statue is of a man holding a sword and he stands on a pedestal of 5 spokes. This idol comes from ancient Egypt mystery religions. Its nothing more than a representation of Ptah and Asar or Osiris. By now everyone should know who Osiris is but some don’t know of Ptah. “Ptah the Egyptian God of Magick, knowledge and wisdom (an alias of Satan) Ptah was considered to be a great magician and “Lord of the Serpents. Ptah the Egyptian God of Magick, knowledge and wisdom (an alias of Satan) *became* the goat, and sometimes a ram in the city of Mendes where he was worshipped as such.” He is the good of magick, just like Hollywood magick. They put their spell on you through the magick screen.

Jimmy Kimmel is hosting the 90th Oscars this year. This guy has pedophile tendencies as we have seen from the last few months, so we shouldn’t be surprised that the guy that has his tv show in a Masonic Shriner Auditorium every night is host once again. Now I mentioned that its the 90th Oscars. The significance of this is a few things. We have seen at this point in pop culture that they are not holding back anymore and I’m sure Oscar show won’t be any different. Expect more vile disgusting wickedness that promotes their Luciferian agenda, pedophilia and militant feminism. This is all meant to bring about this man of sin, mr. lawlessness himself. And Ptah, Osiris and Oscar is where they are headed.

Now the number 90 according to some represents the suffering and tribulation of the saints. This number 90 corresponds to the Hebraic letter “tsade”, and to the 18th mystery of the Tarot: the moon. Tsade is a pictogram of a fish hook (in Modern Hebrew, צדtsad means “[he] hunt[ed]”, and in Arabic صادṣād means “[he] hunted”). Do you see the connection here to the fish hook of slaves and tribulation of the saints by being HUNTED? There is also a conection to 90, Masonry as Egyptian mystery religion. “Contrarily to the French and Scottish Masonic Rites, which count each one 33 degrees, the Masonic Rite of Misraïm, of Egypt, is of 90 ranks divided into 33 symbolic ranks, 33 philosophical ranks, 11 mystical ranks and finally 13 cabalistic ranks. Although this rite is superior to the Scottish by the number of degrees, it remains inferior in intrinsic value. The Scottish rite was always regarded as the essence of the freemasonry.” (http://www.ridingthebeast.com/numbers/nu90.php)

I just want to add that the Oscars are on March 4th this year and there is another connection to the demonic esoteric 18th tarot of the moon through the Hebrew letter Tsade.

This Oscar show is 33 days (their magick Masonic number) from January 31st. January 31st is the super blue, full, blood moon. Its an occultic night where some believe demonic entities will be made know. I’ve written about it here. Notice its one year short of the harvest number of 153…152.

Let me also point out the new ad that has the 90scars as one word. We already looked at the significance of 90 but look at the 0 and O. Its broken representing that yin and yang. The duality is even seen here in this symbology.

One thing with 90 is when a compass opens to ninety degrees it indicates a balance between the forces of the spirit and the matter. Do you see their occult duality now in the way they did the logo? Also look at the A and how its a pyramid shape with Ptah/Osiris standing inside it. Remember the story a few months ago with them finding the VOID inside the pyramid? Nothing is by coincidence.

But it gets better. The name Oscar can literally mean “deer friend” or “god spear”. The deer represents the horned god Cernnunos, Pan and Baphomet. These are interchangeable with Satan and Osiris. Whatever way you look at it, it’s demonic in a fallen angel Nephilim sense. “The name may be derived from two elements in Irish: the first, os, means “deer”; the second element, car, means “loving”, thus deer-loving one or the like. The name is borne by a character in Irish mythology—Oscar, grandson of Fionn Mac Cumhaill. In Old English, “os” means “god” and “gar” means “spear”, thus “spear of god”.” (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oscar_(given_name))

Now I mentioned Nephilim. The one movie that these worshippers of this gold Teraphim are promoting is “The Shape of Water”. It is said that it will take most of the award. No don’t it will. Its completely demonic. In short, a woman falls in love with a beast from the sea, has sex with it and runs off with it. If that doesn’t speak of Genesis 6 then I didn’t know what does. The Nephilim taking women as they please but in this case we see the beast of the sea impregnating the woman in red, the harlot. Another symbolic the woman riding the beast. The title of this movie “The Shape of Water” also made me think of the frequencies changing water called Cymatics.

There is also the belief by these Luciferians that a woman can get pregnant by these types of creatures. And that this can be done by the woman herself.

So there you have it, the 90th Oscars is nothing more than 90 Scars spiritually speaking. Hollywood is a plague. On a good note, Sarah was 90 when she gave birth to Isaac, our redemption drawest nigh.

I didn’t realize The Shape of Water had a twin sister and a family. Meet ‘Cold Skin’. In order to come up with this stuff and then actually make these books into movies, you need to have some sort of demonic influence in your life. It may just seem like it looks like these men and women in these movies are having sex with a BEAST from the sea (which they are), but those who wrote and directed these films are committing spiritual fornication with these entities and don’t even realize it.

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