There’s a serpent in the garden at the White House

(I don’t believe Barry is the AC like some do. He is far from it. So this isn’t an article saying or insinuating anything like that. But I do think he is a devil and this is the cherry on top after 8 years of nonsense.)

First off let me say I’ve already heard the “liberal” sided media and its followers say “it’s fake!” or “it’s art!”. No and no is the easiest way to answer this typical comment. Ryan in the comment below goes on to say that the portraits in question were from a Biblical story. This is coming from someone who doesn’t have a clue about Scripture, because if he did, he wouldn’t say what he’s saying. I think Shery Jesperson summed it up nicely.

I also want to point out that Whiley, Barry’s portrait artist is gay. I was wondering why all the portraits he did of black men were portrayed in a feminine way. Should we be surprised? Not at all, since Barry himself is gay himself. This isn’t an assumption, this is fact. Read Jerome Corsi’s books on this subject along with a few others who make substantial claims about this.

Now lets get to the portraits. I watched the live “unveiling” of the Obama’s portraits on C-Span that just so happened to fall on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and I thought I heard Obama say (jokingly of, “which one is me?” Who would’ve thought B.O. was getting a portrait of him sitting in poison ivy or maybe its just the ivy of Wrigley field. The event featured “A-Lisr” celebrities like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, who helped in the fundraising of the portraits.

Today the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, unveiled the official portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama, which were painted by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald—the first black artists ever commissioned to paint a presidential couple for the museum. Notice how his portrait doesn’t look anything like any other Presidential portrait. At least he’s staying “classy”.

You can see “Officer of the Hussars,” a masterpiece by Kehinde Wiley, pictured below. By the way, this is a self portrait of himself.

Look at the painting called “Officer of the Hussars”. Is that supposed to be Mohammadian Nimrod on his white horse? Notice the leopard print he sits on. And this is the guy that painted Obama’s portrait.

So what exactly is Barry’s White House painting depicting? This is his legacy being remembered here right? Is it ok if I take a guess? I say it’s either his depiction of how much of a snake he is, so he’s a symbol of the serpent in the Garden. Or maybe it’s just a reminder that Barry is another manchurian slave to his Father’s. He’s representing the slave garden of control ( Or maybe its just a reminder of his homosexuality with the cute flowers in his garden or maybe the flowers represent something a little more sicker. Or maybe its just a painting…but we know it’s never just a painting.

In his portrait, the former president is without a tie and seated on an ornate wooden chair in front of a lush botanical backdrop featuring flowers: chrysanthemums referencing the official flower of Chicago, jasmine evoking his native Hawaii and African blue lilies in memory of his late father.” (

Matthew Harback sent me this regarding Chrysanthemum: “The name is derived from the feminine form of Greek (Chrysanthos), meaning ‘golden flower.’ Chrysanthemums are associated with death in Italy. Colour meanings (white) truth, hope, rest and friendship, (red) love, (yellow) slighted love. The Japanese put a single chrysanthemum petal on the bottom of a wine glass to sustain a long and healthy life, and Japanese emperors sat on their Chrysanthemum throne.” The throne part fits with Obama seated within a chair.”

The African Blue lilly is also known as the Lilly of the Nile. Its native to South Africa and these showy perennials hold a strange beauty that is considered to be a sign of culture and wealth. The Agapanthus derives its name from the Greek words agape, meaning love, and anthos, meaning flower, translating as the flower of love. And Jasmine is a Persian word that represents a flower that makes perfume. Notice there are 13 clumps of flowers.

He’s got the diamond triangle pose down packed.

Barry hand picked his portrait artist. Let’s get that straight. Kahinde Wiley is what you could call a racist portrait artist. I mean, can you think of another name for someone who paints black women beheading white women? Barry knew this prior to him hiring Whiley the Coyote to do his serpent in the Garden portrait. This is Barry’s legacy summed up in a portrait and the man who painted it. Brant Diver is right, we are seeing the seal of approval from the demonic spirit that controls these two devils.

Thanks to Francesca D. Buck for the “heads” up on the two beheading paintings.

Notice the all seeing eye watching over this mans “gift”?

And here is the seal of approval and signature from the spirit behind these 2 devils.

Also notice how the hands are crossed and opposite of each other and how the right hand looks as if it has another finger below the pinky tickled underneath the palm.

And then there is the case of the sperm on his left temple. This is an ongoing motif in this guys paintings. And why does his hair look fine and not coarse? Did they take GHW’S hair and Photoshop it on. He also has a Marina Abramovic spirit coming connection with film make Jeff Dupre.

Amy Sherald was Mooch’s artist. Notice how she actually made “her” look more feminine than what “she” actually is. Notice the elongated fingers, just like Barry’s fingers in his pictures. They both have E.T. looking fingers.

And I don’t want to leave out AI’s rendering of these two White House portraits.

Is that a Egyptian woman on her chest?


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    1. “Most of you who”? It’s sad you talk about “anger and hatred” of others and in the same breath say “his paintings are actually better than the originals”. You have a twisted mind sir.


  1. I find your analysis spot-on. After doing my own research on Wiley, I find his entire timeline to be very ‘manufactured’. The mother on welfare from Texas that located to South Central LA with six children while she was in school to get her degree…. and Kenhinde not ‘quite being comfortable with his art’ to suddenly be at the San Francisco Art Institute and then to Yale in a very short period. Who was footing the bill? Who was ‘making’ him into this persona? Suddenly his paintings are exhibited nationwide after a ‘sudden’ break-through in the mid 2000’s and just-by-chance paints Traitor 44’s painting? Oh, and let’s not forget his studio he opened in (all places) Beijing – the fake painting capital of the world. I myself have dealt with Chinese art for over two decades and can clearly tell you that at the SFAI and Yale you do NOT get schooled in “Chinese knock-off pop art styles” as his paintings depict. Garish colors, very ‘flat’ paintings with a copy and paste main figure over a repetitive background. Those are all trademarks of ‘sweat-shop’ art factories in China. He even states in interviews that he has assistants “just as the Masters did” but what he does not tell you is that the Masters were teachers. Their assistants were their students. This “Wiley” is nothing more than a one more fakery of the Obama administration. A Deep State manufactured gay black man that likes to promote racisim through paintings. Just take a good look at that Obama painting – Asian eyes (which all Chinese artists do unless you specify Anglo features); out of proportion hands (another favorite sweat shop feature unless you are paying high dollar for the commissioned work); that ultra “flatness” that creates little to hardly any perspective; a pop-art computer generated background that is applied to canvas and then merely brush-stroked over. This list could go on and on but the final word is that Kehinde Wiley may paint but he is a Chinese Knock Out scammer producing these works of art in Beijing art sweat shops and the Deep State is why he is famous today. Ask ANY artist – you simply do not go from a welfare mom in Texas to Yale to painting the President’s portrait in the length of his timeline. Impossible unless you are a “pay for play” puppet. I love your site here because it exposes what the masses are totally oblivious to. Thank you so much! PS. Just Google Kehinde Wiley and you can find articles from recent years and his “Chinese” connection.

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