Winter Olympics OPENING Ceremony

Let’s not forget how this year’s Winter Olympics started. It began on October 24th when the High Priestess got the strange fire from Ancient Olympia. This fire looked like a dragon…Literally. You could even say a Phoenix was rising out of the fire on this one. 7 days later at the lighting ceremony on October 31st the fire became the Olympic flame. No wonder the ceremony was so esoteric, it was a ritual. Looks like they are trying to open a door to let something in now doesn’t it?

Abe remember the Phoenix/Dragon aurora in Iceland a few weeks prior?

So from the very beginning of the torch to the cauldron, it was a blatant ritual. They call the Olympic fire a cauldron for a reason. These are used in witchcraft specifically for innovations and conjourings. Some even called the metal pole that raised the flame to light the all seeing eyeball a phallic symbol or a “robot fire penis”.

So thats all interesting right? In the 2 1/2 hour opening ceremony we saw all of these things being promoted: AI, portals, stargates, domed earth with the constellations, flying fish, a lotus, mk ultra “brain surgery” mind control, augmented reality, 5G, 1,000 points of light, sacred geomtry, the one eye/all seeing eye and 2 doves of peace turning into a Phoenix that is rising from the ashes? There was a lot going on here for the opening ceremonies. It would take me forever to break all of this down but I’ll try to just touch on a few things.

When initially watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics I couldn’t help but notice the five kids in the ceremony were representing the five elements and a pentagram. (Let me also point out that the stadium is shaped as a pentagram by the Olympic committees own admission.) And the actual park that houses the games, is called Phoenix Park.

We know that South Korea was the first real rollout of 5G nit that’s not going to meaning everything will actually work. News reporters were complaining how bad cell phone receptionion was and the internet connection was. At times they have nothing. Augmented reality was also a big part of this show. What was seen live was not what was being seen in most cases. You saw a lot of CGI with the drones turning into a man and the constellations representing the as above so below nonsense.

And believe it or not, engineers say and believe really stupid things. The drones were actually canceled due to high winds. So this headline below is fake news.

Let me also point out a few other things really quick. They not only threw out pentagrams (while the stadium was shaped like a pentagram like our own pentagon) during the show, but they sported a huge 8 pointed star on the floor. This 8 pointed star represents the star of Ishtar or Venus. More goddess worship.

And where was the star Venus during the opening ceremony? Where else but Aquarius and it’s going in his side.

I first want to say if you missed my research on the invoking and conjuring by these Luciferians using the elements, a broken pentagram and the yin and yang duality, you may want to go read it to better understand all of this. And I initially watched a 10 minute segment of the ceremony on YouTube that was in Korean. So here’s a good question. How come there is not one full version of the Winter Olympics opening ceremony on Youtube and why hasn’t NBC showed a re-run of it yet. Why is that? I wasn’t able to watch it live on Friday night but I found a 10 minute version of it from Korean tv. YouTube only has 4-5 minute highlights of it via NBC. Well don’t worry, I found the full 2 1/2 hour event and its a trip. There was show much more there than I originally thought and the NBC commentary is priceless. They did a “debunking” of it without even knowing what they were saying. I’m editing and cutting out the nonsense with the countries walking in and I’m converting it all now. You can find the edited videos I did here and screenshots of the ceremony here. Download them asap if you want them because I won’t keep the link live for very long.

So back to the ceremony. Now just as I suspected, my suspicions were confirmed as to what I was seeing. This “five kid” symbolism popped up a few weeks ago in Justin Timberlakes video called Supplies. Go read my paper on the blog. Now back to the five kids. Here is a article that confirmed everything I watched during this ceremony. “The first segment of the opening ceremonies was given the name “The Countdown.” As the five children followed Soohorang, they traveled through time, seeking peace. The organizers of the event said they chose to use five children to correspond with the five Olympic rings, and each of the character the children represented were given names that encompass the “Five Elements — fire, water, wood, metal, and earth — which are believed to make up the universe.”

Notice the cave they are entering. Think back to the Netflix series DARK.

And then they find an orb or a crystal ball. They put it into a machine that opens another dimension/portal. This is representing 5G tech. It also took me back to the male female Salvatore Mundi that the Arab prince bought.

The theme of the opening ceremony was peace and harmony, a message that extended throughout the festivities in PyeongChang. Following the first “Countdown” installment came the second segment, entitled “The Land of Peace.” Full of symbolism, “The Land of Peace” incorporated the use of light movement on the stage floor to create a yin and yang, also known in Korean as the “taegeuk.” The symbol is found in the center of South Korea’s flag, with the top read comma shape representing the “forces of yang,” and the bottom blue the “forces of yin.”” (

So once again we see a ritual and invocation to bring about a spiritual force. We see the void blackness symbolism as people walk into Olympic “camp”, the five entrances into the stadium that is a pentagram, the five elements of a broken pentagram time traveling over a sea in search for peace, then releasing that peace on the form of a dove (which to me looks more like a Phoenix). Its never ending….

Stargates, portals and now we have cubed black holes….and its all at the Winter Olympics. Is this what the 5G roll out really looks like? Are we so worried about whay kind of radiation the 5G is going to put out that we forgot about the spiritual element of it. MaybMe its letting something in? By the looks of the ceremony, it was more ritual than olympic ceremony. So here is the first thing Olympians will see when they enter Olympic park. Enter the void. A cloud of blackness. Saturns cube. Welcome 5G.

“A building in PyeongChang, South Korea is now the blackest building in history. The Hyundai Pavilion, designed by architect Asif Khan for the 2018 Winter Olympics, has been sprayed with one of the blackest pigments ever invented. When in shadow, the three-dimensionality of the walls of the pavilion seems to disappear. It’s bristling with rods, the ends of which are lit to appear like stars against the extreme blackness. “From a distance the structure has the appearance of a window looking into the depths of outer space,” Khan said in a statement. “As you approach it, this impression grows to fill your entire field of view. So on entering the building, it feels as though you are being absorbed into a cloud of blackness.” (

“‘it will be like you’re looking into the depths of space itself… as you approach the building that star field will grow to fill your entire field of view, and then you’ll enter as though you’re being absorbed into a cloud of blackness.’ khan told CNN. the building will be a ‘schism in space‘, khan added, explaining that visitors will see it as soon as they enter the olympic park.” (

And don’t forget Mr. Mars Pence was there too.

Ascending to the heavens?

These 2 images come from Enterthe5t4rz. He showed the connection with the stadium and Pentagon.

The dragon symbolism was everywhere too.

As well as the fire (red) water (blue) duality.

I want to bring up a few other article’s that are connected. The first is what is called “Penis Park”. Its about an hour away from the Olympic site and of course it’s promoting the phallic. “The port city of Sinnam is home to Haesindang Park, better known as ‘Penis Park’ – a monument to fertility born from a legend about a virgin and a fish. Even the town’s quaint red lighthouse is crafted to look phallic. A normally obscure attraction, the park is drawing curious crowds of visitors from the nearby Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang just an hour away.” (

The next story is about the wild boars around the Olympic games that are being warded off using 5G technology.

(Bloomberg) — The first to experience the future of wireless technology, well before most humans, will be South Korea’s wild boars. That’s because 5G, the fifth-generation wireless network, is making its worldwide debut at the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang.

The technology will be used to ward off the porcine pests who roam the mountainous region around the Games with fast-acting systems that shoot rays, spew gases and emit tiger roars.

That’s just the start of 5G — South Korea’s attempt to showcase the first-in-the-world commercial use of the technology that’s not scheduled to roll out globally until 2020″ (

The wild boars caught my attention for obvious reasons. The boar is what killed Tammuz and is the reason as to why the women wheeped for 40 days. This is the same myth as Adonis and the reason why ham is eaten during Easter.

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  1. NOW I gotta go watch some of the olympics. Symbology everywhere. Sometimes it feels as if all of it will just hit us at once. I’ve been reporting the return aka 2nd Holocaust all over again. The Ukraine asking, well, demanding us Jews to “register,” and PRAY to document what we own.
    So far, only in Ukraine but it looks like Germany will implement soon also. And my people so BLIND. I love your blogs brother. Keep sharing truth, it’s rare to see.

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  2. Right around 2/9/18 there was a anomaly showing up on null wind map live that showed a pattern just like the one with the cross with circle in the center. It is still there it is the cyclone Gita.
    23.23° S, 168.87° E,-25.81,3000/loc=168.874,-23.227
    If you zoom in and you will see the pattern. I have never seen this kind of image show up on this site and the wind pattern has been normal everywhere else except on 2/3/18 there was a similar pattern that showed up in the Indian ocean. 21.12 S 80.13 E. This is very close to the Burckle crater.

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