Circus Maximus Overdrive

Remember the 1986 movie Maximum Overdrive? With its self driving trucks and appliances that went rogue. I never really looked at the posters for this movie until today. And funny enough, it goes right along with everything happening today. The red/blue symbolism of duality (fire and water), the jester or clown face (symbolic of a Ancient Nephilim spirit) on the front of a diesel (think about Elon Musks new self driving AI diesel) and the person being morphed (in this case being eaten) into the machine/diesel. Also notice the man (Stephen King himself) tearing through the viel of red and blue duality symbolism and he is controlling the AI machines like a puppet master. Kinda funny how a 1986 movie predicted something like this for 2018. Now read this.

MIT Team’s Neural Network Chip Could Put A.I. into Everything
Bringing A.I. to the people.
By Danny Paez on February 15, 2018

Soon enough, most of your home electronics could be implanted with the artificial intelligence needed to know, say, when to turn on the air-conditioning, or even how chunky you enjoy your morning smoothie. All it would take is a special piece of hardware to let devices run neural networks — or artificial replicas of the human brain — locally.

“Neural networks are often implemented in a digital fashion,” Avishek Biswas, a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, tells Inverse. “But in the end we want to implement this in actual hardware, instead of just always running simulation on CPUs or GPUs, for broader applications.” Biswas and his colleagues at MIT have done just that by developing a chip that can undertake machine-learning algorithms without the need to feed data to supercomputers in the cloud.’ (

This was Stephen Kings directorial debut which should be noted with the success of the Ancient Nephilim spirit IT this past year. Also the lead song for the opening credits was by ACDC (who we used to call Anti Christ Devils Children) And it was called Who Made Who. Pretty fitting 22 years later. Here is a version of the song to the movie (

And doesn’t Elon Musk look a little like Emilio Estevez? Lol. Remember that one time he made AI them said we had to kill it?


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