Some Florida Shooting Symbology

There is so much disinfo about this shooting in Florida and it seems like everyone is covering it. So, I found a few interesting things that no-one is mentioning. Why that school? It was named after a woman. MSD or Marjory Stoneman Douglas was a staunch feminist who lived to be 108 years old. She was called the Mother of the Everglades who defended the DRAINING of the swamp, oops I meant Everglades. She didn’t want the swamp drained. I find it interesting that this happens at a time when militant feminism is in full swing and this whole divine feminism goddess nonsense is trying to bring in this man of sin. And then there’s the swamp…when swamps actually drain it brings in the frogs. Think about that for a second…unclean spirits are represented as frogs in Revelation 16:13.

And they plant a “Make America Great Again” hat on a kid (Nikolas de Jesus Cruz) with a Russian and Mexican name that means “Victory (conquest) of the people of Jesus’ cross”. Now the word Nikolas comes from two words. The greek word “nike” means conquest or victory as a means of success and you find a form of this word (nikao) in Revelation 6:2 talking about the rider on the white horse. Its a victory in the sense of conquering and subdueing. This word was used in a letter from Emperor Claudius with reference to the arrival of a slave announcing a victory over the Jews and the Gnostic charm for victory and safety in the race course.

Then you have the second half of the word “Laos” in Greek, it originates from the word root “-las”, as found in the word “λα-τομεῑο” meaning “stone” or “rock” (as in Greek Mythology, Deucalion and Pyrrha recreated the people after they had vanished in a catastrophic deluge, by throwing stones behind their shoulders while they kept marching on) and the name can be understood to mean victory of the people. This re-creating people from rocks is an interesting thing. Remember the blasphemous movie Noah? Remember the rock people were originally fallen angels? This is a Gnostic belief. There is even research coming out now where some believe the rocks and mountains we see were actually Nephilim after the deluge or flood.

Now back to the “MAGA” hat that the media is promoting and now calling some kid, who may just be another patsy set up, a “white nationalist”. Did you see the last season on American Horror Story: Cult that promoted the rise of this same thing (white nationalism in the form of Trump worship), that was being led by an ancient Nephilim spirit (symbolically in the form of clowns) and was out to destroy feminism or the “Mother of the Everglades”. Is this the symbology being promoted here?

And notice the locust above the article? What do locusts represent? Oh that’s right…demonic spirits. It doesn’t matter who did what at this point in the game. What matters is that there is a spiritual battle being fought that none of us can see.

First it was Paddock and now Parkland. Did you realize there was a name connection? The Valentine’s day event happened at Parkland, Florida. I posted yesterday about who the school was named after and the etymology of the “shooters” name. Now I find something interesting about the name Parkland. Land is just ground or soil representing a particular area or no particular area. Now the word park is interesting.

park (n.)
mid-13c., “enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase,” from Old French parc “enclosed wood or heath land used as a game preserve” (12c.), probably ultimately from West Germanic *parruk “enclosed tract of land” (source also of Old English pearruc, root of paddock (n.2), Old High German pfarrih “fencing about, enclosure,” German pferch “fold for sheep,” Dutch park).

So the noun park is a “enclosed preserve for beasts of the chase”. It’s like a enclosed area for a fox that hunters are getting ready to hunt. The Old English pearruc is the root of paddock. Remember a certain Paddock which meant enclosure? And a German pferch is a “fold for sheep”. Do you see the pattern here or do I need to spell it out for you?

Here is a fun fact about this school. Its 40% Jewish. That’s just a fact, that’s all. “Together with Rabbi Shuey Biston, I rushed to the school to give support to anyone we could. The school is at least 40 percent Jewish, so we know many of the students and their parents,” he continued. “We went from parent to parent and tried to offer as much comfort as possible, and helped them recite Psalms, praying for the students and faculty in the school.” Gutnick said he is coordinating with fellow Chabad rabbis from nearby Coral Springs, home of many of the students, to hold an evening of prayer, consolation and a memorial later this week.” (

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