Elon Musk means Strong Delusion to a Sane Person

So I pretty much refused to write about the Space X roadster “launch” because it was so ridiculous. Fake. That’s all I’m really going to say. But I did see a few things that are competely more ridiculous that I did mention on my FB page. So here it is…

“It’s the best selling show”

When I was watching this live car “floating in space” I thought I had seen a reflection of a man in the windshield. Here is a screenshot of what someone got of this same image and sure enough, it looks like a guy is standing in front of the car. Tell me if I’m wrong. Then this “glitch” happened live. Does this not look like some sort of studio? This is all deception and they obviously think people are stupid. The last 4 photos are in sequence by the way, from Space X YouTube page (https://youtu.be/OZ2wdkmDjIw).

And then there’s this…

And WVB knew the earth was NOT a sphere. Read Psalm 19:1

So after looking at this SpaceX launch, knowing that NASA is full of liars and that we don’t live on a ball…I think its safe to say that this launch was fake and deceptive (like it took that long to figure out). We have seen the images from their “live” shots and can discern that its all laughable. But what was the symbology about with this whole thing if it never actually happened? And by never happened, I mean the car in space flying to Mars.

Well let’s look at SpaceX. Maybe we should call it what it is. SpaCex or Space Sex. This was a ritual in itself. You can see the symbolism of not only the phallic symbol with the rocket itself but the Freemasonic three pillars. And notice the middle rocket or pillar was the longest. If you want to understand this symbolism than go to my blog and read the Vegas 3 pillars paper.

So you see the phallic being blasted off into space which is represented as the Egyptian god Geb and goddess Nut. The phallic which is represented as Gebs (earth) phallic, pentrates the atmosphere or sky (Nut). The Falcon (Horus) then sends its payload into the stars of the sky.

It is powered by 27 Merlin rockets. Merlin as you well know was a wizard or scorcerer. And well 27 is nothing more than 9, the Luciferians magic number.

This payload is a cherry red Tesla roadster which supposedly belongs to Elon Musk personally. Ironically this cherry roadster has been called the Dragon in some articles and at its helm is a “starman” or what is known as an ancient astronaut. Lets just say fallen angel for fun. Now Musk says that this car is red because of the red planet Mars and that the goal is to have this on a collison course with Mars. It’s not going to happen…obviously. But “scientifically” speaking, according to some, this would happen in October of 2018. As long as this fake car doesn’t burn up in this fake scenario.

And where is Mars in October of 2018 you might ask? Well according to this red roadster Mars alignment in October, this would take place in the constellation Capricornus or what is know as the sea goat. A beast of the sea. And on the 18th of October (9 again), the Moon will be right there to fulfill there symbolism. Now how’s that for some occult symbolism?

Now their conjunction date isn’t exactly right either. It doesn’t really matter because if this was real, life in real life in the real world, then this stupid car else burnt up long ago. Watch this video of this guys estimation…and its not 10/18.

Now on October 7th 2020 this man claims that the roadster will be nearest Mars. Now this is completely ridiculous but for symbology sake lets look at it. I wrote this before, “In her book Jung and Astrology Maggie Hyde explains: The eastern Fish suggesting an upward ascent or a heavenly/spiritual disposition and is associated with Christ; the western Fish, a mundane/earthly alignment and is associated with the AntichristSo you can see that Pisces, the fish going northward represented Jesus and the fish swimming on the westward path is represented as the antichrist or anything that represents this antichrist spirit. And here we see that this particular fish represents Venus and her son Cupid and there is a strong connection to Syria, where this Arch is from. Also take note that the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction has happened in Pisces and this Great Conjunction that happens in Dec. 21 of 2020 actually takes place at the nose of Capricornus, the sea goat.

So this fictitious car will be aligned with the Antichrist spirit…symbolically speaking.

And notice where their god Saturn is on this conjunction. It is being followed by its “son” Jupiter and they are both going through the Golden gate. The gate of man. Its all symbolic here and not going to happen…the car that is.

On a side note. Let’s not forget that Freemasonry comes from the French and on the same day this launch happened, February 6th, 2018, 240 years earlier in 1778, France recognised America’s independence. 240 in the Bible according to some actually represents God Holy things lost. And in Gematria which I’m not a big fan of, “and the tree of life” comes to 240. And as far as the 27 Merlins goes, there were 27 Masters who pursued the murderers of Hiram Abiff, who is the Masonic messiah. 27 33rd degree Masons pursued Hirams killers. “Masonic ritual teaches that imitation of Hiram Abiff is the way to reconciliation with the Great Architect of the Universe, and at the conclusion of the baptism into the Third Degree, the new Master Mason is told that he should imitate Hiram Abiff, so that he may gain entry into the “Celestial Lodge above”, where the Supreme Architect of the Universe presides.” (https://wp.me/p2WdsI-f)

Can you see the symbolism there?

And remember that Musk says that this car is red because of the red planet Mars?

I mean that’s really weird right? According to Stellarium Mars isn’t exactly red, maybe a little more YELLOW!

And get a load of this, the roadster going through the Dragon. People are eating this up. They are all insane and mentally ill.


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  1. I’m soooo happy to see you posted this. I was just talking to someone about uber, Elon Musk etc. High reports of missing people through Uber, including drivers missing and then found dead. May G-d be with us in these sick times. His protection is so merciful.

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