It’s getting fishy here in America….repent!

So we can see what god they worship based off of the best picture for the Oscars. The Shape of Water was just promoting the Genesis 6 story of the fallen angels conning down and taking woman as they pleased. This led to these women birthing giants or Nephilim. Sea monsters in a human form is the equivalent of a mermaid for women. You can research this and see for thousands of years that this is true. The Ninevites in Assyria worshipped a fish god named Dagon. Essentially, this is a representation of Dagon in the movies The Shape of Water and Cold Skin. This is the god they worship, the god of the Ninevites and Philistines.

Then there’s the toned down version of this demonic scenario. Well kind of.

I want to mention the story of Jonah. Jonah was to go to Ninevah and preach repentance. You know how the story goes and Jonah ended up in the belly of the great fish. This is the game changer for the wicked population of Ninevah. They saw a man spit out of a fish who they equated as their god Dagon.

Obviously the God of Israel is more powerful than a fish god and in the end, these people returned and repented to the true Lord God of Israel. They left their fish god behind. This brings us to Matthew and what Jesus said.

I mentioned this same scripture when writing about the 923 cult. They were seeking a sign to match up with their false eschatology of Revelation 12 and they missed the mark. They even tried to connect the August 21st eclipse to the “sign of Jonah”. They failed twice. What they didn’t fail at was being identified with an evil and adulterous generation that seeks a sign. They actually fulfilled that statement. The correct interpretion of what Jesus is calling the sign of Prophet Jonas was his death, burial and resurrection. But I want you to also notice the connection to repentance here.

These pseudo Christians keep wanting to attach Jonah to their signs but there is no mention of repentance. I believe what we are seeing right now, is a satanic inversion of the prophet Jonah. It’s a mockery that the fish, beast of the sea, Dagon, whatever you want to call it, is being flaunted by these earth dwelling demoniacs. This is their god. They are invoking and conjouring their beast of the sea (the culmination of Satan’s kingdoms to bring about the final eschatological kingdom) everytime they do this sort of thing. And we as Christians are being called to true repentance back to the Lord God of Israel, our savior Jesus Christ. America as a nation is spiritually fallen and Hollywood is proclaiming it loud and clear.

And what does the shape of water actually mean? Think cymatics for a second. Cymatics is The study of vibration and sound that gives water (and other things) a shape or design. If you have studied my research you know I’ve talked about the new age concept of them using a vibration from “planets”. Actually this is nothing more than a energy that they are attracting and its completely demonic. This is their shape of water. They are attracting something evil (the ANTICHRIST spirit) through their symbolism and some believe its literally coming through the water. This is nothing more than a portal opening up in their opinion. But is it? To us who know better, it could be the abyss opening. And with the Shape of Water winning the best picture, its far from a coincidence. Something is definetly opening. Grom the super blue blood full moon on January 31st to the Winter Olympics to the Oscars, we are seeing witchcraft before our eyes. Its time to listen to the One (Jesus Christ) whose greater than Jonah and repent.

Here’s another site that confirms what I’m saying in regards to Jonah and Dagon, don’t take my word for it. “Dagon figures into the story of Jonah, as well, although the deity is not mentioned by name in Jonah’s book. The Assyrians in Ninevah, to whom Jonah was sent as a missionary, worshiped Dagon and his female counterpart, the fish goddess Nanshe. Jonah, of course, did not go straight to Ninevah but had to be brought there via miraculous means. The transportation God provided for Jonah—a great fish—would have been full of meaning for the Ninevites. When Jonah arrived in their city, he made quite a splash, so to speak. He was a man who had been inside a fish for three days and directly deposited by a fish on the shores of Assyria. The Ninevites, who worshiped a fish god, were duly impressed; they gave Jonah their attention and repented of their sin.”

If you need to look at all my research to understand where this is going I suggest you do.

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  1. Great piece! The “stargate” opens in the book of Revelation to reveal the ‘Beast of Sea” and the ‘locust’. This ‘gate’ was mentioned in the Gilgamesh story about a portal through water. The beings like Naga and Dagon are apart of the ancient ‘Seven Sages” mentioned in the Bible and in Sumerian texts. I have not viewed ‘Shape of Water” yet, looks downright demonic.

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  2. This is very interesting to me this ” water” theme. From my research, underneath the Dome Of The Rock, ( actually under the rock that is under the dome) is the ” well of souls”, which you may be familiar with or have written about. A well is something that holds water. In Revelation 9:1, it talks about ” a key to the shaft of the abyss” . The word ” shaft” actually means “well”. Interesting huh, this ” well of souls”? The Greek word for pit ( or abyss) is phrear and one of the definitions states that ” the pit of the abyss: the nether world is thought to increase in size the further it extends from the the surface of the earth as so resemble a cistern” – well, a cistern is something that holds water. I have theorized that this well of souls is the main opening to abyss/ bottomless pit, in which all the ” gates of hell” on earth converge at a main focal place. And of course this would be fitting, being that this is located right under the dome of the rock.

    I have also theorized that it is ” sound, vibration” that is the key that unlocks or opens the abyss. Or the well of souls. We know sound and vibration effect water. And the Angel, Satan, is the one according to scripture, that opens the abyss with his “key” -this key being given to him is CERN which is used to open the abyss. Because water is under this rock, that this element is what is needed for CERN to actually open the abyss.


      1. That’s a confirmation then. Which book? I would like to read it. Being a new subscriber, I’m not familiar with all your stuff but I appreciate what I have been reading thus far 🙂


      2. Search through the blog and its probably anout 10-15 articles down from the top. I offer them for free (pdf) or you can get a hard copy on Amazon. The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place. I think its in that one

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      1. As far as the ” well of souls” being the opening of the abyss…. I have no proof of that but thru understanding from the Holy Spirit, I feel this is what He put on my mind- I actually shared this on YT in a video with some others…but I had been researching about the ” gates of hell” which is plural….. There are more than just one gate into hell or the abyss… when I started learning about this well of souls under the foundation stone, it just made sense to me that all these gates of hell had to merge or converge somewhere, and boy did it seem like the well of souls was the place where they all led to..and they call that place the NAVEL of the world? Or the Jews do…. I’d actually appreciate it if you do look into it….because it is such a pivotal place to all the monotheistic religions….the Mason’s even have a raising of the Antichrist type of ceremony held under that stone! Has to be for a reason!


  3. I wanted to add that Dagon is a symbol for the Antichrist/ Beast. Dagon, ” the plowman” – that is a clue to WHO the Antichrist individual is- he is the one who is possessed by the ruling spirit Apollyon, from the abyss. It’s not Satan ( the father- Saturn) who actually possesses the Antichrist ” man” but it is Apollyon ( the son- Jupiter) who possesses the Antichrist. That’s HOW the Antichrist individual, a man, becomes the BEAST. The Antichrist ” man of sin” becomes possessed by the ” ruling spirit” Apollyon ( the destroyer) and thus becomes a BEAST – as will ALl people who take his MARK.-they too will become ” beast- like” and no longer human or redeemable.


    1. I see the first beast of the sea of Revelation 13 as the deceiving spirit of this world. The ancient Antichrist spirit. And yes I believe the beast of the land is a man who will in fact be possessed by Satan. I think we see a good example and type and shadow with Judas.

      And we may disagree with what the mark is. I believe is spiritual as is being sealed wth the Spirit of God

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      1. Thanks for your explanation. I think the Ancient antichrist spirit IS actually Apollyon who is, as we know, a ” spirit” . I feel the ancient antichrist spirit Apollyon, was originally Cain( the first murderer) who then died and became a ” spirit”. And when he died he then went on, to possess Nimrod…..and then when he was bound up in the abyss, he became Apollyon( the destroyer) . But I think he has been the same antichrist murdering, destroying spirit all along. Hope I am explaining my understanding here. We have just come to know this destroying spirit as Apollyon ( or Abbadon) from what scripture calls him, but it’s the same antichrist spirit IMO. So maybe we are kinda sorta talking about the same spirit here.

        As far as the mark is concerned, how I see it – and I’m kinda firm on this is, that it is a literal ” mark” because the definition in scripture for mark of the beast is the Greek word ” charagma, which means ” a stamp or imprinted mark” a type of branding….. Kinda like a type of tattoo-

        I agree with you that the true child of God’s mark is a spiritual one, but because the mark of the beast is Satan’s mark on someone, he has to use a physical mechanical type of mark to mark them…. Because he’s not God- he always has to use ” created” things to do his stuff- He’s not original like God is…

        And I will go so far as to say I believe God showed me what that mark, when applied to someone’s skin, will be made up of and what it looks like which is the 6 pointed ” star” of Solomon…… This mark being applied onto someone is a ” branding’ of Satan- and it will change someone’s DNA and physiology forever so that they will never be human again…..I think this is actually the ” abominating of a person’s temple”. We are the temple of God. A dwelling place for God’s Spirit. But when someone takesSatan’s mark they will no longer be human or no longer able to be redeemed …..they will essentially become a ” BORG. Think of Invasion of the body snatchers…( think you mentioned that in one of your articles) Scary to say the least. But haven’t they been showing us this all along in the movies? AI, The quantum computers, …. A person will be forever tied to the web.forever a non human once they take the mark..forever caught in . Satan’s web and no longer a person created by God with free will. Just some food for thought.


      2. I’ve thought about all you have mentioned. I actually used to be a bug proponent of a tattoo mark but not anymore. You should read through this blog and the articles will tell you how I see things.


      1. Not to overstay my welcome here 🙂 – but as far as this ” mark” subject- if you are so led, look into NanoCrystal electricity or crystal embedded electromagnetic NANOPARTICALS and see where that leads you 🙂


      2. I want to point out the original greek of the word “having” in relation to “taking” the mark. It is echōn
        ἔχων. In the Greek it is Present Tense and the Voice is active. Those having the mark had it in John’s day and is currently active today. Having the mark isn’t something for the future. The 1st century Christians that read this knew this.

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    1. As far as someone ” having” the mark, I actually agree with you. My thoughts are, someone must already have the mark in their mind in order to ” take” the physical mark….. A spiritual mark in their mind, thoughts and behavior, if you will

      Seems like this is more and more evident every day in people who appear to have their consciences seared as with a hot iron…..people devoid of the knowledge of God….

      …..I look at it as their final decision or outcome when a person takes the physical mark, declaring to the world and to God that they are choosing to worship the Beast and not the Holy Living God who gave them life. They love death.

      They are making an outward sign as a final result of an inward decision.

      Conversely, when a true Christian makes the decision to become water baptized as an outward sign of their inward decision to follow Christ, they are saying to the world and to the heavenly realms that they are declaring Jesus as Lord and King
      And, those people who take the mark, are declaring their final decision to follow Lucifer/ Satan as their lord.

      They just don’t realise that when they do, they will be taken over by the demonic spirits who want their bodies to house them

      ( I think the demonic beings rationalize that they can somehow avoid their judgment when they take over a human body, but I’m just speculating here)

      Also too I feel that God showed me that this physical mark is a sigil which will attract the demons/ fallen angels to come and take over their temples……..they use the sigils all the time in the occult and in witchcraft to summon the demons…… Placing the physical mark on their physical body is is like saying to the demonic realm ” come over and take up residence”

      And of course we know about God’s command not to put tattoos on your body ( Leviticus 19:28) He obviously said that for a reason….

      I appreciate your thoughts – I just disagree….. But that’s ok IMO…..this is how we learn from one another …. Iron sharpening iron…. Eventually God will bring us all to a unity in understanding ……

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