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I have mentioned the Economist cover from 1988 a few times. I talked about it in relation to the Phoenix cryptourrency that they want to rise out of the ashes of a failed world wide economy.

A few things I want to mention is that they believe that it will be rolled out this year in 2018 according to the Economist cover. This is based off of the date on the coin.

Before we look at what I want to talk about, I want you to notice the directing the phoenix is looking. He is looking towards the West or to the right. If you look at the Seal of the United States, the eagle is looking to the right. This is to be interpreted as looking to peace with the olive branches in the right talon. What some people don’t realize is that the eagle on the Seal at one time was looking towards the East or left and represented war.

So we can see that this Phoenix is looking towards the West or at a time of (false) peace. And the Dove of this false peace will come from the Phoenix rising out of the flames of the old currency. Will the West bring about this Phoenix currency? If you notice on the Phoenix head is a fleur-de-lei. Do you remember the flower on Trumps chair of his first photos before becoming President when he was Person of the Year?

Is there a West connection here? Another thing I want to bring up is the symbol for currency (Φ) on the coin. Some have mentioned that is a code for Saturn. I don’t doubt that one bit. They are telling you who their god is. But notice that its the Phi shape. I wrote this in the article about “Q” (which I believe is AI) and the connection to Phi.

“Q is called the qoppa in Greek. It was transformed into two letters: qoppa, which stood for the number 90, and phi (Φ). Phi is also related to the Golden Ratio. Look at this symbol (Φ) now from an esoteric view. The I and O represents the phallic and the vagina. The IN and OUT. When brought together it represents the androgynous view. It also represents a fertilized egg, as in something that will be birthed. Io also just so happens to be one of Jupiter’s innermost moons and in mythology, Io is the priestess of Hera who was one of Zeus’ (Jupiter) lovers. Another interesting conection here to the birthing of “Jupiter” on 9/23.” (

Now when it comes to these Luciferians it always has to be surrounded with the phallic and vagina. And even when it comes to the phi symbol they don’t hold back. Let me also point out that there favorite beast number is 9 and it too is similar to the shape of male sperm. You can have the 1 and 9 representing the male phallic and sperm which is hidden in 19. Now it mentioned the binary of 1’s and 0’s which is how we can also look at the phi symbol coming together as one. In AI quantum computing these ones and zeros cam be used at the same time and I can’t help but notice the number 19 is AI. A (1) and I (9). It goes well with A being a pyramid with an eye (I).

Before I get to the point, I want you to read way a blogger named Twiggie wrote. “In January 2009, the crypto-currency bitcoin was invented by an unknown person or group of people under the name Satoshi Nakamoto. The first ever block on the chain, was known as the genesis block. One of the pseudonym’s meanings is “born from the ashes”. Out of the destruction, the ashes of the old world order, the Luciferian New World Order will rise like a Phoenix!” Also take note that crypto means something hidden. We know what Jesus said about things that are hidden or done in secret. While there is nothing wrong with being hidden in his crag (or cleft of a rock).

With all that said, they have been mining a currency called Phoenixcoin. Here is what PHOENIX is all about.

“Phoenix is a symbol of cryptocurrency. Phoenix is a simple financial algorithm which is based on Ethereum Smart Contract (ETH) which allows users to make x12 in short term. Once the users join the network, they would receive constant gain.

Moreover, there are no claimed owners or creators of Phoenix algorithm, since it is absolutely open and transparent platform that everyone can read code and conditions. It implies that the platform is independent and nobody can influence contract.

The Successful Start

This contract started just around 7 days ago and successfully raised more than 450 ETH (around 400k USD), which is a big achievement. Both small-scale and big investors participated.

It is to be noted that the members use word of mouth to generate more traffic since the more people join the platform, the more gain the users will get. The platform is witnessing increasing number of members every day and expects to have investors from all across the world.

Edvin Kara, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst said that the launch of the Phoenix clearly shows that it is one of the biggest decentralized crypto projects in 2018.

The High-end Security

Phoenix is controlled by a smart contract technology that acts as a safe keeper of users’ funds because nobody, not even phoenix itself, has any access to users’ personal financial information. The only participants of the system are the users and a decentralized platform.” (

Atleast we know where the site was made. Finland.

I want you to also notice the web address for Phoenixcoin. It’s Now that doesn’t necessarily mean anything but I do find it interesting as far as everything I talked about goes. And at the time of writing this I kept getting an error that the site couldn’t be reached.


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