The Red Bull…not a heifer yet

Here you go. 3 days before the start of Passover. This wasn’t a female but it was all red. This first one wasn’t a candidate, obviously because its a male and the heifer needs to be a female but they have 4 more tries. Now its a waiting game. We will see what transpires the next few days/weeks.


This morning the first of our five pregnant cows gave birth to a red… bull calf, definitely not a candidate for a Torah mandated red heifer, (which is required to be a female).

Three days before the beginning of the Passover holiday, the timing of the birth is especially exciting, as the ashes of a mature red heifer are required by Torah for purification before pilgrims bringing their Passover offerings to the Holy Temple can enter the Temple courtyards, as in accordance with Numbers Ch. 19.

Despite the disappointment that our first birth did not produce a potential red heifer candidate, we are nevertheless very excited that the Temple Institute’s Raise a Red Heifer project which was begun two years ago, has now begun in earnest with the birth of our first cow. And as noted above, four more mother cows are expected to give birth in the upcoming days and weeks.

The photo of the newborn calf was taken immediately after his birth. Within an hour his hair had assumed the deep red hue required by Torah concerning the red heifer.


As reported earlier, the Temple Institute’s Raise a Red Heifer in Israel project gave birth to its first red calf this morning, unfortunately a male calf and therefore not eligible to be a red heifer, as per Torah prescription, (Numbers 19).

This short video taken one hour after its birth shows the young calf running after its mommy.

(The Temple Institute)

I spent 2 years writing a book called “The Temple, The Abomination and The Holy Place” and I published it last year. My theory is that the abomination that Jesus spoke of in Daniel is associated directly to His crucifixion. And by associated, I mean this final 3rd abomination will be in the exact same spot where Jesus was crucified on the Mount of Olives. I go through all of this in detail in my book. I believe the sacrifice and burning of the 9th/10th (depending who you ask) heifer will be the timebomb that has been ticking for centuries to finally kick everything off into high gear. This will in fact start a war.

Now below is a scene from the series DIG. It was on USA and they only did one Season. I found out about this show after I wrote my book. He calls the red heifer the abomination. To me personally at the time, this was confirmation that what I wrote 2 years prior wasn’t so far fetched.

Now I feel like I need to say this so here it goes. I haven’t sold many copies of this book (maybe 30) to be honest with you because I just really don’t advertise it. The 2 years writing this book I had all kinds of problems physically and spiritually. I can give you a list of things that happened from the first day I committed to writing this book to the day it was sent to the publisher. From my computer crashing multiple times with the blue screen of death to files missing to being hit with a copyright infringement from not only my ISP but also from Google to many other things. My computer actually was being blocked from sites I was doing research on at the time. And I’m not even bringing up other things that are more serious than this that I have never talked about except to maybe my wife. Let’s just say I had a lot of problems when doing this book. I was either on the right track or what I was doing was completely wrong. It was something I struggled with in prayer.

With that said, there are a lot of spelling errors in the book and there is good reason as to why they are. After all my previous issues, I got my proof copy from the publisher so I could make edits to it more easily. I spent over a week editing for hours each night. I finally got it done and went to send it to the publishers the next morning and my file was gone. I can’t explain why or how this happened but my edited final copy was gone from my computer. By this time I was drained so I said screw it and published the unedited version. So this is what’s on Amazon, a unedited version of my book.

I say all this not to sell books, but to let it be known that this research into the red heifer has been a real eye opener for me. This red heifer in my opinion is a key player. I back my theory up with scripture just as we should but I’m not saying “this saith the Lord”.

Strike 2


For the second time in three weeks a pregnant red cow under the auspices of the Temple Institute’s Raise a Red Heifer in Israel project, has given birth to a red bull-calf, disqualifying it from potentially becoming a red heifer according to Torah requirement (see Numbers 19), which must be female.

The next births will be taking place during the summer months. The ashes of the red heifer are required for the process of purifying any Israelite entering the inner courtyards of the Holy Temple.

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  1. Craig, I have read most of your PDF, and definitely agree with the core concept that the red heifer is the likely abomination in the holy place. I had also researched the red heifer, prior to coming across your book, and from many of the same sources. It certainly fits with the Biblical pictures and usage, and also explains why the rabbinical/cabal are so intent on performing it.

    Regarding what you shared, above, let me share some thoughts, regarding similar situations. You can take it how you will, but it is what the Lord impressed upon me, when reading what you experienced…

    In my years of ministry, the Lord has provided amazing wisdom and incredible liberty, with many major research pieces. Like you, at the start, I know the core subject is something that the Lord directed me to research and spend incredible amounts of time and focus on. Many of the research projects would come together extremely fast, because the Lord was bringing so much material together, practically laying it in my lap. There were many times that I couldn’t even recall how I ended up coming to a certain resource, but that it was exactly the answer to something that I had been pondering.

    In short, there are many times that we know 100% that a certain research project is from the Lord. And certainly, there can be a very noticeable degree of enemy resistance, and spiritual warfare, particular with certain subjects. BUT, one thing I have noticed, on multiple projects, is that the Lord can give incredible liberty to get something researched, and presented as an edifying tool for the Body – BUT, He will also hinder and restrict that same resource if there is something that needs to be clarified or corrected. It is in HIS interest to delay it, until we review it with a fine tooth comb, and double-check figures, stats, etc. – but especially the conclusion and take away.

    There have been a number of times, where I knew I was working on the project that the Lord wanted me to, and He had given incredible wisdom – but at the last moment, there was abnormal hindrances to publishing it, or going forward with it. When we notice that the Lord gives liberty for something – but withholds it, right at the end – then we need to sit down and examine what is in it, that should not be in it – or that needs to be amended, clarified, or corrected. I have found that when I take note of the abnormal hindrance – and then I carefully review – every single time I have found something (even sometimes just one thing) important that needed to be fixed. Every single time, as soon as that is fixed, the Lord gives noticeable liberty to proceed and publish.

    While I cannot speak specifically to your situation, I humbly share my experience and thoughts, in hopes that it may help give further liberty to such an important core subject. I emphasize core subject, because I could not help but notice that your conclusion – your final takeaway thoughts (also echoed elsewhere) and final notes of imperative, for the audience, was not even about the red heifer, but was a snarky dig at Christ’s promise of when He would come.

    You have a greatly researched book, ending with insulting Christ’s promise of when He plainly said He would be revealed, and when He repeatedly said the Son of man was coming.

    “But as the days of Noe were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.
    For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark,
    And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.” – Matthew 24:37-39

    “And as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be also in the days of the Son of man.” – Luke 17:26

    “Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” – Luke 17:30

    Jesus made it very clear that He will come again, to gather His servants, and take them to where He is (the Father’s house (John 14:2-3)), before judgment even starts, and while life is definitely still going on like normal (food on the shelves, economy hasn’t collapsed, etc.). He also said (in the same conversations), that He would be coming at the end of that judgment time, also, to set up His kingdom.

    Again, I cannot speak specifically to your situation, but to see your lengthy research paper end concluding with such a directed, unresearched insult and warning, certainly raised red flags that you used this entire research paper to put forth that single concluding thought.

    Is that why the Lord is holding up the book? That’s not for me to say; but, I will say, if I had to review and double-check one of my resources, the first place I would start would be the teaching conclusion – especially one stated so imperatively.

    If you would like, here is a link to our (very short) resource, “Be Ye Ready” ( ), which has short articles covering when Christ said He would be coming – while life is still going on like normal. I have read most of your lengthy paper, and I humbly ask for the courtesy of honoring this peer review, by considering material that directly relates to your imperative conclusion.

    May the Lord give wisdom and strength, to go forward in His liberty and blessing. Maranatha.


  2. Hey Daniel. Thanks for the comments and input. I agree with you on almost all of it. I’m a little confused at your comment, “snarky dig at Christ’s promise of when he would come” and the concluding thought. Not sure what your referring to? Maybe you cam be more specific because I think you may have misunderstood what I was saying. Jesus comes back on the last day and not anytime sooner. I don’t know exactly when that day will be but those who have discernment through His Spirit will see these things corning. Thanks again and let me know where the misunderstanding is.


  3. I think your referring to the Thomas McCall quote from Zola Levitts ministry. I used that specific quote because in my opinion this sums up American Christian eschatology. A pre-mill, dispensational, pre-rapture view. Its not meant to be snarky by any means. I just don’t hold to that view in particular while millions of others do. I wasn’t doing it to cause offense towards anyone. I was using it to show that we don’t have to look for those ideas in order for the return of Jesus. That’s all.

    Once again, thanks for the comments. Your view is always appreciated. God bless you Daniel.


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