Orange is the new Black as Jupiter is the new “Jesus”

They say Jupiter’s red eyed storm is turning orange and growing like a building. So they say. They also said that this red dots cyclone were similar to what a pepperoni pizza looks like and calling Jupiter the “pizza planet”. Oooook, so to Christians Jupiter represents some mythical Jesus in the heavens or the church. They believe the red spot is representing the wind in the side of Jesus. I wonder how they will explain it turning orange now? Or way about the pepperoni pizza spots that we can only now equate to pizzagate. And remember, this revealing of pedophilia going on used as symbolism for pizza was only the beginning. It was the gate or door for worse things to come to light. Pizzagate. Get it?

So why are they saying its turning orange now? “Orange Tara is the goddess of liberation. She liberates devotees from desire and negative emotions, which obstruct the path of enlightenment. Orange Tara provides literal liberation, too. She is invoked by prisoners and those suffering from any kind of confinement, whether actual or metaphoric. She may be invoked for liberation from hell zones and the prison of your own mind.

Orange Tara is a midwife spirit:
• She liberates the baby from the womb during childbirth.
• She liberates the human soul after death.” (

So we have a tibetan version of Ishtar and Isis right? She is the Orange Tara who liberates. “She is invoked by prisoners and those suffering from any kind of confinement, whether actual or metaphoric.” What’s that sound like to you? Whom are imprisoned until the time of the end and then released from the abyss or bottomless pit?

Watch Jupiter turn Orange in your bedroom.

Here are a few other comments I received about the color Orange on another post. “There are different levels to color coding & programming. Here’s some of the major associations with Orange beginning with the trigger in hands on MK Ultra & Monarch being used to split the psyche into DID alters & then the general Orange color coding information.”

“Orange: protective/defensive against outside or internal access. MKUltra, delta, and other intense programming sequences may be this color.”

This installment of the series features more sodomite imagery in the dirty orange class. Like the color purple, a survey of orange logos and Occult symbols is a GOLD mine of sodomite gateway imagery. The color gold is leveraged as associated with light body of the sun god Apollo, the Beast and those who take his mark. It’s the color of oranges, pumpkins, carrots, peaches, and the amber of products like peanut butter and whiskey.

Orange is the combination of the colors red and yellow, and in symbol language it speaks of the merging of red-Adam and the yellow-star light fallen angel line of Lucifer. These warm colors sit opposite blue-violet on the color wheel. The balance between them appears to relate to a rainbow and the signaling orange speaks to me of the jamming effort towards a counter-flood dimensional breech, which I write about on occasion. Orange speaks of the ritual sodomy that works to bring that transdimensional merger of the red and the yellow. (

And speaking about mk ultra mind control lets not forget Jared Laughner, the big eyed bald guy who shot Gabriella Gifford who is married to the twin of NASA’s superstar in space. Laughner had a ceremonial altar set up in his backyard featuring a toy skull and orange peels. Some believe oranges and peels are used for ceremonial offerings for occult practices.

And it all may be tounge in cheek but everything is coded or in this case, color coded. Trump comes out covered in Orange easter egg paint. Symbolism is what matters. This article was from April 2nd.

“President Donald Trump is crazier than a shit-house rat. I don’t know what a shit house is or why shit-house rats are crazier than normal rats, but I do know that Trump is even crazier.

On Monday, Trump dyed his body with orange Easter egg paint and greeted the children for the annual Easter Egg Roll on the White House lawn.” (

So what’s really going on with Jupiter turning orange? I’ll leave it at this. It’s all a code that needs deciphering. Here is a shirt I just came across today. They call those “Pizzus” or what I like to call Jupiter Serapis. They just won’t ever stop will they?


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