The spirit of the nephilim in the “Church”

The spirit of the nephilim

“It was no austere occasion at a London church on Sunday as clowns came together to pay tribute to the father of all clowns, Joseph Grimaldi. Holy Trinity Church, in Dalston, was full for the service, which has been on the first Sunday in February each year since 1946 in memory of the great entertainer and other clowns who have passed away.” (Christianity Today)

Thought I’d throw this in there too. Official reconstruction of Ramesses II. Nice reddish hair with the clown look.


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  1. Hard to believe, but true unfortunately. Blasphemy at its highest low. G-d is beyond patient and merciful. Bless you brother. Thank the Lord we have one another (in Christ Jesus) for comfort. Disgustingly sad times.

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  2. Please ~ I was a professional clown for approximately 25 years. I did “sacred clowning”, which is to bring lots of love and healing, wrapped in laughter and play. I prayed from my heart to the true God/Goddess of True, never ending God of Light, only, before every performance, that every heart would be lifted and healed in all I did. There are MANY of us who do. We consider it a high calling and we are very careful that nothing dark enters what we do, for we know our power to touch the fragile heart and soul, to do either harm or good. It is our gift from our hearts to a suffering world. While I appreciate your intentions, this is extremely painful for me to find, as it would be for others who live to bring love, this way. There is no way to say how much I’ve cried over this disclosure. PLEASE will you post an article about what WE do? It has been very difficult to see our form of Clowning die out from this world. I guess now I am seeing those that bastardized what we really meant it to be…


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