What is this?

This image was taken from Lasco C3 in Maryland on April 22nd at 7:42am. It shows what appears to be what some are calling a “angel” or “craft” or “alien”. To me (if its real), it looks like the Egyptian motifs of Isis. It also made me think of the Benu bird known as the Phoenix who was the “Guide of the gods”.

Anyways, this image is a trip. I did a little investigating and it looks like the Sun at the time of this photo was near Pisces. And that puts this image of whatever it is, right next to Pisces. Notice that Uranus is right behind it and funny enough, there was an article that came out the following day about Uranus actually smelling like sulfur. I think you can figure out where I’m going with this.

So what’s really going on here?

In context of the size of this image, here is the Earth next to it.

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  1. shalom C.A., Maki (malki) reached out to meet with me both before he did the sacrifice and got famous) and after he did the sacrifice. At his request I met with him here in Jerusalem. I knew what I was getting into with him when I met as I know he is operating under a false spirit. He has repeatedly sent me messages that he has been “blessed” by all the understandings I am bringing out about the end-time Elijah type messenger and other spiritual truths. I picked up on the same things you picked up on in his Dr. Pidgeon interview that Maki claimed to be the fulfilment of Kaduri’s prophecy. Maki is a false messiah (anointed one) and has Elijah syndrome. Two days after meeting with Maki on Mount Zion I ran into him at a car rental store where we continued our discussion. I now have nothing else to discuss with him. I tried to help him but he admitted that once he considered the spirit he had could be of Satan and he said his response was that he “didn’t care and loves the spirit anyways.” Maki loves falseness and is a deceiver and using / stealing truths given to me for the Body of Messiah to validate himself. Here is a video of mine I suggest you watch: 70 Nations Sacrifice: Obedience is Better! https://youtu.be/BBkrNtRVHeg Best regards, Nick

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    1. Thanks for your comments Nick. BIN recently put up a new interview with Malki and nothing about him is surprising anymore. He even went so far to say his 21 year old stoner buddy “Stone Justice” is working in the spirit of Enoch. He made the claim this time that if he actually read scriptures and followed them he’d being doing “witchcraft”. That’s according to the spirit that is leading him. I’m afraid this is what we will see more of and with you being in Israel, the craziness will continue.

      I will check out your video and thanks again for the comment.



  2. Also, regarding your post about the Joker. UK media took issue with the fact that a Gary Glitter song “Rock and Role Part II” was used in that stairway scene. In Europe Glitter is a known and convicted pedophile and is on a sex offender registry. The song is a staple played in sports arenas throughout the US. Ironically the film is a favorite of young people and children.


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